Moronic Minister O’Neil Tweeted Donald Trump Jr is “a big baby who isn’t very popular”

Next US President Donald Trump could not be blamed for ignoring Australia after his son was forced to cancel a much publicised speaking tour of Australia due to being granted a belated visa.

Former UK politician Nigel Farage and Donald Trump Jnr upset with the ALP

There is absolutely no doubt in most American minds that Trump will win the election due in the later half of 2024 which is why the Democrats and Deep State have pursued Trump like no other President in history with failed impeachments and soon failed criminal prosecutions that will leave the opposition with egg all over their collective dials.

At a South Carolina rally of 75,000 supporters last week Trump warned the Democrats, FBI and Deep State he would clean out their corruption starting the first day he resumes office. The political snub of his son Donald Trump Jnr who was forced to cancel a speaking tour of Australia with UK luminary Nigel Farage starting Sunday, enraged 8,000 ticket holders who spent a lot of money to attend meetings scheduled for Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Trump Jnr was issued a visa only a day before he was to board a flight to Australia, and he got it only after repeated questions in the preceding three days from Cairns News to Labor Home Affairs Minister and WEF prodigy Clare O’Neil, who incidentally has not held a real job other than a mayoral position, in her life.

Being a WEF graduate O’Neil should have been smarter than to play leftist politics with the world’s most powerful family. O’Neil and her stupid fellow WEF, Labor bedmates could have jeopardized the AUKUS and ANZUS treaties or even trade deals and Trump would be right to leave us out in the cold if there is military trouble in our region.

Fuelling the fire the moronic O’Neil had Tweeted Donald Trump Jr was “a big baby who isn’t very popular” which is now deleted.

Then we had the mediocre and brainless Minister for Aborigines Linda Burney mouthing off about the Voice NO groups introducing “Trump-styled campaigns” to the raging Voice debate. Many voters now have woken up to Labor and Green’s ulterior Marxist agendas especially with the disinformation coming from the referendum YES mob.