Dear Sir,

With respect to the circus surrounding the intended Indonesian government slaughter/murder of two Australian men, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. It must be made known that the then Commissioner of the Australian Federal Police (AFP), a nasty little man by the name of MICK KEELTY, and his officers of the AFP, knew beforehand that the Bali 9 were going to Bali to bring drugs to Australia. They were not taking drugs to Indonesia and therefore put no Indonesians at risk. The AFP should have told these fools that they were under surveillance to make sure they did not go, because the first principle of policing is the PREVENTION OF CRIME. The AFP chose to allow these fools to go to Bali knowing full well that there was a death penalty on the table for trafficking drugs in Indonesia. Therefore MICK KEELTY the AFP have blood on their hands if the Indonesian government slaughter/murder goes ahead. The Bali authorities could have advised the AFP that the Bali 9 were on board an aircraft bound for Australia where they would have been arrested and charged with attempting to import dangerous, restricted drugs and they would have been dealt with by Australian courts. Now our Foreign Minister tells us that an Indonesian national living in Australia will not be extradited to Indonesia under an extradition treaty, even although he has been found guilty and sentenced in Indonesia’s courts, because they may be a chance he will be put to death by Indonesian government slaughter/murder. This is a double standard by the Australian government which could have prevented the whole Bali 9 matter in the very beginning.

However the Bali authorities chose to arrest and try the Bali 9 in Bali. Now JOKO WIDODO wants to slaughter/murder these two fools. WIDODO is therefore less that a wild beast in the field. He is not even up to the standard of an orang-utan as orang-utans do not murder/slaughter their own kind. WIDODO is quite obviously a barbaric moron who has not yet climbed down from the trees and has a blood lust. The slaughter/murder of one person or many will never stop the drug trade in Indonesia which it is said kills 18,000 Indonesians a year. Why has this not stopped if government slaughter/murder is a preventative? WIDODO pleads for Indonesians in foreign countries on death row not to be executed. He is therefore two-faced and double-minded. Execution as just an excuse for slaughter/murder by governments who in fact have no God given right to kill anybody except those who invade their borders in acts of war.

WIDODO has already lost face and he has a black heart because he is not courageous enough to say stop the Indonesian government slaughter/murder. He may believe he is a strong man but he is as weak as the weakest. He will lose more face should he continue to slaughter/murder people under the disguise of “national security” or whatever other claim he attempts to hide his blood lust under. He is a barbarian who is not fit to hold any position of authority under God.

Slaughter/murder achieves nothing other than to show how backward and immature a country really is. Just like Singapore, with its barbaric blood lust for hanging human beings, Indonesia is at the bottom of the list of countries that respect life in any form. Having criminals live out their lives in jail allows them to think on their mistakes and by helping others to realise their mistakes can benefit society. Killing/slaughtering/murdering only demonstrates how stupid the killers are.