Entire Cape York Peninsula soon to be owned by Cape York Land Council

Largest ever single native title claim LODGED IN FEDERAL COURT

Friday December 12

In Brisbane’s Federal Court yesterday the Cape York Land Council (CYLC) lodged the largest single native title claim in Australian history, covering 14.6 million hectares or 146,390 square kilometres.

The claim on behalf of nine Traditional Owners is for all the unclaimed land and inland waters for the entirety of Cape York. The applicants are Mike Ross, Silva Blanco, Wayne Butcher (Mayor of Lockhart River), James Creek, Clarry Flinders, Jonathan Korkaktain, Philip Port, Hogan Shortjoe and Reginald Williams.

When coupled with the 53,990 square kms already determined on the Cape, all land and inland waters of Cape York will be either determined as native title, or under claim.

The entire Cape York Peninsula has been claimed by the indigenous-owned Cape York Land Council. The CYLC has in the past been accused of financial irregularities and entrenched corruption. An auditor’s report recommended the CYLC be prosecuted for corruption several years ago but was buried by the then Liberal Government. Cairns News believes it is time for the report to be published. An article will appear on Cairns News in due course.

And when added to the vast areas transferred to Aboriginal ownership under the Aboriginal Land Act 1991 (QLD), all significant activity on the Cape will require the consent of the Traditional Owners.

This includes mining and other major projects.

“This means the Traditional Owners of the Cape will be the real masters of development and use of their lands,” said Riche Ah Mat, Chairman of the Cape York Land Council.

“Traditional Owners can now reconnect with country, and also ensure we can use our lands so our futures are bright with economic opportunity, not blighted by continued welfare dependence.”

Applicant and Mayor of Lockhart River, Wayne Butcher, said it was a great day for the Cape’s traditional owners.

“I acknowledge the hard work of our elders,” he said.“We have lost too many elders during our struggle. The single claim will mean we can get our rights before we lose any more. We are one people, and we will continue the fight together.

“This claim ensures that traditional owners of each area continue to speak for their traditional lands.”

Elder and chair of the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation, Mike Ross, said the claim would ensure traditional owners across the Cape had a real say in what happened on their traditional lands.

“The Cape is under lots of pressure from mining and other interests, and it is important that traditional owners stand up and make decisions on the future uses of their lands.

“Coupled with the transfer of freehold, this native title claim makes our historic ties to the land clear.”

CYLC has undertaken an extensive consultation process to have this enormous claim authorised according to the requirements of the Native Title Act 1993, and will continue to consult with Traditional Owners.

CYLC has already commenced the consultation process with other stakeholders, including the QLD Government and shire councils.

Mr Ah Mat said there was no reason why the outcome of the claim could not be a win-win for all Cape York people and organisations.

“This can provide enormous efficiencies for Traditional Owners, miners, government and other stakeholders,” he said.

CYLC is working to ensure it is in a position to efficiently process the anticipated increase in the number of applications from developers, tourism operators, miners and governments for activities affecting native title.

Native Title grant great loss to cattle industry

Largest ‘pig pen’ and ‘tinder box’ in the world

The hand-over of five large cattle properties covering 633,630 hectares (1,565,066 acres) to the Olkola Aboriginal group and national parks will have a significant, harmful impact on the Far North cattle industry according to a remaining grazier on Cape York Peninsula.

Strathmay, Crosbie, Dixie, Wulpan and Killarney all former breeding properties ran a combined 20,000 head of cows and calves vital to the survival of the northern industry.

A surviving cattle producer, who declined to be named said the transfer of ownership was a tragedy for the industry which had been in decline for years due to previous losses of dozens of Pastoral Holdings to national parks when leases fell due.

To date more than 3.2million hectares of the once vibrant Cape York Peninsula have been given to Aboriginal Prescribed Body Corporations and parks.

“A lot of this started with the Labor Party government and has been continued by the Liberals which is having a bad effect on the few of us left here,” the grazier said.

“Thirty years ago the Peninsula used to run up to a million head and was a strong and vibrant industry that could be relied on to breed steers for the Mareeba saleyards and then the live export market, but now the saleyards has lost most of its store numbers and not many store cattle buyers come to the sale.

“There are no successful indigenous-owned cattle properties on the Peninsula right now because they are so poorly managed and do not have the ability to source adequate finance to stock these places.

“Even if there were large numbers of breeders available for sale experience shows southern or western cattle cannot acclimatise if taken to Peninsula properties.

“There have been cases where thousands of introduced cattle have perished over the years because of the harsh and unique grazing environment up here.

“Now that we have lost tens of thousands of our breeder stock I doubt the Peninsula will ever again become a source of reliable store cattle available for southern fattening properties.”

Deputy chairwoman of the Olkola Aboriginal Corporation, Elaine Price said it would be a proud occasion when the properties are formally handed over on December 10 in Cooktown.

“The younger industry may be happier to do tourism rather than the cattle industry because the cattle industry’s so hard today. It will be nice for us to have our family back on country,” Mrs Price told the Cairns Post.

The Cape York Peninsula Land Use Study (CYPLUS) of the 1980’s recommended the larger Cape York Peninsula area be converted to national park or Aboriginal ownership and this plan has been almost achieved.

“The Peninsula will now become the biggest pig pen and tinder box in the world,” the grazier said.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi Eric we know Noel much better than you. You say you don’t know him. He is the pinup boy for the political parties who have showered this Jewish clone with tens of millions of dollars, almost none of which has hit the ground on Cape York or the Gulf communities. A few of our writers live on Cape York and have a very good grasp of the situation. Most communities exist from government handouts on a day to day basis full of hard drugs and illicit grog in third world conditions with no hope. Would you like us to publish some photos? We haven’t published their pictorial plight because we have much empathy for their struggle. None of Noels mammoth government handouts have hit the ground anywhere that we have seen. My suggestion is that you obviously have no concept of blackfella politics or the notorious Cape York Land Council and you will get burned like everybody else if you stick your nose in.


  2. Eric Pouchouse

    So Cairns news has made a decision that it is time to release that report on land Council. What? Is this a sad and embarrassing response for what these applicants are attempting tò gain, as their birth right. White fullas got most of Australia, but you want more and more and more. It’s in the DNA. Conquer, drive it extinction, its mine its mine its mine. Listen to the drongo derbyiters. This is what the world needs to see….a bigot who like shooting their pie hole off. Probably at least 4th generation Australian who is from a regional centre. Never has stepped a foot into an aboriginal community but seems to understanding the underpinning issues that was created by White Fulla policy in an attempt to cover up their shameful treatment of this countries FIRST peoples. And even up to present day, provides bandaid offerings for a welfare system they created and still maintain today….while having the damn audacity to say we whine and complain from the comforts of homes built STOLEN land and over bodies of.massacree people.

    Cairns news, I haven’t met Noel Pearson but am familiar with his work and commitment to his people. Let me say this, you would not even be worthy of being a shadow of this bloke in comparison to what he has done and is doing for the mob. The 30 million you say NP received for funding programs would have been spent as stated in his applications, no doubt, but remember this, slick, the problem this government has created for the worlds oldest continual culture AND cradle of mankind, is going to need much more than 30M.


  3. And just maybe, now just a thought on thinking will they start to stop blushing or sponging off the AUSTRALIAN taxpayer after it happens ?
    As with, the reasonable expectation of looking after there own too ?

    Then maybe add, they then start paying there own way of any structural infrastructure and repairs to everything they have been given in this area ?

    As with, all funding from any commonwealth & state government and NGO organisation too is cancelled from that day after too ?
    Or this was NOT mentioned or part of thy supposed deal being made,eh….

    I suspect then, give them about 5 years time and they will be back begging and WHINNING they have been done over on this deal ! So, once signed& sealed and dusted it means NO MORE FREE TOYOTA’s,No more boats or houses are to be supplied etc.etc to this lot, forever more….


  4. LOL, well until ya get to know exactly what thy true agenda is for the wanting is (?) believe whatever you like to believe ! But, be warned here and now;-

    # they will close the whole area off to everybody else ! Then rape thy living daylights out of what’s there ( or is left to pillage from thy place ) then bitch moan grizzle and complain that they are being treated unfairly…even thou, this will be whilst a certain little group of people are “COLLECTING BUCKETLOADS FROM THIS SCAM,ALL THE WHILST NOT SHARING THY SPOILS BEING COLLECTED FROM IT ALL , ”

    As per the present ‘ROYALITYS MONEY BEING PAID’ only very few benefit from the BACKDOOR/under thy table deals. And be aware they are normally collecting it in CASH $$$$ and not via: any bank account to be assessed by the normal run of thy mill system that’s in place to ensure everyone gets what they deserve too…

    Thy scamming ways continue on ! Now, picture someone say,
    ” collecting $10 per person for each day they venture into this area (?) the amount of vehicles/tourist etc that travel this section of AUSTRALIA would be a bloody GOLD MINE, BEYOND ANYTHING ANYONE CAN POSSIBLELY IMAGINE ,so try guessing what type of monetary valve this alone will be (?) and to think they are the true ‘REP’S’ of this country more or less proves its a load of shite !


  5. Cape York Land Council wants to assume total control over one of the largest reserves in the world. Based on its previous efforts CYLC only looks after itself. Indigenous leader Noel Pearson has been handed $30m this year from the Liberal Government allegedly to roll out Pearsons $22m education program and then $8 for a training program. Cairns News and other Peninsula notables predict that if the claim is ever granted over the entire area, all smaller PBC’s will lose control over their hard-won native entitlements. The hidden hand of the CYLC will assume all management of the Peninsula and if there is a buck in a mining or tourism proposal they won’t miss it. Editor


  6. Irene & Gavin Shanks

    A few years ago I researched the population of Cape York for a project. It was revealed
    that of the inhabitants of Cape York, 98% were Indigenous. I have felt since then that Cape York would be safer in Indigenous hands. Gina Reinhart wants to explore for minerals on Cape York and if she found them how much cave art would she destroy in the mining process?


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