MULTINATIONAL BANKING CORPORATIONS are making billions out of us every year. Why don’t we have our own banks, then the money benefits US, not foreign bank shareholders? Yes, it can be done, the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia has provision to create state banks and create our own credit. Just sign the petitions – we will ALL be much better off if we can persuade the banksters of the Liberal, Labor and Palmers United Party to adhere to the Constitution.
The only national statesman of this decade, Bob Katter, has a Bill on the table in Federal Parliament to establish a National Development Bank, similar to the proposed State Banks.
If you support the LNP, ALP, Palmers United Party or the Greens state banking will never eventuate. The banksters control these parties. Just examine their policies, finance legislation and business activities to see for yourself.

The following GoPetitions are up and running for all Australians to sign.
Please spread this e-mail to all Australians.
We need millions to sign as it is the one thing we can do to straighten out the economic destiny of this country.

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