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Lindell documentary blows lid off CCP theft of US election and coup

US businessman Mike Lindell with information warfare specialist Colonel Phil Waldron (US Army). He and a team from Dallas tracked web traffic before and after the US election, discovering a massive cyber attack on election sites, mostly from China. BELOW: Screenshot of moving graphic that shows real-time file transfer between foreign IP addresses and US election sites where votes were stolen.

A former US Army information warfare expert has revealed the Chinese Community Party controls Dominion Voting Systems and its election codes used across the United States. China was also the main player in a massive cyber-attack on the US election, which the expert describes as a coup.

The US government, state and county governments do not have access to the election code, which is held in Shenzhen, China. At least one Australian state, Queensland, is in a similar situation, fueling well-grounded suspicions that China has been hacking western elections and installing governments friendly to its global interests.

But in the case of the November 3rd US presidential election, it is all but proven that the massive cyber-attack stole the election from President Donald Trump. Thousands of pages of internet activity logs and real-time digital tracking files on and around the November 3 election show election sites across the US being compromised by foreign IP addresses. More than 60% were in China.

US President Joe Biden and his family’s global investment business have operated hand in glove with the Chinese Communist regime in various business and trade deals. Biden should do the decent thing and resign.

The explosive revelations have come to the fore in businessman Mike Lindell’s documentary Absolute Truth, in which US Army information warfare specialist Colonel Phil Waldren details how he and Allied Security Operations of Dallas, Texas, uncovered the CCP links to the hacking of the election. Waldren and his Allied team tested electronic election equipment provided by a number of election services companies including ES&S and Harp Enterprises. They had also looked at Smartmatic, which like Dominion, was threatening defamation actions everywhere, but which also was tied into the .

They had also been tracking suspect servers before the election in Barcelona, the UK, Frankfurt (Scytl) and have affidavits from CIA and State Department personnel who were working in the Italian Embassy.

They also knew the name of a senior Department of Justice official who has been working to shut down any sort of election investigations and court cases.

Dominion recently claimed it was innocent of any election fraud in the US election and has launched defamation actions against media figures and Trump legal team members who implicated the company in fraud. The company will now have to explain its Chinese connections and recent internet activity in the discovery process if it is stupid enough to go ahead with its threatened lawsuits.

Col Waldron also said evidence had also been obtained of algorithms in voting tabulation machines in Ware County, Georgia, “basically” stealing 13% of votes from President Trump and transferring them to Biden, giving the latter a 26% shift in the vote.

“When you look at the machine, the machine level for Dominion or ES&S, there are so many vulnerabilities in the system, there are so many fundamental cyber-security practices that are not enabled, that it basically allows anybody who has some technical ability and the ‘want-to’ to go and influence our elections,” Col. Waldron said.

“So that strategic level is foreign intelligence services. We’ve pretty much documented Chinese Communist Party ownership of the private equity firm whose board controls Dominion. We’ve got … the president of the Communist Chinese bank whose is a board of directors member of the private equity firm that owns Dominion.

“And the testing company, the only company that has access to the code and the testing for Dominion, is in Shenzhen China. It’s a Communist Chinese Party company. The US government, the state governments, the county governments, they don’t have access to Dominion code. But I think it’s kind of unique that a Chinese company that’s run by the CCP does have access to the code.

“And that’s why we started seeing at that strategic level that third tier of election manipulation – a lot of movement of votes directly, direct access to Pennsylvania voting precincts , county tabulation centres, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, all of that coming from foreign countries, China being the predominant one and ISI through Pakistan proxies.”

Col. Waldron says it a lie that all the court cases were lost and to his knowledge one was still proceeding in Michigan and one in Georgia. As well, the Arizona Senate was running a full audit of its results and that is expected to be reported shortly.

In Australia, Cairns News has previously revealed that the Queensland Electoral Commission engaged a company with Chinese connections to write the state’s election code in Wuhan, China. This puts the validity of the recent re-election of the Queensland Labor Party-led government of Premier Anastacia Palaszczuk in serious doubt.

China has in the past decade or more made major inroads into Australian political life, influencing and buying politicians from both major parties, buying their way into the corporate elite circles, buying up farmland, mines and water resources and swamping universities with CCP loyalists who have openly attacked free, non-communist Australian Chinese or those from other Asian nations.

Next test for Q scenario and sudden return of Trump doesn’t look promising

US businessman Mike Lindell has released his documentary Absolute Proof. Here he points to some of the thousands of pages of data showing the internet traffic between foreign IP address and US election sites on and around November 3rd. BELOW: Lance Wallnau who has brought a sobering message about Trump and his plans.

WHILE Charlie Ward, the Health Ranger, Dave of X22 Report and others may still be “trusting the plan”, there are signs that the Q scenario might not come through with the “rapid deep state solution” we have all been hoping for.

Evangelical author Lance Wallnau, who recently met the Trump team in Florida and has personally known him since before the 2016 election, repeatedly made the point in his video message that “Trump is not calling himself president” – despite him knowing he was clearly cheated out of his second term by the corrupt Biden, his Democrat cronies, the Chinese Communist Party and the Soros-Davos crowd.

Wallnau was partially addressing “confusion and embarrassment” over the Christian prophets who predicted Trump going in to a second term, suggesting it could be four years away instead. He was also addressing the wider American church, which has actually been divided over Trump, and perhaps still needs to learn a deeper lesson in engaging in the public square. This seems to point to a four-year comeback for Trump rather than a military coup in March.

A Trump second term is theoretically still possible if justice over election fraud is quickly prosecuted or a “Q coup” takes place, but realistically these scenarios are now looking highly unlikely. It is possible that the Q scenario has been put on hold.

It would indeed be a tragedy if Biden was to basically get away with one of the biggest election thefts in American and world political history, but it wouldn’t be the first political crime in US history in which the real perpetrators go unpunished – think September 11, 2001.

In regard to election fraud, watch the response, or lack of response, to businessman Mike Lindell’s documentary Absolute Truth, a major part of which dramatically exposes the internet traffic between US election sites and offshore IP addresses on and around November 3, 2020. This real-time data collected from 2995 US counties runs into thousands of pages and actual digital recordings of files being sent back and forth.

Good on Mike Lindell if this beyond-compelling evidence gets accepted into the one remaining election fraud case in Pennsylvania and sets the ball rolling to legally deny Biden the remainder of his presidency and reinstall the legitimate winner Trump. But the price to pay for that would be Antifa, BLM and their allies essentially declaring war on Trump.

But back to Wallnau: “Let’s clear the air and get a fresh perspective on all things prophetic,” Wallnau posted. “We could have had four more years of delayed crisis but it would have been four years of hell raging against Donald Trump while the church continued its wobbly path of business as usual. God said ‘No’ to that option. Instead we have entered a new chapter of history and God has chosen to let the nation experience the consequences of its choices.”

On the election, Wallnau said even if evidence came out that the ballots and software were manipulated “we still have some 70 million people who voted for the policies they are now about to get. The next two years may kill the American romance with Marxist revolution. It will be like ‘scratch and sniff’. Is this what you voted for?

“Trump has 75 million who wait to see what he does next. Half of them are low hanging fruit for the Lord. Think about that. I personally think God has Donald Trump on hold while we catch up. Imagine what happens when Trump and an awakened church line up?”