Florian Philpott, leader of Les Patriots, is calling for an end to the Ukraine war and “Frexit” i.e. France leaving the European Union.
Les Patriotes out in the streets in a recent rally protesting against the Ukraine war and economic mismanagement and supporting Frexit.

THE Ukraine-Russia war, as tragic as it is for those caught in the crossfire, is a global propaganda spectacle largely being run by NATO, the US State Department and Biden White House, the leaders of the European Union, the City of London intelligence operations and the global mainstream media.

The latter, as expected failed to report the recent protests across Europe against the Ukraine War, and especially those in France, where the globalist Rothschild puppet Emmanuel Macron, has dubiously retained his presidency despite losing his absolute control of the French parliament in this year’s elections.

But the Ukrainian-US global propaganda machine is treating the public like fools. Just a week or two ago the global media and Zelensky were crowing that Russia was on the run and that the Russian-speaking annexed territories would be “100% regained”. At the same time not-so-mysterious explosions cut off the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe and temporarily damaged the Crimea-Russia bridge.

Not surprisingly, Russia retaliated with missile strikes on Kiev. As this occurred great howls of outrage arose from the same western media and Zelensky’s global networks. It’s a situation akin to a cheeky kid poking the playground bully with a stick and calling him names, then suddenly getting walloped. The kid goes crying to the teachers about the mean, nasty behaviour of the bully boy.

Joe Biden, who not only called for the war, but provoked Russia into it by allowing NATO to push up against Russia’s border, warned for years that NATO expansion would provoke Russia. But under the Obama-Biden reign the US State Department brazenly pumped $500 million into the country to back the 2014 coup against the previous pro-Russian president Victor Yanukovych.

Even the BBC admitted that the ousting of Yanukovych involved “a huge and violent campaign”, that is the so-called Orange Revolution – one of several such “colour revolutions” backed by Washington and London and their global media empire.

The nature and scale of this propaganda war has been noted by Dr Robert Malone in regard to the great Covid-19 plandemic. Malone is credited with inventing the mRNA platform but came to realise it was not working as planned and was a major health threat. Malone stated recently “…there is an effort right now, as the truth is coming out, to destroy the integrity and cohesion of the resistance groups all across the world… do not let them put us in opposition with each other, we must stand together as community”.

But masses of Europeans are not buying the anti-Russian rhetoric of Washington, London and Brussels because they understand the hypocrisy of the western globalists and their plans to enslave humanity to vaccines, digital ID and a so-called great reset. This is clearly evident, not only in the UK Brexit and French elections, but the “far right” (read populist) parties winning elections this year in Sweden and and Italy in addition to wins in Bosnia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia.

This must be incredibly worrying not only for the EU President and power-woman Ursula von der Leyen, but also for Washington and London. There’s also the question of Italy’s Meroni, who takes a “moderate” pro-Ukraine view but could switch. But the war is what the globalists need because it’s a big distraction from problems at home and a way of making themselves look like the “defenders of freedom and democracy” against big bad Russia and their friends.

Florian Philpott is not a name most Aussies are not familiar with, but he his a key leader of the French patriotic resistance, the former strategist for Marie Le Pen’s National Front and now leader of Les Patriotes movement. Philpott recently made the profound observation: “Their world is crumbling, ours is being built.” He also stated “there is an American clan (cabal) who want a World War III”.

Philpott led three recent anti-war, anti-Macron and anti-EU rallies in France where crowds chanted “Let’s get out of NATO!” and also demanded the ousting of Macron. Les Patriotes protesters also denounced NATO warmongering, economic disruption and energy and health restrictions linked to EU sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

French patriots are also alarmed, as we are, about the insane direction of western governments’ energy policy, all of which spout the same message of “transition to renewables”, as if it is our only option.

France, despite its 19 or so nuclear power stations and coal-fired power is struggling to cope with the ongoing energy crunch, largely caused by the EU’s insane sanctions on Russian gas. The French energy regulator CRE has warned that households could face power outages this winter if there are severe cold spells. In a northern European cold snap, power blackouts are potentially fatal for many vulnerable people.