from Robert J Lee in Cairns

The Port Douglas Gazette, known as the worst Murdoch rag in North Queensland, excelled in its coverage of the recent state election.

Its editor, Shane Nichols, reported the activities of the LNP candidate during the campaign, never missing a beat of Mr David Kempton’s wagging finger.

The intrepid reporter forgot there were five other candidates in the seat of Cook, that takes in Port Douglas and Mossman.

Therefore Cairns News can state there was no bias in Mr Nichols’ reporting, because he didn’t publish anything about other candidates, in spite of repeated interviews, he just didn’t get time to place their copy in his awful rag.

The Douglas Shire Mayor, Julia Lieu, stole the show and paraded her colours when she was seen tagging along with indigenous Labor candidate Billy Gordon to every dogfight and pub crawl in the shire.

Poor Julia doesn’t know that the ALP introduced the hated Coal Seam Gas industry to this State, so her efforts at declaring Douglas Shire as CSG free should stand her well at the next local government election.

She obviously doen’t know that Billy has stated he can’t say anything negative about fracking because his party supports it.

Cairns News welcomes the proposed new independent newspaper for Mossman and will give free advertising to the gutsy entrepreneur when she starts to get if off the ground.