September 11, 2013
Katter slams LNP deceit over constant mistruths
The Member for Mount Isa Robbie Katter has called on Queenslands LNP to put aside political assassinations and vindictive strategies to deliver the genuine benefits voters deserved.
Mr Katter, who is also the Katters Australian Party national president, told Queensland Parliament it was time to stop the political game play and the constant mistruths being delivered in the House that compromise its very integrity.
He said the LNPs entirely deceitful federal election strategy to associate the KAP with Labor continued across Queensland despite it contravening the Electoral Commission Act and forcing the one of the major media outlets to pull those LNP ads.
It is a terrible and disappointing way to start a new tenure over the Federal Government by tearing down the opposition with a lie.
The Australian newspaper today (Tuesday) reported senior LNP MPs advising that the focus on trying to get rid of Bob Katter and Katter’s Australian Party denied them the opportunity to win marginal seats in Brisbane.
Let us consider the irony of this. The then Opposition spent so much time, resources and effort tryingit would seem unsuccessfullyto unseat Bob Katter that it inadvertently delivered four seats back to Labor.
Bob Katter offered the then Opposition leader Tony Abbott a vote of no confidence in writing prior to the last change in Labor leaders.
Claims that he held them in power are ignorant, poorly informed or plain mistruths.
To carry it on now reflects very poorly on the integrity of members (in the Queensland Parliament).
The people in the Kennedy electorate are confronted with enormous economic adversity and were seeking some good debate in the last election.
Unfortunately, all they were delivered (by the LNP) was political spin and we were left to defend ourselves, to try to deliver the truth to people.
We should have been talking about the cattle grazing industry, we should have been talking about the dairy industry, we should have been talking about small business, no wonder people are sick of politics said Mr Katter.