General Motors, the makers of Holden, is systematically transferring it auto manufacturing business to China. General ManagerDan Akerson told journalists at a media conference his company already has 11 joint ventures with SAIC and FAW, two huge Chinese Government-owned car manufacturing companies.

GM also had established four power plant manufactuing facilities throughout China, and its Research and Development arm will operate from this oppressive communist country.

This video clearly shows that GM seized the opportunity of a reduction in Australian sales to move offshore, after the Australian taxpayer had bailed out GM Adelaide on an annual basis to the tune of nearly a billion dollars.

The US Government too bailed out GM during the GFC propping it up with many billions of dollars now to discover most of its operation has moved to China doing reciprocal trade deals whereby GM has swapped its world first technology which allowed China to purchase large US manufacturing, power and defence corporations.

This video is very enlightening and every Australian politician should view it.