The time has come to cull at least 50 per cent of Queensland’s exploding crocodile polulation. Over the past ten years there have been several fatalities and numerous injuries to people by salt water crocs from Cairns to Darwin. The new LNP government has dodged yet another election promise to get rid of large crocs terrorising and eating tourists, farmers, fishermen and members of indigenous communities.

Like disease-carrying flying foxes which have caused the death of dozens of horses and several humans, the LNP is too terrified of the greenies to act decisively. Federal Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, who has more crocs in his electorate than constituents has called for a cull. Likewise the LNP Member for Barron River near Cairns, Michael Trout, (a recent survey revealed the Barron River is home to 10 or more man eaters) has demanded the government of which he is a member do something about the reptilian menace.

The rangers of northern Cape York Peninsula wild life rerserve, ‘Bertie Haugh’ Station, owned by the Steve Irwin family, last week surveyed the Wenlock River to discover dozens of man eaters lurking in its shallows. The late Steve Irwin’s father, Bob, in an email to Cairns News strongly defended the ‘rights’ of crocodiles to infest our suburban waterways. He said not one should be destroyed and too bad if humans get devoured. Sorry Bob we are out to get ’em and before they get shot by every man and his dog, the state government should get some balls and simply remove them either by permit shooting and relocation to croc farms or both.

If the LNP Government can remove or relocate 20,000 public servants, surely a few thousand crocs will be as easy as a stroke of the pen!

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