A widespread, corrupt $13m statewide misinformation campaign by Liberal National Party members coerced voters into believing a vote for Bob Katter somehow translated into a vote for the ALP.

A series of television ads, large roadside signs mounted on trailers stating “a vote for Bob Katter is a vote for Labor” combined with aborted newspaper advertisements, reduced Katter’s long-standing 18 per cent margin to preferences to hold his seat. According to sources these signs were not authorised which is a serious offence under the Commonwealth Electoral Act.

The Queensland Liberal Party is well-credentialled and known for conducting similar campaigns, the last one at the 2012 state election. The state National Party no longer exists having been disbanded after the 2009 election.

This time around according to Katters Australia Party sources their legal team will be briefed this week to press criminal charges under Section 28 of the Crimes Act and relevant sections of the Electoral Act.

Penalties of three years goal apply to those found guilty.

Cairns News has obtained a list of LNP members from the Atherton Tablelands which will be published if cleared by legal advice.

A full election report will be published after final polling results become available.