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Who’s who of data breaches while Labor wants to put Australians into a one stop ID shop?

Senator Malcolm Roberts warns about the Labor and Liberal push for a national ID card containing all of your personal information.

He asked: “Have you noticed more and more data breaches lately? Some in the Government are using this as a reason to centralise everything into one Digital Identity. As the long list I read out proves, nothing is un-hackable.

“That’s a good reason why you SHOULDN’T centralise everyone’s data into one Digital Identity location. It would be a hackers dream, a one stop shop to steal your identity.”

More on Digital Identity being legislated

by Allison Ryan

Oh the irony!
As the sun sets over the hills of covid19, the darkness coming forth from the dens of iniquity cloaks everything with an illuminati light, and calls out to the people, as the sea nymphs of fable, come and TRUST the digital ID system.

‘Trusted Digital Identity Framework’ (TDIF) has Interim Oversight Authority
Permanent Oversight Authority will be established by Legislation, with responsibility for governing the Australian Government Digital Identity System.
The Oversight Authority will be independent, transparent and accountable.
The Government is still considering which Government entity will house or support the Oversight Authority. See p8 ‘Your guide to the Digital Identity legislation’

More from:
‘Your guide to the Digital Identity legislation’
Downloadable version [Word 1MB]
Version 1801
Page 10 says;
“The DIGITAL IDENTITY LEGISLATION is a package of multiple legislative instruments which, together, FORM THE RULE BOOK that GOVERNS how the Australian Government Digital Identity System (and other aspects, like the accreditation framework) will work. The different components of the legislation are:
• Trusted Digital Identity Bill
• TDIF accreditation rules
• Trusted Digital Identity (TDI) rules
• Technical standards”
three-tiered TRIANGLE with the “eye of Providence” set in the top tier of the triangle.
The “eye” set within a triangle is a symbol associated with Freemasonry and the Illuminati.
The top of the triangle with the “eye” is labelled The TRUSTED DIGITAL IDENTITY BILL.

Ah so, the Australian Govt shows us right out in the open that THE RULE BOOK is under the all seeing “eye” of the Masonic and Illuminati Orders.

Famous Quote: There is no freemasonry without Judaism. There is no communism without Judaism.

I hasten to add that a similar triangle structure was also drawn for the Corporate Plan 2011 to 2013 of Universities Australia in the Appendix. Again, similarly, the top of that triangle was hovering over and lifted above the rest of the triangle, but there was no “eye” drawn in it.
We know that the Universities became partners in the UN system. >

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