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Morrison moves to eliminate cash on instructions from IMF

THE Morrison government is attempting to sneak legislation through Parliament to virtually criminalise cash as part of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) drive to bring in negative interest rates, allegedly to “fight recession”.
Negative interest rates mean you pay the bank to hold your money, but cash in hand incurs no such charge.

It means governments will exercise even tighter control over money than they and the central banking system already have.
Draft legislation about to be pushed through Parliament by the Morrison Liberals will outlaw cash payments above $10k under the guise of tax efficiency and combating “the black economy”.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison acting under orders from the IMF moves to eliminate cash

But the Australian lobby group Interests of the People (IOTP) says the real agenda is all about the imposition of the IMF’s extreme global monetary policy in the form of negative interest rates.

“This represents a significant curtailment of civil liberties, and more,” says IOTP.
Australians have less than two weeks to respond and mainstream media appears to have ignored it.

IOTP spokesman John Adams says the Australian Treasury has released draft legislation which was initially announced in the May 2018 Budget by then-Treasurer Scott Morrison.

Nothing was done last year, but the legislation now proposes introduction on January 1, 2020.

“I was skeptical that this ban on (cash) transactions would come in but now that the Coalition has been re-elected, the Coalition with ScoMo and (Treasurer Josh) Frydenberg have decided to push this initiative forward,” Mr Adams said on IOTP’s YouTube channel (“Red Alert: ScoMo declares war on the Australian people”).
Adams says the government is claiming it’s to deal with tax revenue and the black economy but if this was the case, why didn’t they do it a decade ago when the GST was brought in as a way of eliminating the black economy.

“They could have easily introduced certain bans on transactions at that point, but they never did. So why now?
“It’s because not of tax revenue, it’s about interest rates. It’s about the International Monetary Fund. They’ve written a series of technical papers … about how to make negative interest rates work.”
Adams says the IMF wants to make interest rates “deeply negative” e.g. negative 3 to 5 percent, something never done before in human history.

And this would allow the central banks to implement controls on money and people never before implemented in history.
Adams says this will be sold as an initiative to stop the black economy, but in reality it is the first of a series of stages to eliminate cash.
The Treasury announcement came out at 5:12pm on Friday, July 28, in an attempt to limit exposure of it. Mainstream media do not appear to have reported on the plans.
The consultation period ends on August 12th, which points to an attempt by the government to limit exposure of the plans, while allowing them to say “consultation was sought”.
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Primed Minister Turnbull set To “White Ant” Liberals AGAIN !


Malcolm Turnbull (from Google Images)

Again in Messiah mode Liberal’s resident “white ant” of the Malcolm Turnbull variety is powering up  another stealth attack on the Liberal Party leadership.  Flaunting personal accolades of achievements while slating comparison to government trouble spots, he emphatically denies any leadership challenge.

Liberals have short prospects of returning to government without serious reform, but with a Turnbull leadership they can expect annihilation at the next election.

People do not vote governments in they vote governments out“.


Joe Hildebrant of the Daily Telegraph clearly writes how the Turnbull “White Ant”  is working the system expecting to be canonised from within the liberal’s Canberra Tabernacle .

from Harry Palmer

How to write a Malcolm Turnbull leadership story in one easy step

Joe Hildebrand writes in the Rendezview section of the Daily Telegraph April 18, 2015.

Malcolm Turnbull has made headlines again this week after appearing on the cover of GQ Magazine in a rather snappy blue suit and a come-hither look that had more gravitational pull than a black hole.

Of course the Turnbull camp was quick to hose down suggestions that this had anything to do with his leadership aspirations.

And they were completely right. Because the key to running for the leadership is that you never ever say you are running for the leadership. In fact, if you’re really doing your job right no one will ever say you are running for the leadership, which is of course how you communicate to people that you’re running for the leadership.

Confused? Allow me to demonstrate …

CANBERRA, 18 APRIL 2015 — Prime ministerial aspirant Malcolm Turnbull today denied he had any intention to run for the Liberal leadership, despite sources saying he was clearly the best man for the job.

Looking statesmanlike in a navy suit, Mr Turnbull refused to be drawn on the numerous problems besetting the Abbott government.

“I’m not here to provide running commentary on the freefalling budget revenue, the proposed GST hike, fiddling with superannuation, the secession of Western Australia from the commonwealth, Prince Philip’s knighthood, Tony Abbott’s onion fetish, the Medicare co-payment, the abolition of the Medicare co-payment, university deregulation, the abolition of university deregulation or that weird sex worker who called up the Jon Faine show,” he said.

Instead the Communications Minister said he wanted to focus on the rollout of the National Broadband Network.

“You can talk as much as you like about broken promises, but this is one promise the government is actually delivering on,” he said.

”The fact that it’s being delivered by me is neither here nor there.”

Mr Turnbull refused to be drawn on leadership speculation.

“I’m not here to talk about Tony Abbott or whether or not he will still be prime minister shortly after the budget is handed down,” he said handsomely.

“I’m just here to do my job for the people of Australia. Whether or not they overwhelmingly prefer me as Liberal leader by a factor of about three to one, as a recent poll showed, is of no concern to me.

“The only poll that matters is the one on election day. Oh, and that Fairfax one that keeps giving me high 60s.”

Mr Turnbull is particularly popular in inner city areas, which he modestly declined to put down to his urbane sophistication.

A straw poll of Newtown and Northcote residents found six out of 10 voters supported Mr Turnbull for the prime ministership compared to just three out of 10 for his closest rival, Leon Trotsky.

However Mr Turnbull dismissed the leadership speculation.

“Tony Abbott is the Prime Minister and I support the Prime Minister,” he said.

Asked if this meant he supported Tony Abbott, he said “I support the Prime Minister” 857 times.