WA Police at its finest.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mHAS4chhfdQ (you might have to cut and paste into browser)

Regardless of the probability that this copper was dealing with a brainless smartarse, the copper is an example of those who should not be in a police FORCE anywhere. If you cannot do the job properly with an exercise of control then the kitchen is far too hot for you and you should get out of it.

This is an example of the decision some decades ago by police and military forces throughout the developed world to reject the upper level of applicants, with the exceptions being those required for technical reasons, for police and military service as they would be too intelligent, would ask too many questions and be a discipline problem. They only take those who will obey without question as is demonstrated by the very few whistleblowers who speak out in these services. Those you deal with in these services are the bottom level of applicants as shown by the actions they display whenever you try to engage them in discussion regarding their duties.