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Do not get the mRNA vaxx if you don’t want to be an automaton

“The solution at the individual level is to not get vaccinated.

“At the political level the authorities have to stop this vaccine because it has a proven toxic element,”

Professor Michel Chossudovsky.

“In Astrazenica’s [injection] they have found folds of graphene oxide. It means they have introduced this. “…They have justified it with a smokescreen called ‘SARS-COV-2’ and used that pretext to inoculate or vaccinate the world’s population with a much darker end purpose that the listener can ever imagine,” Ricardo Delgado.

Prof Michel Chossudovsky & Ricardo Delgado Martin: “A Poisonous Toxin (Graphine Oxide) Is Being Introduced Through The ‘Vaccine’ In An Invasive Way.”

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