Since launching the We Wont Sell Out petition a few weeks ago I have been overwhelmed by the positive feedback that has been received.

This feedback has reinforced my view that the time has come for us to all work together to make a stand. When Parliament sits next month I want to put pressure on the Abbott government to change our foreign ownership laws- but, I cant do this without your help.

The latest formal foreign ownership data was last updated in 2010. We have since sold out hundreds of thousands more acres to foreign governments and multinational corporations.

Please consider forwarding to friends and families through facebook, twitter and email.

If we all collect as little as 10 signatures each, the government cant ignore us.

This is a grassroots campaign it is only through our combined efforts that we can stop our land becoming a global commodity.

By working together we can ensure that Australia remains in the capable hands of those of us who have and will keep our future generations best interests at heart.

Thank you for helping me to tell Tony Abbott that now is the time to stop the sell-out. Lets keep Australian land in Australian hands.

If you would like to read some of the media coverage this campaign has received so far, you may like to read these two stories in the Weekly Times and the Ballarat Courier.

Selling land offshore a futile folly

Senator John Madigan launches petition to stop foreign sell-out

Kind regards,

Senator John Madigan