Tosh-Jake Finnigan as he appeared on election material that deceived Victorian electors in 2022. The Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party was a vote harvesting sham set up by notorious “election fixer” Glenn Druery.
Cr Tosh-Jake Finnigan with the beaming council CEO Anne Howard.


THE people of Western Victoria must be so proud that their Colac Otway Shire Council is going to champion the cause of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning and asexual (LGBTIQA+) communities” thanks to their newest councillor, the pink-haired transgender bloke Tosh-Jake Finnigan,

Finnigan had his Greens ally Cr Stephen Hart move for council to support a “Gender Equality Action Plan” and agree to fly a rainbow flag annually on May 17th, the so-called IDAHOBIT Day that 99% of people have never heard of. Finnegan unsurprisingly seconded the motion, passed, surprisingly, 6-0.

Apparently there is only one councillor among the seven who did not vote for this despicable and disturbing cultural Marxist claptrap being imposed upon the district, which traditionally votes conservative.

The is the same Finnigan who seems to have deceived Victorian voters in the 2022 state election and who has now miraculously grabbed a seat on the council after coming in sixth in first preferences at a recent council election.

Finnigan stood for the Sack Dan Andrews Party in the state election. The party was some sort of “legal” fraud set up by the very clever “election fixer” Glenn Druery, who knows how to exploit a feature of Victorian electoral law called the group voting ticket (GVT) in order to harvest under-the-line preference votes.

Cairns News has emailed the new councillor asking if Druery helped him win the council seat but as yet we haven’t received any response. Anyone with expertise in the distribution of votes under Victorian electoral rules can see the official count and distribution at this site. Comments are welcome.

In a leaked Zoom meeting with two members of the Angry Victorians Party, Druery admitted he set up the Sack Dan Andrews Party, a fact publicly denied by Finnigan. “I could have called it the ProJet Trails Party, I could have called it the Port Arthur Conspiracy Party, I could have called it the Whacko Crazy Lunatics Party, but I didn’t. Every other party was a sack Dan Andrews, sack Dan Andrews … ah hah, so we’re gonna form a Sack Dan Andrews Party,” Drury told the AVP members.

The actual purpose of this party was to harvest the thousands of votes from disgruntled, anti-Labor Victorians and then funnel them to Labor Party and pro-Andrews candidates. A cruel, dirty trick if there ever was one. But for Druery it’s just another job and $55k in the bank while Finnigan continues in denial.

But, as noted by Morgan C. Jonas (MCI Report) this deceptive behaviour somehow escapes prosecution, despite the Victorian Electoral Act 2002 prohibiting the printing, publishing or distribution of material likely to mislead or deceive an elector. Apparently the deception is somehow legal under the GVT system.

Jonas said Finnigan, before the election, claimed that the party was indeed an anti-Andrews outfit. “We were communicating with parties in the lead-up to the election and Tosh actually declared ‘no, no, no, we’re not in this with Druery and we’re in this to get rid of Dan Andrews’,” Jonas said.

Finnigan repeated the lie to the ABC: “In a statement Restore Democracy Sack Dan Andrews Party candidate Tosh-Jake Finnegan said Mr Druery had “f**k all involvement” in setting up the party,” the ABC reported.

Finnigan, a former Victorian Labor Party operative, had earlier been caught up in the Red Shirts electoral fraud scandal but claimed he was a whistleblower and as a result was unlawfully harassed by Victoria Police. Finnegan’s election material touted himself as an anti-corruption candidate out to “blow the whistle on corruption”.

Post the Victorian election 2022, and Finnigan the inner-city pink-haired transgender man is parachuted into the Shire of Colac Otway – apparently the perfect candidate for the rural folk of Western Victoria. Was it any wonder he was sixth in first preferences? But Cr Finnigan apparently knows a few little tricks with the system, having worked with the evil genius Druery, and hey presto, the candidate at No.6 spot leaps to number 1!

The folk of Colac Otway must be tickled pink that they “elected” the state’s first “trans councillor”, especially one who has been less than honest about his politics and flouted the state’s election laws by deceiving anti-Labor voters and sending their votes to the man they hate.

“I’m proud of who I am, but being trans and non-binary is just one aspect of who I am, and I don’t want to be a councillor who represents only the queer community, I want to be a councillor who represents everyone in the shire,” Finnigan told the Colac Herald.

For the record the five candidates who beat Finnigan in the primary vote for the seat won a total of 10472 votes or 66.17% of the total 15825 formal ballot papers. Finnigan’s primary vote was only 1420 or 8.9% of the total ballot, yet the preference distribution somehow shuffled him to the top.

How none of the top three candidates who received 2186, 2230 and 2568 votes respectively, never got a winning margin is mind boggling. Victoria’s electoral system it quite magical it seems.

Cairns News has emailed Finnigan asking him to explain his miraculous win, whether or not he believed the Sack Dan Andrews Party was fraudulent and whether or not he believed he lied to the ABC about Druery’s involvment in the party? We don’t expect a response any time soon.