Artificial food production being ramped up to remove farms and grazing land from production

from the Conversation

Here’s the basic problem for conservation at a global level: food production, biodiversity and carbon storage in ecosystems are competing for the same land. As humans demand more food, so more forests and other natural ecosystems are cleared, and farms intensify and become less hospitable to many wild animals and plants. Therefore global conservation, currently focused on the COP15 summit in Montreal, will fail unless it addresses the underlying issue of food production.

Lab grown cultured meat concept for artificial in vitro cell culture meat production with frozen packed raw beef meat with made up red label – Getty

Fortunately, a whole raft of new technologies is being developed that make a system-wide revolution in food production feasible. According to recent research by one of us (Chris), this transformation could meet increased global food demands by a growing human population on less than 20% of the world’s existing farmland. Or in other words, these technologies could release at least 80% of existing farmland from agriculture in about a century.

Around four-fifths of the land used for human food production is allocated to meat and dairy, including both range lands and crops specifically grown to feed livestock. Add up the whole of India, South Africa, France and Spain and you have the amount of land devoted to crops that are then fed to livestock.

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Hi old kodger, I in no way perceived your comment as an attack – I was in agreement (saying “Yes you are correct”), since as you stated; we “absorb” everything from whatever we ingest. Of course. Just as we absorb everything applied externally to our skin – the bodies largest organ.
    Had neglected to add hormones and steroids to my previous listed ‘ingredients’. There are many more.


  2. D Johnston,
    My comment was not meant as an attack, merely that most mammals break down raw food with biological agents, yet lots of “human” food contains preservatives expressly designed to inhibit just that.


  3. They are just mass farming and living the wrong way. Permaculture forest gardening is the future if you incorporate balance back into the garden. You will have food all year round and eden on earth will return.

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  4. Yes old kodger you are correct. And this includes all manner of carcinogens, chemicals, antibiotics etc etc. Just as toxic as what we can be at risk from and “absorb” mentally.

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  5. “We are what we eat.”
    We are what we ABSORB from what we eat.

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  6. Yes daviddd2 that is also true. Without going into laborious specifics – on a physiological level, what most are understandably unaware of, is that there are many people whose bodies either do not produce, or for various reasons (including meat over-consumption), cease to produce the very significant amount of enzymes required to digest meat. The entire process of which can take up to 70 hours. Pretty hard work lol.
    All in all its entirely a personal choice. Like everything else, what works for some does not work for others. Balance and discernment is key to maintaining whole body health. We are what we eat.


  7. Magda Palmer: ” it is obvious that one’s diet and way of life entirely depends on whether you believe in violence or not”

    Agreed, but only on the proviso that your survival offers you different options and choices.

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  8. Pat from Vic: “Truth is – the human creature is supremely adaptable”


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  9. Rest easy, Magda Palmer, I didn’t have your comment in mind. I was just stating a more a general, philosophical position. lol.

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  10. I think you exaggerate ‘violence’.There is no violence in cows being milked by machines…they have a great life…plenty to eat.
    I suppose you include our chickens who roam free living the good life….
    chicken farms today tend to be more ‘free roaming’.
    Do you include fish in your ‘violently killed’ group?
    As to cattle and sheep being killed …Thousands of years ago they were killed in a far more violent way…today’s methods are more humane…as I said previously, our Creator meant us to be omnivores.
    Just accept the fact that we Omnivores are not going to change our diets.
    Merry Christmas.


  11. betty mac said – “Since the world began, mankind has had to use meat and dairy to survive..that is the way the Creator made it…..he provided us with the food we needed.”

    Well this is just too slippery to let slip past.

    1. Yes our Creator provided us with the food that we need. Even in it’s grotesquely degenerate state, and worse still, even AFTER THE FLOOD, the material realm has always provided a super-abundance of whatever is needed to sustain life on this humble little globe (although creepy Bill seems determined to rectify this “problem”).

    2. “Since the world began” is a potentially contentious assertion – humanity has hardly relied on dairy produce since time immemorial, any more than the dinosaurs died out from osteoporosis because they weren’t getting their daily quota of cheese and cows milk. And Biblical accounts say that from the very beginning, humans didn’t eat meat at all – although “science” will argue that the first humans crawled up out of the peat bog and immediately started hunting Brontosaurus burgers.

    Truth is – the human creature is supremely adaptable, and if there ain’t enough fruit and veges to go around, and you happen to be a chicken – watch your back.


  12. I can’t believe how misread my original comment was. There was and never will be advice from me as to what anyone should eat. That said it is obvious that one’s diet and way of life entirely depends on whether you believe in violence or not

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  13. Magda, you must first of all understand that humans are all different in many ways….one important way is their metabolism? .
    You don’t believe in meat and dairy? That is your choice.Some people can’t tolerate meat or dairy.
    There are others that can’t live on a solely vegan diet…it would kill them.Since the world began, mankind has had to use meat and dairy to survive..that is the way the Creator made it…..he provided us with the food we needed.
    Every single thing on this planet has a purpose…..why question it?
    Do we humans know better? I don’t think so.


  14. Of course anyone can eat what they want to or like. I have never thought otherwise. Enjoy whatever.

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  15. Lab grown cellular products are not limited to meat products: the industry also produces cotton, leather, crocodile skins, egg and even ‘air derived’ food proteins!. These leathers, etc, can even be grown to their required production size.

    As the only publicly listed fund in this emerging industry sector, Agronomic’s company updates have always interested me. Although typically bland, the latest investor news release [Nov 2022] reveals the current status of this growing multi-product sector.

    This is one of the best places to gauge what’s really happening in this particular industry, and learn about what the companies are actually doing. One of the biggest areas concerns the little discussed, but ‘central component’ of the fermentation industry, and also, the growing of ‘air sourced’ proteins, which is well underway in Finland.

    These sciences are already operational, but as with any new industry contender, the main hurdle is to achieve a price parity with its established competitors. These margins are rapidly closing with each passing year. This is jokingly referred to as Moo’s Law: a play on Moore’s Law.

    In the fund’s latest investor update, the reader can pick up some interesting snippets of insider information, where for example, the Aussie company All-G-Foods, mentions how insect proteins are not intended for human consumption, but are being specifically developed as protein foods for animals.

    From the 29:00 mark, we get an interesting breakdown of what natural milk actually contains, which is basically 87% water, 9% fats & carbs, and only 3.3% proteins. This is an enjoyable, but costly and inefficient source of protein. It is also worth noting, that 80% of all antibiotics end up in farm animals, which then transfer to the consumer. This is not good for the human immune system.

    The most interesting snippet occurs at the following 1:16 mark, where All-G-Foods embarrassingly admit, that their technology will eventually make a lot of Aussie and NZ dairy farms redundant. As the latter constitutes the largest industry sector on the NZ Stock Exchange, the NZ economy and tax revenue will soon be led and financed by these future market leaders.

    As with Tyson in America, most of the current major food producers are incrementally downsizing and buying into this new sector, which they know, will soon replace their existing model. All the big players are systematically jumping ship.

    For those with a deeper interest, the fund’s portfolio holdings are worth looking at, just to gauge what some of the leading companies are developing and why. In a few years time, Dodo and Mammoth steaks could soon be on the barbie. The science is already here.

    Most farm animals are grown and slaughtered for a single part, then the rest is ground down for pet or plant food or whatever. With lab agriculture it is now possible to grow the individual parts, such as a shark fin, without killing the shark, cutting off its fin and dumping the living creature back into the ocean. Personally I’d be happy to see the Chinese factory ships rusting in dock.

    When looking at food production realistically, animals are extremely inefficient food producing factories. It’s like using a full tank of gas to drive a kilometre. At the end of the day, cost will be the deciding factor, and the practical requirements of the poorer majority will decide the matter.

    There is certainly plenty to research and discuss.

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  16. D Johnston: “Anyhooo ‘allegedly’ mankind was endowed with free will – so guess they can eat/ingest whatever they damn well please eh!”

    I don’t know about mankind but I’ll bloody well eat whatever I want whenever the fk I want. lol Anybody who says any different can go and eat sum wurms.

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  17. D Johnston said “Some religious groups/churches etc choose to believe he was pescatarian. ”

    Well if nothing else, Cairns News occasionally proves to be a source of education. I had to check my dictionary on that one. Not that I accept it – sounds like wishful (woke?) thinking to me. Jesus was part of the Nazarene community, and their diet was arguably Mediterranean – BTW, also a very healthy culture.

    D Johnstion also said – “Anyhooo ‘allegedly’ mankind was endowed with free will – so guess they can eat/ingest whatever they damn well please eh! Excepting crickets.That’s just plain ridiculous.”

    The Bible (God) said that the fruit shall be our food, and the trees our medicine. Then he trashed the joint and told Noah he could eat a few bunnies and so forth – even Unicorns (!). They were on the Ark, so where did they go (nooooooo!)?

    God even said to eat snakes and vermin and such – just to remind us who’s calling the shots. But he never mentioned crickets, cockroaches, mealworms or maggots – or fake meat or babies, for that matter. Those are creepy Bill’s ideas, because now he thinks he’s the one calling the shots.

    My free will sees creepy Bill hanging by the neck from a rope – preferably after first being skinned alive and liberally salted.

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  18. Hi Pat from Vic, Lol hasn’t this discussion gone off into the ditch?! Re: “Jesus wasn’t vegan, and if anyone should know what’s proper eating under prevailing circumstances, it would be Him.” Well depending upon where some people choose to sit on the esoteric belief system – there is much speculation/interpretation on this, as with everything else! Some religious groups/churches etc choose to believe he was pescatarian. Whatever.
    Anyhooo ‘allegedly’ mankind was endowed with free will – so guess they can eat/ingest whatever they damn well please eh! Excepting crickets.That’s just plain ridiculous.


  19. Magda Palmer said “Why don’t humans start eating healthily and stop eating flesh and dairy?”

    Well there’s a sentence brimming with presumption and assumptions.

    FWIW, Jesus ate meat – the Passover Lamb at the very least, if we want to get specific. And he also cooked and ate fish. The Hunza – those extremely long-lived natives of the Hunza Valley in Pakistan – include meat as a minor ingredient in their diet. Not a staple, but a component of their EXTREMELY healthy lifestyle, nonetheless.

    Also FWIW, according to various people who were there at the time (yes really), BEFORE THE FLOOD humans were forbidden to eat meat, but after the flood the world was less abundant than before and God let it be known to Noah that thenceforth humanity was permitted to eat meat.

    Also also FWIW, the closest thing to human organs in the animal kingdom happens to be the Orangutan, not the Chimpanzee – and Orangutans are much closer to obligate FRUITARIANS than other primates, a diet on which they apparently thrive.

    Having said all that – just remember, Jesus wasn’t vegan, and if anyone should know what’s proper eating under prevailing circumstances, it would be Him.

    Just saying.


  20. Spot on Glen Monaghan…”Illogical crock of diatribe”.


  21. Lol a real bundle of joy


  22. Illogical crock of diatribe, is already excess food production compared to population, the problem is not even distribution, but corporate greed and these corporations control the puppets in government.

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  23. Vegan food is the latest Food Religion / theology. I have met many Vegans & they are Obsessed.
    U obviously think anyone who is not a Vegan needs 2 b reformed to your way of thinking – I am NOT interested in the whole Vegan Theology- Bill Gates is currently making your menu of food that is NOT MEAT, NOT CHICKEN etc Vegans can go join his menus & good luck to you. Just the way u write is laced with alleged “HELPFUL Crap that is Unhelpful”. If I met u in person, I would not share a moment of my precious time with u since beyond your message, your “sanctimonious presentation” of trying to be helpful is in itself treacherous. Regardless of your subject matter, the Slimy Do Good approach is offensive & condescending.
    Please go away & stop trying to inflict your opinions on others that is laced with the “slime of your goodness”.
    I used to have some of those tendencies myself until I nearly made myself vomit over “slimy evangelistic goodness”.
    U could recover from this character defect & leave your opinions to yourself like I now do. Your opinions are unhelpful period, just as my opinions are unhelpful 2 u so we can all get off our issues & mind our own business. I never asked anyone 2 write such crap nor do I wish 2 read it. May u wake up one day & stop trying to contaminate others as I would not wish to do so.. I am sure u love Bill Gates & his new menus – what a good Globalist you are


  24. All this reduction of farmland is NONSENSE.

    If increasing population is a problem Then allow everyone in the whole world to have NO MORE THAN 2 children.. because not everyone will get married or have 2 children – the population will then slowly diminish to manageable numbers.
    I am so tired of meddling with the NATURE in its natural form.
    The GREENIES, CLIMATE FANATICS & DO GOODERS need to get out of our lives go & live on an Island & preach / practice their crap on each other & leave the rest of us alone. GET OUT OF MY LIFE PERMANENTLY … I do not bother u with your distorted thinking so do not bother the rest of us.
    Live & let live & stop FORCING your ideas on the rest of us because u want Climate Slavery.


  25. Given that there are around 500 primate species – excluding sub species, of course not ALL of them don’t have carnivorous tendencies. Chimpanzees occasionally engage in thrill killing exercises for group bonding. Some human native tribes actively engage in cannibalism. As do some abherrant people within are so-called civilsed society. Nothing is either simply black or white in the world.


  26. If your closest relatives are Bonitos and Chimps, Magada, they hunt monkeys, even baboons. If fresh meat is scarce, they cannibalize other chimps.


  27. Hi Magda Palmer, Everything you have stated is absolutely correct. As one who is qualified to speak on this – the design of the human digestive tract for one. However this topic is far too lengthy and involved to get into on this forum. So as you say: “Do your research or continue to speak on a subject you know nothing about and show your ignorance.” Precisely.


  28. Magda Palmer, GET OFF OF THE BLOODY GRASS (pun intended). If you look at human teeth you will see four eye teeth two at the top and two at the bottom, these are designed to kill prey not carrots.
    “who designed humans to eat meat? THE CREATOR, “and God gave man dominion over the beasts”, I believe is in Genesis, …go check your bible.
    If you choose to be vegan, good luck to you, I have no right to try to determine what you eat, but that’s a two way street!


  29. psimone7, you have asked, “where is the cruelty in dairy products”? The truth is that your milk likely comes from a factory farm where animals are treated like milk machines, not the small family farm of yesteryear with a few hundred cows. Dairy is cruel to cows. Dozens upon dozens of undercover investigations have documented egregious abuse of dairy cows over the last decade. Do your research or continue to speak on a subject you know nothing about and show your ignorance.

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  30. Pimone7, Don’t be so certain that humans were “designed” to eat flesh. Who designed humans to eat meat? It’s certainly not in our genetics because primates have been around for ten million years, modern humans have existed for a couple of hundred thousand years, and our genetics have not changed significantly from our closest relatives-Bonitos and Chimps who primarily still eat roots, leaves, fruit and veggies.

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  31. Not going to eat this rubbish

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  32. @Magda Palmer- humans were designed to eat meat and need many of the nutrients found therein. Try working out how much land would have to be intensively farmed to provide all of these “alternative” foods to replace meat? Where is the “cruelty” in dairy products? The way i see it, you’re not invited to my next barbecue.


  33. Why don’t humans start eating healthily and stop eating flesh and dairy? There are so many alternative foods with delicious recipes to follow that do not involve cruelty. The way I see it, you either believe in violence or you don’t.

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