Greedy Banks

Exposure of the major American banks:

JPMorgan Chase—Deposits held–$2.5 trillion debt exposure–$67 trillion

Citibank—Deposits held–$1.9 trillion debt exposure—$60 trillion

Goldman Sachs–Deposits held $.9 trillion debt exposure–$54 trillion

Bank of America–Deposits held $2.1 trillion debt exposure–454 trillion

Morgan Stanley—Deposits held $.9 trillion debt exposure—$44 trillion

Australian Banks

Westpac assets–$675 billion exposure—$2.3 trillion

ANZ assets–$642 billion exposure—$2.9 trillion

NAB assets-$763 billion exposure—$3.9trillion

CBA assets —$718billion exposure so large that they would not release the figure from their last budget, no doubt in fear of spooking the market.

These figures are much higher than those in the 2008 derivatives crash, in fact about 37% higher.

Deutsche Bank of Germany has derivative exposure 100 times greater than assets,5 times greater than all of Europe, or the same as the GDP of the world.

How frightening is this?

The result of this type of exposure and debt of nations in the past has been War!

Putin will not sit back and see Russia dragged into bankruptcy by pressure being applied by other nations, such as Britain and America and the Arab states, so hang on we could be in for a rough 2015!

Beware of the proposed ‘bail-in’ where like Greece, the banks confiscated a large portion of private deposits to help bail them out.

Furthermore, at the G20 conference in Brisbane, heads of state and their bureaucrats will allow the banks to treat deposits as shareholdings, thus if a bank is in trouble bang go your deposits! – contributed