Dr Bay (left) with Michael Gray Griffith of Cafe Locked Out, during their interview at Mt Tamborine.


BRAVE Queensland doctor William Bay has told the corrupt bureaucrats at AHPRA (the Australian Health Practitioners Agency) “screw you”, in a live interview with activist media outfit Café Locked Out.

Dr Bay is among many Australians outraged by the antics of AHPRA members, who were key players in the pandemic deception and the deregistration of doctors who dared question their dictatorial edicts framed by the WHO, corrupt big pharma executives, the Gates Foundation and the lackey bureaucrats and ministers inhabiting Australia’s state and federal health departments.

In a highly-emotionally charged interview at a Mount Tamborine protest rally, Dr Bay virtually resigned on the spot from the bureaucratic, dead-headed automatons running AHPRA. “Today is probably the last day I can use the word doctor in front of my name, because AHPRA, screw you. I don’t care what you do to me, what you do to my family, I have God in my heart and he will protect me, because I’m here now to tell the people of Australia on your show that the vaccine is killing them. The vaccine is killing you, it’s harming you,” Dr Bay declared.

During the vaccine mandate push, AHPRA descended to the low level of monitoring doctors’ and nurses’ social media to check that they were not saying anything against the vaccines or the mandate. These are the tactics of the state committees of totalitarian communist regimes that monitored suspected political dissidents.

AHPRA does exactly that, enforcing the corrupt manipulation of health care by “The Party” i.e. big pharma, the WHO and health bureaucrats, far removed from health issues at the local level as dealt with by family doctors like Dr Bay.

Dr Bay’s warnings against the vaccine are not an exaggeration. As reported by Cairns News’ Harry Palmer, an Australian scientist, left unable to work for eight months after a debilitating neurological reaction he blames on the Covid shot, has likened the treatment of people suffering vaccine injuries to that of returning veterans with health issues after the Vietnam War.

But raise these and numerous other incidents with health ministers like Brad Hazzard and you will hit a brick wall. Hazzard, his advisers and AHPRA simply take a denial stance and are pushing Australians to get ever more shots on the basis of some COVID variant showing up somewhere. Viruses mutate all the time and most often the mutation is fatal for the virus.

Dr Bay apologized to the public for the inaction by his profession in speaking out about vaccine injuries and deaths. “I have seen people dying … and injured and it breaks my heart and broke my heart having to stand there and pretend I was a good person and I didn’t say anything. It was a terrible struggle for me because I had to balance the merits of being ‘a good person’ in the system, or leaving the system and leaving my patients to doctors who were trying anything.

The fact of the matter is that AHPRA is a bunch of academic bureaucrats with no experience at the GP level. Only one of the nine members, Dr Susan Young, has a background in nursing. The chairwoman is a high-flying femocrat named Gill Callister who was secretary of two Victorian Government Departments from 2009 to the end of 2018 – the Department of Human Services and the Department of Education and Training. “Her legacy is a strong reputation for person-centred reform in social policy and an active advocate for gender equality and women’s leadership,” her bio states. Woke, PC twaddle at its best.

And then there’s one of the three male board members Emeritus Professor Arie Freiberg who was previously Dean of the Law Faculty at Monash University and was a member of the interim advisory board of the EPA in Victoria.

He is also (yawn) “the academic adviser to the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s National Regulators Community of Practice and is the author of the textbooks The Tools of Regulation and Regulation in Australia”. Prof. Freiberg, like most of the others, is far removed from the reality of GP-level medicine. They are robots who live in a world of corporate government command and control.

AHPRA members are the quislings of the medical industrial complex. They have no connection with the realities of GP medicine, yet are given powers to control the doctors, restrict their creativity, censure dissent and interfere with the doctor-patient relationships.