After extensive investigations there is no doubt Flight MH17 was shot down by a Ukranian jet fighter. Australian PM Tony Abbott has made no mention about Malaysian authorities being banned from the investigative team. Relatives of Australian survivors should be asking questions of Mr Abbott.

Comments to the above article – weird, but possible.

Just reeks of cover up and 2 Malaysian jets? There must be a connection somewhere. What about this?
(translation) From an eyewitness, an Eastern Ukraine Commander………..if this is accurate no wonder they won’t release the facts.
These body parts, there was some kind of liquid coming out of them as shown – not blood. This is what it looked like by day; by night the liquid around bodies looked strangely green. Very little, or no blood. The bodies looked like they were stored somewhere. There was an odd concentration of bodies, seemed like they were concentrated in 2 parts of the plane. It was impossible to stand by one of the plane parts – the smell of chemicals was overwhelming, as if in a morgue. Body parts didn’t look like they came from living people. There were birds that got hit and died. I took their pictures – by contrast, their bodies looked like they were those of living things, a very different look compared to the human bodies.

Again and again, stressing that there was no blood and people didn’t seem like they were just deceased.
Most passengers seemed of Asian look, so it is unclear how so many could have been Dutch. Only 20 bodies had clothes on, the rest were stark naked. Even though it can be that their clothes got blown off during the fall, but wouldn’t at least something like a sock, or a trace of a belt on their waste, be left? Only 7 were children, not half the plane as the West was saying. It was curious that so many passports were left absolutely intact, with no traces of any damage. Another curious thing was that passports were also concentrated in one or two spots. Electronics mobile phones, notebooks were collected. We looked especially for dates. All private photos we found in victims’ phones were from 2013. None from 2014.