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pollyAnonymous dumps US State Dept database 19 Feb 2013 Anonymous claims to have hacked the United States State Department website and captured a database, which has now been published on the Internet. The data dump by the hacktivists contains the names and email addresses of State Department consular and careers staffers and in some cases, their phone numbers and date of birth. Usernames are also found in the database dump. Searching and other sites shows that several email addresses and other data match State Department staffers in the United States and legations around the world.

U.S. State Department hacked by Anonymous –‘ database owned hard by #Anonymous’ [Full post is here.] 18 Feb 2013 Our reasons for this attack are very simple. You’ve imprisoned or either censored our people. We will not tolerate things as such. You don’t see us going around censoring everything that is inappropriate or we do not like. Basically, you tried to put an end to us and you got owned, there’s nothing more you can say or do. You took away Topiary, Avunit, Neuron, Pwnsauce, lolspoon, Aaron Swartz shall we go on? [Yes,
they also took away Jeremy Hammond and John Kiriakou.
] Heck you think this makes us weak? We are only growing stronger because of the fact that you are forcing us to revolt. When the lions roar you will hear them. And when it’s feeding time you’ll be our dinner. Aaron Swartz this is for you, this is for Operation Last Resort.

Anonymous activists hack into 600,000 Israeli email accounts 17 Feb 2013 Activists associated with the group “Anonymous” claimed on Friday to have hacked some 600,000 email accounts from the Israeli server Walla!, stealing user details and information. A report in Australia’s SC Magazine says hackers published email addresses and passwords in 93 different posts on, a website used by hackers to communicate. The campaign targeted Israeli websites, such as those of the IDF spokesperson’s unit, the Prime Minister’s office, and other official websites.

Westwood supports Assange on London catwalk 17 Feb 2013 British designer Vivienne Westwood showcased more than her fashion designs at London Fashion Week on Sunday by sporting a Julian Assange T-shirt in support of the WikiLeaks founder. British designer Westwood selected a T-shirt emblazoned with her face and the words “I am Julian Assange” to wear at her Red Label fashion show, which sent models in ribbed, woolen dresses striding down the halls of London’s Saatchi Gallery. Westwood, a leading name on the London leg of the international fashion circuit, called Assange a “hero” and said she had raised 3,000 pounds ($4,700) for him through selling the T-shirts.