From left, Darren Dixon of Constitutional Watch, Mike Palmer (corrected: See note end of story) of Know Your Rights and Darryl O’Bryan from Community Law Resource Association who are at the forefront of the fight for the lawful rights of Australians.
Perth freedom fighter Marcus Jensen and others were targeted by counter-terrorism squads and media for allegedly impersonating federal police and threatening to overthrow the government.

PEOPLE worldwide know that the globalist and socialist machinations have undermined and corrupted the rule of law in many state and federal jurisdictions – particularly those in the jurisdictions with constitutional and common law backgrounds.

It was become fairly common knowledge – at least among the segment of the population who are awake to totalitarian globalist social engineering – that governments have been corporatised in order to fit in with the global business and governance model. This is particularly evident in the British Commonwealth nations of Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain itself and also the United States – the so-called Five Eyes alliance.

So worldwide, wherever there are populist movements, the political and legal establishment is under pressure from a people’s revolt. We know that once elected to power, major political parties play footsie with global financial interests and what should be the rule of law, becomes the rule of the rich and permanent political class, as exemplified by Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum.

This establishment relies on big corporate media to convince the broader population that the only issues we should be worried about are those issues they continually harp on about, for instance, “climate crisis”, “racism”, “homophobia” and “right wing extremist threats to democracy”. The latter, in particular, encompasses what media labels a “dangerous cult” called “sovereign citizens”.

Anyone with a reasonable knowledge of the various methods employed around common law and constitutional law activism know that the term “sovereign citizen” is an oxymoron. Nevertheless the media uses the term to describe anyone with “anti-government” leanings, as does Christine Sarteschi PhD, an American associate professor of social work and criminology, who has somehow switched her focus from serial killers to “sovereign citizens” and “anti-government extremists”.

Sarteschi actively monitors “sovereign citizens” worldwide, including Australia. Her base is Chatham University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The university boasts that in 2014, it opened Eden Hall Campus, “the world’s first academic community built from the ground-up for the study and design of sustainable living, learning, and development”.

“Sustainable living” is code for “living under the rules of Agenda 20-30” and global governance as touted by both the UN and the WEF. Chatham University also touts its core values as “women’s leadership and gender equity, diversity and inclusion, and community and civic engagement”. In other words, the same old globalist, totalitarian socialist claptrap couched in the vocabulary of neuro-linguistic programming.

So Sarteschi, and whoever funds her work (most likely the university’s Green Fund or various corporate and government sponsors) sees these “anti-government” movements as a serious threat to the way she and her globalist drones think the world should be, one driven by dedicated armies of green citizens working to save the planet from the nasty, polluting big oil capitalists and “right wingers”. The narrative is naive and quite stupid.

In Australia and worldwide we are seeing the development of people’s movements that are capable of putting up credible and lawful resistance to corporatist subversion of our traditional rights and freedoms that are assumed under common, constitutional and contract law.

For instance Mike Palmer’s Know Your Rights group based in Melbourne has successfully challenged the fraudulent corporate traffic fine business for some 15 years under the Aussie Speeding Fines program and more recently the Covid lockdown and mandate frauds. In June last year Palmer teamed up with veteran law researcher Darryl O’Bryan of Community Law Resource Association and Darren Dixon from Constitution Watch to give an overview of the movement and run seminars.

In the video Palmer makes a highly pertinent warning against dumping half-researched or outdated common law theories online. The trio all have their areas of expertise and Palmer made it clear that all were very careful with their information sources, for instance using Freedom of Information requests, but in a way that maximised their effectiveness.

It is unfortunate, but inevitable, that half-baked information gets circulated around the internet in freedom activist circles and we can be guaranteed that the so-called fact-checkers will seize upon anything that makes their job easy. Holt mentioned at the time that the Australian Associated Press (AAP) “fact checkers” were doing their best to discredit his and others’ work.

Dixon’s work on constitutional research is impressive but extremely worrying at the same time. Note his research in the category of “Acts beyond power”, which clearly reveals the extent of the corruption of the political process. Palmer says his research shows all current MPs in Australia are sitting there illegally, due to this corruption of lawful Constitutional processes.

Palmer, O’Bryan, Dixon and others like former One Nation senators Len Harris and Rod Culleton were able to pull together the Great Australian Party to contest seats in the 2022 general election. Unfortunately the fragmentation of freedom parties and the “two-party preferred” system worked against GAP and others standing for lawful, constitutional government.

Cairns News strongly endorses these experienced, well-researched and seasoned freedom advocates who have taken the fight to the highest courts including even the British House of Lords in attempts to correct the blatant corruption, that lurched into the extreme during the globalists’ totalitarian Covid lockdowns.

During Covid the partners of a Sydney law firm could clearly see the blatant attack on and abuse of powers by Berejiklian’s Liberal-National coalition and so-called Health Minister Braz Hazzard in particular. But a biased judge in the NSW Supreme Court rejected attempts to correct the obvious breaches of rights. He had the gall to claim that the solution was a “Charter of Rights”, failing to point out that such charters already existed in the socialist dictatorships of Victoria and New Zealand where the lockdowns and denial of rights were even more extreme than NSW.

Some in the freedom movement have made misguided attempts, even before Covid, to fight government overreach by declaring themselves Commonwealth Public Officials. There may be some basis to make such a claim but it can easily be misrepresented as “impersonation”. This, combined with a video appearing to threaten the government was a red flag and the Australian Federal and state police responded with a “nationwide counter-terror operation”.

A claim by this group that they were under the jurisdiction of the World Postmaster General (apparently the American Russel Gould) didn’t help their cause much either. Going down that rabbit hole just gave police and media more fuel for their claims to be dealing with crazies.

According to an ABC report in August 2021, a counter-terrorism squad executed search warrants in Brisbane, Cairns, Townsville, Perth and rural South Australia after seeing “a video which claimed to show the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner Reece Kershaw calling for the federal government to be overthrown.” Cairns News has not seen the entire video (see report from 8min15 mark) but it looks and sounds suspiciously like some sort of false flag provocation. Or perhaps it was just someone making a false representation of Kershaw.

Whatever it was, the search warrants were executed in three states. The AFP obviously had certain people in their sights and the video incident was all they needed to claim some sort of “national threat” being made. As it turned out they realised no such threat to overthrow the government existed. Arrested and charged were Perth locals Marcus Jensen and Theresa Van Leishout, both outspoken freedom activists.

Commissioner Kershaw, as it turns out, is a member of the “Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group” that ostensibly works to fight international organised crime, but also most likely trades intellligence on so-called sovereign citizens movements. The incident highlighted the need for extreme care to be taken with the various “legal theories” that float around and gain traction.

In the case of South Australia’s Freedom Farm common law group it appears that a provocation was launched by police. Vanessa Comley, a friend of the group, posted on Facebook that they were following the law in respect of firearms, but six police officers and two squad cars turned up at 7am to do a so-called “random firearms check”. Normally only one or two officers are involved and not when home owners are sleeping.

“They said that 2 officers could come in to do the firearms check because they felt uncomfortable with 6 entering their home. It is their home and they have a right to feel safe in it. There is more to this story if anyone would care to look rather than believe the media beat up,” Comley wrote.

The circumstances around the Train family shooting were also highly suspicious and claims have been made that they were being harrassed. But again, this trio stepped across the line into a rabbit hole, believing they were somehow participants in a “holy war”. As we know, it ended very badly for all parties involved.

The battle for justice and truth against global corporatism will drag on. It may take years to resolve one way or the other as freedom fighters chip away and learn to co-operate lawfully and with integrity. Freedom movements are on the rise woldwide, with significant recent political wins in Italy and Sweden.

There are also those within the Australian legal profession who are well aware of government overreach, if the report by the Australian Law Reform Commission “Traditional Rights and Freedoms – Encroachments by Commonwealth Law” (2016) is any indication. They need to apply the same report to state laws, which are probably worse.
* Cairns News apologizes to Mike Holt and Mike Palmer for the mix-up over their names. For the record the video was hosted by Mike Palmer. Mike Holt is also a law activist and author of “Protect Your Rights”.