Gun Confiscation Has Begun

The Genocidal Intentions Behind the UN Small Arms Treaty

Obamas Complicity In Disarming the American People

UN Justification to Seize All Arms

The Rwanda Factor

What Follows Disarmament?


I have said that I am opposed to an open civil war against our banker hijacked government. However, when it comes to gun confiscation, Americans must collectively resist with every fiber of their being the attempted disarmament of its citizens. And we all know that gun confiscation always precedes genocide. If Obama lets the United Nations do his dirty work of disarming the people, America will have to fight.

We have a choice America, we can fight our criminal government and the domestically stationed foreign mercenaries as they attempt to take the guns, or we can resist being hauled into a Wackenhut bus on the way to a FEMA camp for extermination. If Obamas UN colleagues come for the guns, the only choice we will have is when we fight, not if we fight. I prefer to fight these forces with weapons rather than with bare hands.from the US Gun Lobby