It is now official, the Queensland Government has advertised for Technical and Environmental Advisors and Property Advisors in The Australian October 22, 2014.

The advertisement details which publicly-owned assets will be leased(sold) by the LNP Government.

· Electricity network businesses of Queensland Electricity Transmission Corporation Limited (Powerlink), Energex Limited and Ergon Energy Corporation Limited.

· Port of Gladstone and Port of Townsville integrated with the Mt Isa Rail Line

· Sunwater Limited industrial water pipelines, and

· Generation assets of Stanwell Corporation Limited, CS Energy Limited and the electricity retail business of Ergon Energy Queensland Pty Ltd.

Last week four Queensland Independent Members of Parliament along with three Katters Australian Party Members joined forces to halt the planned asset sales or leasing, to which an overwhelming majority of Queenslanders object.

The only way out of the financial disaster left by the Australian Labor Party will be to support Katters Australian Party which opposes asset sales. It is greatly hypocritical of the ALP to pretend they oppose asset disposals when the Labor Government of Anna Bligh sold our railway coal haulage division that earned the State more than $1.691 billion a year.

Katters Australian Party says there is no need to sell any assets but instead pull the banks into line and tell the foreign lenders that enough is enough!

The banking system is in dire need of a complete overhaul and the present banking inquiry headed by former Commonwealth Bank CEO David Murray will never find against the damaging and soul-destroying Keynesian monetary system whereby money is issued as a debit.

Money should be issued as a credit.

The banking industry has robbed Australians of more than $30 billion in the last financial year by way of exorbitant interest charges. This insanity has to stop or our pensioners and low income families will be on the street, unable to own a car, pay their power bill or their council rates.