Shivering in the Dark

Yesterday, the temperature here at Rosevale in Queensland rose 25 ℃ in just 8 hours – from zero at 6 am to 25 ℃ at 2 pm. It rose at the rate of 3 ℃ per hour, and every degree of warmth felt better.

And then, despite there being 400 ppm of the dreaded “global warming gas” in the atmosphere, the temperature plunged 25 ℃ to zero by the next dawn.

Yet learned people are being paid by governments to scare us into suicidal energy policies they say will save us the horror of possible man-made global warming of maybe 1-2 ℃ per century.

Do these people ever go outside? Do they ever feel the powerful life-giving warmth of the sun? Do they notice that all life celebrates spring? Have they read some climate history – of the abundance during warm eras and the bleak starvation of the ice ages? Do they know there has been no global warming for 17 years? Are they aware that the sun has gone ominously quiet and we may face global cooling, just at the time their disastrous energy policies leave us shivering in the dark?

It’s time for some common sense on energy and climate.

Viv Forbes,
Rosewood Qld Australia

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