If Newspoll, which is a polling company owned by News Corp with Rupert Murdoch as its chairman can be believed, there are voters in Queensland who intend to vote for the Labor Party at the Stafford by-election to be held in Brisbane following the resignation of its state LNP member Dr Chris Davis.

According to public outpourings of support from constituents, he was an honest and reliable member, apparently far too honest for the LNP Government.

Dr Davis was horrified about the changes to the Criminal Misconduct Commission which oversees the government and bureaucracy.

He said he could not support the LNP amendment to the CMC legislation which now allows the government of the day to appoint the chairman of the CMC, instead of a parliamentary committee of all parties and independents.

The final straw was when the LNP with its massive majority pushed through changes to electoral laws which remove the cap on donations to political parties. The amendments now require reporting of donations from any source over $12,400. There is no limit to the amount.

For the honest Dr Davis, this was just too much. He resigned from Parliament altogether, after Premier Campbell removed him from his assistant Minister position for complaining about these vital issues.

The excesses of this LNP government are beginning to make the dodgy performances of previous Labor Premiers Peter Beattie and Anna Bligh look like saints.

The tables below showing the largesse of the Labor Party is coming home to roost. The LNP has been running a huge, multi-million dollar advertising campaign trying to convince voters the only way out of Labor’s $80 billion state debt is to sell public assets.

Rothschild, Chase Manhattan, Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Banks are hugely supportive of the sell-off from which they will substantially benefit.

Firstly in recalling their loans and secondly in the brokerage fees they get for selling publicly-owned assets. It is no secret the LNP is controlled by the big end of town.

And the sheeple of Stafford intend to vote for the Labor rabble of Socialist International?

The alternatives are obvious. Katters Australia Party and Palmers United Party. If they run candidates against the combined opposition of the ABC Trotskyites and the Courier Mail which is dominated by Labor socialist reporters, either party is the perfect choice for any voter with a brain.

There are people in Queensland who will vote for the Labor Party. Cairns News says they are certifiable.

The graphs below are from a Treasury website.