The Great Leader at work again!! “And a voice spoke from above saying:

“Don’t worry, things could be worse.” And so it came to pass…….THINGS GOT WORSE!!

After the recent ‘Illegal Immigrant’ boat disaster, the Australian Government used the Royal Flying Doctor Service to transport eight so called ‘Asylum Seekers’, on three separate flights, from Christmas Island to Royal Perth Hospital, at a cost of $120,000 for each of the three trips! $360,000 in all!

Meanwhile, single ADF personnel have lost their entitlement to a free flight home annually!

But then it got worse; someone decided that another Afghan needed hospital treatment and a 148 seat Boeing 737 was chartered from Perth to Christmas Island and return to Perth. This consisted of a full crew, medical staff, one Afghan and a government official. How much would this have cost Australian tax payers?

They’re not saying !!

But it caused this little gem above appear in a Perth newspaper and RADIO TALK-BACK PHONE LINES WENT BERSERK!-contributed