This video is a second installment of
the popular video I posted on March
31st, ‘The REAL Reason Flight 370

This is a more fully-developed telling
of the Mystery of Malaysia Airlines Flight
370. It refers to the details described in
the Mexican article that I’d previously
translated – plus, it introduces the Booz
Allen Hamilton connection.

Booz Allen, made famous by erstwhile
employee, Edward Snowden is part-owned
by the shady Bush family/crony-connected
private equity firm, the Carlyle Group, as is
Freescale Semiconductor.

20 Chinese and Malaysian nationals
employed by Freescale were aboard that
flight (plus a curiously equal amount of
Pentagon employees, as alleged in the
previously-cited Mexican article).

This video makes it clear that, via their
Booz Allen connection, the Carlyle Group,
to say nothing of numerous intelligence
agencies and governments, worldwide, are
covering-up the true story about the fate of
flight 370 and that they know *exactly* where
this plane is and *why*.







As previously reported, four of those
Chinese Freescale employees were joint
patent-holders, owning equal shares, along
with their employer, in what is described
as "a breakthrough" in semiconductor
technology. Theories have been running
fast and furious, about the motives of this
hijacking (or crashing), the most common
being that the demise of the 4 Chinese
patent-holders would leave Freescale with
100% ownership of the patent.

One subscriber wrote me an unsubstantiated
claim that the Chinese co-owners of this
patent, all natives of the relatively small
town (for China) of Suzhou (pop. 1.3M)
were going to breech their Non-Disclosure
Agreements with their employer and hand
over the valuable information to the the
Chinese government and that THIS was the
motive behind a secret military operation,
whereby the airplane was hijacked,
presumably by the 20 Pentagon employees
allegedly aboard the flight, with or without
the help of an AWACS plane, which, without
a 20-person staff of crack electronic warfare
professionals aboard the plane, to assist in
the success of the mission, would still have
the capability to override pilot commands
with Fly-by-Wire technology. The plane was
diverted and landed triumphantly at the joint
RAF-USAF base at Diego Garcia, a tiny atoll
in the Indian Ocean, which is of massive
strategic importance to both countries.

I have been sent masses of testimonies
from witnesses from inhabitants of the
nearby Maldives Islands, who saw a low-flying
jumbo jet, which was extremely loud, due to
its radar-evading low altitude, which tends to
convince me that the plane, was indeed,
headed for Diego Garcia and that there might
be some truth to the following, side story:

As previously cited by me, from a report by
(potential disinformant?) Jim Freestone, that a
US national, Phil Wood was aboard Flight 370.
Wood was working for IBM in Beijing but
planning to move, along with his fiancee to
Kuala Lumpur. She appeared several times
last week on several mainstream news
broadcasts, including BBC, CNN and MSNBC.

In any event, Woods had managed to smuggle
his smartphone with him during the flight’s
hijacking before he was blindfolded by an
"unknown military group" and placed within
an unlit holding cell. Apparently, he was not
handcuffed and thereby able to retrieve
the device from his butt crack. There is also
the possibility that, even if handcuffed, he
was able to do all of what he did by voice-
commanding the phone, *while* it was
lodged, "where the sun don’t shine" – as
evident, from the black photo he sent.

The voice command software called Siri is
installed in all iPhone 5s, like his, enabling
him to text a message by voice commands
and to snap and email the picture of his
location, which appeared entirely black in
the photo but which included a ton of
metadata, embedded in the picture:

Dimensions: 240 x 320

Device Make: Apple

Device Model: iPhone 5

Color Space: RGB

Color Profile: sRGB IEC61966-2.1

Focal Length: 4.12

Alpha Channel: No

Red Eye: No

F Number: 2.4

Exposure Program: 2

Exposure Time: 1/15

GPS location: Latitude: 7:18.58.308906555775787

Longtitude: 72:25.35.55908203125

The latter coordinates lead squarely to a
building on the island of Diego Garcia,
which is pictured in this evening’s video,
along with the exact wording of his voice-
activated text.

Now, we know that the above-cited
Mainstream News Media sources could
be charitably called "dissimulators" of the
truth, as opposed to its disseminators –
and that even the alternative journalist,
Jim Freestone may not be above suspicion,
with his allegations of the entire Phil Woods
story and accompanying metadata (re-
reported online by alternative news sites,
only) and that, in combination with the
tormented fiance on international MSM
TV news COULD be all be a diversional,
dog ‘n pony, "crisis acting" show, similar
to others we’ve seen about Sandy Hook
and the Boston Bombings, passing
themselves off as "the news".

As for the people who know the truth
about Flight 370 – and there would have
to be MANY – they’re certainly not telling
– and very likely, they never will.

(Video: under 7 and a half mins):

SHOCK CLAIM: GPS Data Reveals Possible Location of Flight 370


– Alexandra