29 January 2015

· New voter ID requirements rendered useless by loophole in law

· Expect cheating in Postal Votes just as previously

The result of the 31 January Queensland State election could be jeopardised by rorts in postal voting and recently-discovered loopholes in the Queensland Electoral Act according to claims by the Australians for Honest Elections organisation.

Many people who have been concerned for years about the vote frauds in Queensland (and who remember all the cheating in Mundingburra triggering a by-election, as described in a book by famous crime investigator Bob Bottom over 15 years ago) were delighted by amendments to the Queensland Electoral Act about 7 months ago to require voters to provide ID before being allowed to vote,” said Mr Lex Stewart, President of Australians for Honest Elections.

But how many journalists or election commentators have woken up to the fact that the ID requirements of sections 107 and 3A of the Electoral Act are rendered meaningless because they do not apply to POSTAL voters, where no such identity proofs are required!”

“Also, unlike the Commonwealth Electoral Act, section 119(1) of this Queensland Act allows anybody, including false enrolments, to apply for a postal vote without even requiring any reason at all!” said Mr Stewart.

“Furthermore, for Postal voters there are no identity requirements at all – merely a signature of a witness (section 119(6)(a) of the Act), and such a witness could be one of the false enrolments, of which there have been plenty of evidence over the years.”

“Was the sudden snap election in Queensland called at such short notice to prevent the Electoral Roll being cleansed of illegitimate enrolments in time?” asks Mr Stewart.

The woeful state of the Electoral Rolls, which are done jointly by the AEC and State authorities, has been pointed out by the Australian National Audit Office audit reports of 2002, 2004, 2010 and 2014 on the ‘Integrity of the Electoral Roll’ but little has been done to fix the problems.”

Postal voting has long been recognised as fertile ground for vote cheating, and for this reason many countries around the world do not allow any postal voting.

UK Election Commissioner Richard Mawrey QC (who sent people from both sides of politics to jail in the UK for vote frauds) said during his visit to Australia 4 years ago that the ‘system of postal voting is a recipe for fraud … the system is highly vulnerable at a number of critical points’.”

How many people know that Joe Cahill the Labor NSW Premier cancelled postal voting in NSW in 1949 due to the proven cheating that was occurring in it?! And postal voting did not occur in NSW until it was re-introduced by Neville Wran in 1976,” said Mr Stewart.