I don’t want to be down on America – I LOVE America – but we’ve been brainwashed and lied to and we don’t know what has been in our name, over the past 60 years, for starters.

Then, we watched WTC happen and didn’t even blink that this would never have been possible without our government’s collusion, at the very least. Is the fluoride that good? Or have we been HAARPed into a stupor?

We allowed our leadership take us into two bogus wars, one against one of the poorest and defenseless nations on the planet, Afghanistan.
Way to show what an awesome military you’ve got! Next, a secular, un-threatening state, which had had its “body cavities” examined repeatedly by the UN for over a decade, proving that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – and yet the sickf***s at the helm of our nation needed that war happen, to enrich their buddies and G-d knows what else. Couldn’t they have come up with a better excuse? We watched and let them get away with it and essentially did nothing.

I find it really telling about what’s messed-up in this land of ours that this loving, beautiful human felt compelled to write: “Sorry if this Offends You” at the bottom of his YouTube post – when everything he’s saying is right.

I will doubtless receive buckets of hate mail, just because the man saying these beautiful words happens to be black.

But ALL of this can be turned around.
As he says, “The path towards a new beginning starts within you.”

Why I Think This World Should End http://www.ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.com/page/26677.html
– Alexandra


P.S. In regards to yesterday evening’s post about the Mega-Champion Tennis Star Williams sisters, I received a letter from someone who agreed with the real thrust of the message (for those who don’t read my texts & only watch the video, that suspicion of foul play in Joan Rivers’ death is warranted and it was based on internationally-broadcast comments that Rivers made in reference to the unusual conjugal situation of the current inhabitants of the White House.

(But then, when was this never the case? President Abraham Lincoln slept in the same bed as another man, during the last 20 years of his life. ‘Nuff said about that).

As to allegations made in the clip I ran yesterday evening, I received a response from a subscriber, with whom I’ve been in personal contact for a while, and this is what he had to say about the portrayal of the Williams tennis stars, by the same enigmatic couple, whose “Michelle is a Man” video started to go viral sometime last Spring and to whose reference, by Joan Rivers may have led to her unexpected death:

“I personally was their nutritionist over twenty years ago.
I worked with them individually when they were at the Tennis Academy at Green Leaf Golf and country club in Lake Wales Florida. Home of the PGA. I also knew their father.

“He was a nightmare. I don’t think he was capable of writing a coherent 78-page paper.

“He argued with everything I said. Even when I suggested that they use organic whole grain bread, he was angry that it cost three dollars a loaf.

“But they both were definitely little girls.

“Could the father or someone else have given them testosterone when they were older, as so many other athletes have done? That is a high probability.

“If estrogen replacement therapy had been used to grow breasts as this video implied, it would have decreased the effectiveness of testosterone. Estrogen and testosterone are antagonists when it comes to muscle development.

“I don’t believe estrogen was needed, since they appeared to be happy little girls. They were both small and not masculine, at all when I knew them.

“Genetically, they are female, in my opinion.”

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