The Australian military has been practicing urban warfare for more than 20 years in joint exercises with police services across the nation. The army is well equipped and trained to counter any civilian unrest or in preparation for martial law.

If the political party corporate duopoly continues on its present economic path to destruction at the behest of the evil international financial oligarchy, then the army will be deployed against the ensuing reactive civilian uprising, in a similar manner to the US preparations.

I’ve read that the Tea Party and other

Libertarian groups are funded by BOTH

the extremist, right-wing, corporatist,

utterly heinous multi-billionaire Koch

Brothers (one of whom is married to

George W. Bush’s sister, Dorothy) and

ironically, by the currency-manipulating

arch-criminal and equally disgusting

"Lefty," George Soros.

It’s not so ironic, when you understand

that the right/left "divide and conquer"

tactic enacted against the US public

by politicians whose campaigns are financed

by think tanks, PACs and NGOs, funded by

the exact same entities as those noted

above, plus the flabbergastingly abhorrent

Rupert Murdoch – and that their true purpose

is to polarize and destabilize the body-politic

of the US.

This would go a long way to explaining the

tragic farce that is the present-day US

Government, both domestically and abroad.

I urge readers in the US and in every country

where similar trends are seen, to *truly see*

these manipulations, for what they are:

programs to destabilize communities and entire

nations, in order to gain more government

control over the people and to strip individuals

of whatever rights they still have left.

The only logic behind a government acting

against the interests of its own constituents

would be an agenda that has infected such

a government; an agenda to bring about the

dread "One World Government" or "New World

Order," as shrieked about, in Tinfoil-Hat,

Conspiracyland for decades – nonetheless,

becoming truer by the minute, regardless of

your choice of dystopian headgear.

I think Americans, both Conservative and

Liberal can all get behind the Constitution

and the Bill of Rights – and the importance

of maintaining these laws in force – and to

reverse their ongoing erosion, especially in

the wake of the most blatant false flag

operation in recorded history: the 9/11


Maintaining the Founding Documents of the

US should be paramount to all Americans at

either end of the political spectrum and

everywhere in between, in favor of people

getting obsessed with polarizing issues, which

would be best resolved, if the laws enshrined

in the Founding Documents were duly

observed and enforced.

InfoWars has broadcast numerous news

stories centering on US military documents,

describing Continental US ("CONUS")

Operations against political dissidents,

authorizing "deadly force" and emphasizing

that, "Warning shots will not be fired."

In addition, there is the February 2010 Army

Field Manual 3-39.40, entitled "Internment

and Resettlement Operations."

The Federal government has been in a big

hurry to build a 300-acre city in just 2 years,

at an expense of $96 million to train the

military "for problems we don’t even know we

have yet." Yes, Sir! That would would be a

"Need to Know." Wouldn’t it?

Army Field Manual 3-39.40, coupled with the

construction of this perfect replica of "Smalltown,

USA" as a training ground, make it crystal clear

that the military is training for martial law,

here at home.

Snopes has repeatedly "debunked" all notions

of anything unseemly about Army Field Manual

3-39.40 (all evidence to the contrary) and the

globalist, Foreign Policy Magazine attempted to

blow it off, but it did not succeed…it actually

supported the legitimate concerns raised by

the unconstitutional provisions encoded in

the Patriot Act and in the most recent National

Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), that indeed,

"Something is rotten in the state of Denmark."

— William Shakespeare, ‘Hamlet’

(Video: 5 and a half minutes):

US Military Trains for Martial Law

– Alexandra