Agenda 21 in Australia – Ann Bressington

Hon%20Ann%20Bressington.jpgAt a time when most Australians feel betrayed by the political class, there is someone who has made a public stand for Australia and its People. Her name is Anne Bressington. MLC SA Parliament.

Anne is currently touring with Lord Christopher Monkton and it was at these meetings that she has publicly exposed the covert operation of Agenda 21 and those who have largely been responsible for framing it for the UN the Club of Rome.

She joins Leon of Fair Dinkum Aussie Radio to discuss the way that Agenda 21 is being carried out in Australia today. Together they discuss the secrecy and political complicity that accompanies this Agenda, how far advanced it is, the destruction of National identity, individuality, food security, and the communist intent of the UN.