France’s patriots on the march against US-NATO war machine & EU

Florian Philpott, leader of Les Patriots, is calling for an end to the Ukraine war and “Frexit” i.e. France leaving the European Union.
Les Patriotes out in the streets in a recent rally protesting against the Ukraine war and economic mismanagement and supporting Frexit.

THE Ukraine-Russia war, as tragic as it is for those caught in the crossfire, is a global propaganda spectacle largely being run by NATO, the US State Department and Biden White House, the leaders of the European Union, the City of London intelligence operations and the global mainstream media.

The latter, as expected failed to report the recent protests across Europe against the Ukraine War, and especially those in France, where the globalist Rothschild puppet Emmanuel Macron, has dubiously retained his presidency despite losing his absolute control of the French parliament in this year’s elections.

But the Ukrainian-US global propaganda machine is treating the public like fools. Just a week or two ago the global media and Zelensky were crowing that Russia was on the run and that the Russian-speaking annexed territories would be “100% regained”. At the same time not-so-mysterious explosions cut off the Nord Stream gas pipeline to Europe and temporarily damaged the Crimea-Russia bridge.

Not surprisingly, Russia retaliated with missile strikes on Kiev. As this occurred great howls of outrage arose from the same western media and Zelensky’s global networks. It’s a situation akin to a cheeky kid poking the playground bully with a stick and calling him names, then suddenly getting walloped. The kid goes crying to the teachers about the mean, nasty behaviour of the bully boy.

Joe Biden, who not only called for the war, but provoked Russia into it by allowing NATO to push up against Russia’s border, warned for years that NATO expansion would provoke Russia. But under the Obama-Biden reign the US State Department brazenly pumped $500 million into the country to back the 2014 coup against the previous pro-Russian president Victor Yanukovych.

Even the BBC admitted that the ousting of Yanukovych involved “a huge and violent campaign”, that is the so-called Orange Revolution – one of several such “colour revolutions” backed by Washington and London and their global media empire.

The nature and scale of this propaganda war has been noted by Dr Robert Malone in regard to the great Covid-19 plandemic. Malone is credited with inventing the mRNA platform but came to realise it was not working as planned and was a major health threat. Malone stated recently “…there is an effort right now, as the truth is coming out, to destroy the integrity and cohesion of the resistance groups all across the world… do not let them put us in opposition with each other, we must stand together as community”.

But masses of Europeans are not buying the anti-Russian rhetoric of Washington, London and Brussels because they understand the hypocrisy of the western globalists and their plans to enslave humanity to vaccines, digital ID and a so-called great reset. This is clearly evident, not only in the UK Brexit and French elections, but the “far right” (read populist) parties winning elections this year in Sweden and and Italy in addition to wins in Bosnia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia.

This must be incredibly worrying not only for the EU President and power-woman Ursula von der Leyen, but also for Washington and London. There’s also the question of Italy’s Meroni, who takes a “moderate” pro-Ukraine view but could switch. But the war is what the globalists need because it’s a big distraction from problems at home and a way of making themselves look like the “defenders of freedom and democracy” against big bad Russia and their friends.

Florian Philpott is not a name most Aussies are not familiar with, but he his a key leader of the French patriotic resistance, the former strategist for Marie Le Pen’s National Front and now leader of Les Patriotes movement. Philpott recently made the profound observation: “Their world is crumbling, ours is being built.” He also stated “there is an American clan (cabal) who want a World War III”.

Philpott led three recent anti-war, anti-Macron and anti-EU rallies in France where crowds chanted “Let’s get out of NATO!” and also demanded the ousting of Macron. Les Patriotes protesters also denounced NATO warmongering, economic disruption and energy and health restrictions linked to EU sanctions on Russia over the conflict in Ukraine.

French patriots are also alarmed, as we are, about the insane direction of western governments’ energy policy, all of which spout the same message of “transition to renewables”, as if it is our only option.

France, despite its 19 or so nuclear power stations and coal-fired power is struggling to cope with the ongoing energy crunch, largely caused by the EU’s insane sanctions on Russian gas. The French energy regulator CRE has warned that households could face power outages this winter if there are severe cold spells. In a northern European cold snap, power blackouts are potentially fatal for many vulnerable people.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. lindesymonds: “Now I am entertained. Either way Cue the Hava Nagila”

    Yes, we know who is trying to screw us, but it’s useful to be clear how and with what. Looking to the left when the bus is coming from the right may be fun for you, even if you’re not on the real Route 666. lol

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  2. Now I am entertained. If the private capital and land ownership of the middle and working class (ie the class enemy) is being looted and extinguished then you have have the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto – rhymes with bank – and immensely wealthy become even more immensely wealthy.

    Or we could say private capital and land ownership is not being extinguished but is concentrating in the hands of the immensely wealthy – kind of like the 5th plank (rhymes with bank) that captures and owns the state which is looting the middle and working class.

    Either way Cue the Hava Nagila


  3. This is very good to see and shows that the West’s plans are falling into disarray as they become more overt.

    “But masses of Europeans are not buying the anti-Russian rhetoric of Washington, London and Brussels because they understand the hypocrisy of the western globalists and their plans to enslave humanity to vaccines, digital ID and a so-called great reset. This is clearly evident, not only in the UK Brexit and French elections, but the “far right” (read populist) parties winning elections this year in Sweden and and Italy in addition to wins in Bosnia, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, and Slovakia.”


  4. Dr – Yes, you are correct. Magnetic North has moved and is quite close to Siberia now.

    Mother Earth in command indeed – a changing of the guard and predestined, ushering in a new epoch.


  5. Seven hills city was purchased and taken over in the 15th century, mate. lol By the Borjas.

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  6. Sorry, fellas, it’s being run from the 7 hills city.


  7. lindesymonds: “private capital and land ownership is certainly in the process of being extinguished in all member nations of the UN.”

    Incorrect. Fact is that the immensely wealthy are getting immensely wealthier as we speak. What is being wiped out is the middle class. That will leave the plutocrats and the serfs, more a case of neo-feudalism than neo-communism. And serfs are not the proletariat. lol

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  8. daviddd2 – well private capital and land ownership is certainly in the process of being extinguished in all member nations of the UN. Every plank of the Communist Manifesto was incorporated into the UN Charter. The nations that were seized by the Revolution and form the Communist Bloc had a head start on communisation that’s all. Through the Long March of subversion the others are following and have been for decades. Just because the entire soviet is not locked down across the globe as yet does not mean the Revolution is not making great strides to that end. The Lockstep of the CoVID Regimes world wide is destroying the class enemy: the independent farmer and business. The UN 17 SDG were planned to finish the process.


  9. lidesymonds: ” it is hardly covert if you understand how Those Who Own the Game manage the Fight Card.”

    We agree on how the fight card is run and on the theatrics. What we disagree on is your notion of “global communism”. In order for that to come into effect private capital and land ownership will need to be extinguished.

    What on Earth makes you believe that the Mammon worshippers, plutocrats and Money Changers are going to surrender their land and capital to the Global Communist State you’re anticipating?

    We can all see the authoritarian push across the globe. But that’s not going to compel the “Rothschilds”, “Schiffs”, “Warburgs”, etc to part with their loot, unless they are planning to shoot themselves in the head. And unless they do, there’s no communism, just a plain old vanilla plutocracy with “communist”, fascist or even feudal like authoritarianism.

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  10. daviddd2 – it is hardly covert if you understand how Those Who Own the Game manage the Fight Card. One to drive the punch, one to throw the fight and the Owners to rake in the money. Of course, lots of strategies, promotions, feints and manoeuvres to get everyone to pony up and get in on it. It’s Yiddish Theatre – watch the Three Stooges, I’m sure you will catch on.


  11. Re the US/Australian war on China –

    UN votes against US’ Xinjiang proposal | News on China No. 118 | 15.10.2022
    12,804 views Premiered 14 hours ago This week’s News on China in 2 minutes.

    • UN votes against US’ Xinjiang proposal
    • Xinjiang exports to more than 80 countries
    • US policy of semiconductor “chokehold”
    • China moved from 34th to 11th position in the Global Innovation Index


  12. Yes, Mother Earth is in full command.

    From what I can gather, the World’s geo-magnetic axis is moving towards a new position in the eastern hemisphere. The Magnetic North will soon be in Russia. This has been gathering pace with each passing year.

    As all things are essentially electro-magnetic compositions, from rocks to humans, then it stands to reason, that the atoms which humans are composed from, will be simultaneously adjusting their magnetic orientation according to the eastward moving Magnetic North. Just like a compass needle, or lodestone.

    And none will be any wiser. Not even the mighty Kings of the Earth.

    People will be drawn east, whether they like it or not.


  13. Pat from Vic, you may have missed Ukrainian Independence Referendum 1991.

    I don’t believe Communism died in 1991 or the Soviet Union collapsed. All of this was on tv, I know. But then I do not even have a television. Boris stood on a tank, waved a flag and the Communist empire collapsed like a house of cards. Priceless. An for everything else, there is Mastercard.

    I think the Supreme Soviet was disbanded and they elected their Praesidium. Michael Gorbachev (reportedly died Aug 2022) was elected to the Praesidium. And Gorbachev took up residence at the Praesidio of the UN. So Communism as a permanent, world-wide Revolution had a new HQ. It was no longer the Supreme Soviet; it is the UN.

    So now we are in the Convergence.

    And between the Western ZOGs, the RF and PRC they all cut the cloth to order with the scissors strategy in the 7 nation takedown in 5 years working together on the Eurasia Plan in the SIG wars. A lot of regimes in the ME had to be regime changed to get the tick of approval from Israel and become good puppets of the KGB/FSB running them just as the KGB ran the old Soviet Union if Eurasia was going to hang together as the centrepiece of the real NWO and its world soviet.

    General Wesley Clark 7 countries in 5 years ( he says its about oil – he can’t even keep a straight face on that one )

    All of this : the ‘collapse’ of the USSR and the new look democratic structures across the Soviet Bloc was outlined decades before by Anatoliy Golitsyn. Clearly you are not familiar with this book. And it is still the geo-political key to what is happening now.

    Click to access GOLITSYN%20A-Perestroika_Deception_(1998).pdf


  14. lindesymonds: “(covert) EUSSR support of that invasion”

    So covert I think I might have missed it. lol

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  15. Pat from Vic: “Sounds like someone is trapped in a time bubble – nostalgia, or just a bug up one’s butt?”

    The two syndromes are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Eurasian Cooperation, between Europe and Asia, is the last thing the Mammonite Money Changers and their US military branch are looking forward to.

    They didn’t spend the last 100 years massively building up their MIC and military bases across the entire globe so the Europeans and the Asians can get a bigger slice of the pie.

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  16. lindesymonds said – “And here was I thinking that the Russian Federation (which is still the Soviet Union btw)…”

    Interesting that you believe such to be the case – strange that international news media reported several decades ago on the Soviet Union’s collapse, and we’ve watched over those many years since as the American-controlled NATO bloc has progressively moved it’s military forces across former Soviet states – including Ukraine via “the most blatant coup in history” according to Stratfor – all the way up to the Russian border.

    Sounds like someone is trapped in a time bubble – nostalgia, or just a bug up one’s butt?

    And then lindesymonds said – “… the four Russian separatist Oblasts that have been fighting the Ukrainian government since Ukrainian Independence 1991…”

    … but you neglected to mention Ukraine’s subsequent loss of independence with an American-installed puppet government following the violent coup in 2014, together with all the far-reaching ramifications of that particular development, including the genocidal hostility of said puppet government against those mostly ethnic Russian oblasts.

    And then lindesymonds said – “… and has now annexed those Oblasts and in occupation of Ukraine itself, has now mobilized and moved tactical nuclear bombers to the Finnish border.”

    Yes, yes, all very concerning developments, but guess what? Those tactical nukes are still within Russia’s borders, and Russia is entitled to do whatever it wants with its tactical nukes (or any other nukes) inside its own borders – contrast that with American nukes positioned OUTSIDE American borders, in various locations dotted all around the planet but most especially up close and personal near China and Russia’s borders. There seems to be a certain inconsistency in the application of standards here. When viewing the world as a grand chess board, it seems to me you’re focussing on the wrong problem.

    And what’s more, here’s the thing – everything that Russia has done since February 2022 has been in response to provocations from NATO and its puppet masters in Washington, provocations that have been ongoing since 2014 and arguably for many years even before that. It seems rather unreasonable to justify outrage over Russia’s very belated reaction to what now appear to Russia to be existential threats, and to then leverage that orchestrated rage to promote even more hostility against Russia, even to the point of fomenting WW III.

    Russia has been warning Western powers to back off its borders for decades now. But Washington just doubles down, and doubles down, and doubles down again, and again, and again… and here we are.

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    Seems like a pond full of hungry, cold, immobilised, pissed off frogs to me Lindsey.

    England is presently experiencing regime change; the Elites are ushering in Labor behind a coming Conservative reversal in interest rates policy.

    I was reading that Elitist one world government stooge Macron, stated that France will not retaliate against Russia, if Russia is goaded (by Elitist Cartel toads) to use mini nukes in Ukraine.

    Logically understandable considering the amount of nuclear power station targets in France.

    Like MBS (his oil production cuts before November 8) and Lizard Truss (it doesn’t mater how much she grovels to Israel and wants to lower interest rates), he needs to watch his political back.

    The Khazar Empire builders within the US administration are seemingly, visibly upset, at their treasonous subordinate.

    All optics, along with Macron’s nuclear stand, most probably a ploy to distract the anti war, anti NATO, patriotic tadpoles from more pressing UN 2030 agendas, that have been derailed by unforeseen time constraints in pandemic planning.

    Russia is playing their part, they are working on a block chain platform for oil and gas transactions, CBDC and for a GMO free country, are content injecting GMO into their people.

    Depopulation and control architectura are progressing.


  18. Please leave nato then maybe russia can take over france next. We already know that the only thing france would do is surrender spineless cowards have always been good at that.



    Interesting observation Dr Dot.

    Mother Earth throws a little wobble every night around 2 am AEST.

    When working underground back in the late 1970’s, our night shift crews had to be above ground by 1:45 for a half hour meal break, due to the stratified sedimentary rock they were working.

    A bloke in charge of a drill rig and a front end loader operator, one night left their plant near the drill face, instead of back along the tunnel under the protection of RSJ’s and concrete lining.

    Expensive mistake.

    Every 6 thousand years or so when the poles snap back into equilibrium, big Mumma wipes the slate of her, what must feel like, infestations of irritating lice.


  20. Looks like the Hijrah and migrant tsunami invading France is out in force in support of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the (covert) EUSSR support of that invasion. Because of course both the Soviet Union and the EUSSR want one Eurasia and one soviet from Lisbon to Vladivostok.


  21. Yes, if you raze my patch you can expect a bit of blowback, that’s for sure. But I’ve never seen the Syrians, Afghans, Iraqis, Lebanese, Russians, etc. going trans continental to knock on the doors of Les Invalides.

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  22. The Western Invasions of the east are not a one way process. Never have been. There has always been Eastern invasions of the west. It is cyclical.

    During the fourth century the Huns displaced the Goths from their ancient Kingdom of Oium (Ukraine), forcing them into Europe, where they displaced the Romans. In the north, this effected the Germanic Migrations: pushing these tribes into France and Britain, etc. It’s a domino effect.

    During the early thirteenth century, the Mongol Empire reached the gates of Vienna and the Middle East. They maintained this empire for centuries.

    During the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries it was the Ottomans turn. Not to mention the Caliphate’s invasion of Iberia.

    Contemporary observers equate China’s BRI initiative to a modern Mongol invasion.

    It’s a see-saw scenario, always has been.

    It is interesting to note, that when the Magnetic North was located directly above North America (western hemisphere), America ruled the roost. Since around 1900, the Magnetic North has been slowly moving towards Russia (eastern hemisphere), just as terrestrial power is simultaneously shifting towards the east. The Magnetic North is presently located midway: somewhere near the geographic North Pole. It may well be, that the insignificant and microcosmic mankind, – is a victim of macrocosmic geomagnetic celestial/terrestrial forces which he does not recognise, nor understand?.

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  23. Brian Johnston: “The only real thing that bothers me about Russia is the Oligarchs looted the place.”

    True, but Putin is coming up with noises which any sensible person might amplify. Let’s suppose Putin is undermined at this stage. What point of resistance is left? None.

    So the force of logic is NOT to undermine him unless one is 100% certain that he is fake. In which case it would not matter whether he is undermined or not. Besides, common sense demands that one not play for the man as in hero worship but for such things as they stand for.

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  24. I think it would be foolish of anyone to believe otherwise than that the Russians and the Germans (together with the Axis countries of Europe), were both exploited. Both were losers, and the winners were…. The Western capital merchants, i.e. The Mammonite Money Changers in the City of London, the District of Columbia and the Vatican.

    It still doesn’t alter the “West’s” lust for the resources and control of the East over many centuries. A lust which, as is evident in NATO’s eastern push, still exists. Note that the recalcitrant Arabs themselves are also very much on the expansion list! The observable evidence is indisputable, except to the gaslighting victims.

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  25. daviddd2: You are sort of right or rather right on aspects.
    A Force had dismantled the European monarchies ie French King & Queen executed to make way for a Republic thus the Force was anti-Christian.
    Moving on the British wars against the Boors in SA – both of them – was to loot the gold to pay for future wars.
    The first attempt to oust the Tsar was 1905 and They succeeded with their third thus their second attempt in 1917. Prior to WWII the communists – Soviets of course – did briefly take Berlin.
    Communism was clearly an enemy. Hitler entered Poland to save the German people from persecution, much the same as Putin went in for the 4 regions.
    Germany split Poland with Russia.
    It was then reported to Germany that the Soviets had amassed a a huge military presence on the Polish border. Hitler thus invaded Russia by first taking the other half of Poland where they discovered the Katyn Forest murders and notified the world including the Red Cross.
    Everything so far is standard history.
    Remember, Stalin had murdered a third of his military, certainly of the officer ranks.
    I suspect that the Soviet military presence on the Polish border was real though a false flag and was deliberately staged to draw Germany into WWII.

    All this means is that while Hitler was a ‘Good Guy’ he was terribly manipulated by the Force who had plants high in German command as they do in Putin’s command.
    It is as though the whole of WWII was stage managed. Head office being City of London.
    I do not believe Hitler sought world domination.
    The holocaust and gas chambers are post war lies.
    I believe Putin knows They are trying to lure him into WWIII

    Thus all reasonable thinking people will support Putin.

    The only real thing that bothers me about Russia is the Oligarchs looted the place.

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  26. Wrong thinking, Lindesymonds. lol What you’re seeing is yet another European version of what the Germans once referred to as the “Ostsiedlung” or later the “Drang Nach Osten”… The Push to The East!

    The first was under the ancient Greeks under Alexander the Great, then came the Roman Empire, The Crusades, Medieval Germany, The Holy Roman Empire, Napoleon, The Habsburgs, the Zionist Communists, the Nazis and now NATO led by the US. All of them headed for the East and its takeover. (Russia of course being the biggest prize of all. Shall we ignore Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Chechnya, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, the CAspian Basin and the Silk Route?)

    NOBODY IS HEADED FOR PARIS! There’s no “Soviet” that’s ready and looking to conquer Paris. You’ve been misled, by operant conditioning. 🙂

    The clear evidence is that EUROPE is yet again pushing to the EAST! And its been cobbled together for yet ANOTHER attempt, this time by way of the EU and US led NATO.

    European lust for possession and power over Russia and beyond the Caucasus continues unabated. It’s all there for you to notice throughout history and present day events.

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  27. What is certainly clear is that many people are seeing through the West Elite’s power play and see it for the global dictatorship it really is. What we do not know is what percentage of the population it takes to achieve flashpoint for cataclysmic change.

    For some thousands of years, classical belief about human rebellion cites “40% angry enough to fight” is the tipping point. However, this ignores technological advances in recent decades. Also lacking common comprehension is how much high tech can assist the rebels. This seems to be an absolute unknown.

    This is pure guesswork on my part, but I suspect the globalist’s reliance on technology will bring them undone. The quite stupid Biden and NWO attack against energy sources may well lead to a situation whereby, in Australia, we are bereft of electricity, MV fuel, followed by the collapse of communications. That scenario would mean zero effective law and order. Then 40% could easily restore democratic control.

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  28. @ TonyMobilfonitis, Ralph T. Niemeyer in Germany is another (shunned) Patriot. Worth looking up!
    Unfortunately CN’s hidden hand “worldpress” does not seem to like him and what he proposes to the numbed ones.


  29. This morning I saw an article in Nexus that the Western Australian police have the power to break into your place and quarantine you. Thank God I don’t live there. Who isn’t getting sick of hearing about COVID 19?I certainly am.

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  30. And here was I thinking that the Russian Federation (which is still the Soviet Union btw) had actually invaded Eastern Ukraine – the four Russian separatist Oblasts that have been fighting the Ukrainian government since Ukrainian Independence 1991 – and has now annexed those Oblasts and in occupation of Ukraine itself, has now mobilized and moved tactical nuclear bombers to the Finnish border.


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