The Queensland Treasurer, TIM NICHOLLS MLA, claims there is no alternative to solving the State’s debt problem other than to sell of The People’s assets.

This is, of course, nothing but bunkum, and it is clear that the frauds, liars and pretenders who infest OUR parliament know nothing about the money and banking system, or they are so far under the thumb of the private bankers who have them by the huts, that they cannot do the right thing by the people without permission from their handlers. Either way they are not fit to hold seats in OUR parliament.

All they need to do is read two books, one by JOHN KENNETH GALBRAITH, Money – Whence it came, where it went”, and the other by ELLEN BROWN, “The Public Bank Solution”, both pictured here below, or for some real knowledge of economics read at least three of the tomes by Henry Dunning McLeod 1821-1902 on the theory of credit/money. GALBRAITH said “The process by which banks create money is so simple that the mind is repelled.”When politicians understand what GALBRAITH meant by this, and change their thick minds, we will achieve considerable progress toward economic peace.

There is no law that allows the members of parliament to punish The People by keeping us in constant, ever-increasing exponential debt by borrowing more and more credit (money) from private banks to fund the necessities of the State. This is not according to the Constitution of the State of Queensland which requires the parliament to make laws for peace, order and the welfare of The People. Ever increasing constant debt is not for the benefit or welfare of The People.

A parliamentary State Bank is the ultimate answer, and for those who claim politicians cannot be trusted to oversee a bank, I ask “Well, can those who do it now, in order to make vast profits for shareholders be trusted to any extent anyway? A Parliamentary State Bank would have be under specific legislation of control with professionals, other than current bankers, running it and subject to inspection at any time.

Politicians are a joke when it comes to economics, well in any case whatsoever.


Economist and Constitutional Research Analyst

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