Greens think batteries will replace coal and save us from CO2

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  2. The Greens have absolutely no idea as to what they say. I refer them to a document entitled, “Classical Electrodynamics without the Lorentz Condition: Extracting Energy From The vacuum” That is they can actually read, then refer.


  3. crisscross767

    Ask the politicians to explain the science behind their assumption that carbon and carbon dioxide causes climate change and global warming and they would not be able to do so as their science is based on a false premise.

    “If the mad Greens get their way there will be no life left on Earth”


  4. Nat,
    In today’s world, sanity and logic are mutually exclusive

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  5. DJ – that cartoon wraps it up nicely, though what is missing is those “industries” that care so much for every day citizens and that “power flows from the plug in the wall and water runs out of taps” and profit immensely from the enclosed process including those “committed honorable politicians and highly intelligent $cientists”.

    $cience caters only for profits. Scientists from elitist universities are equally trained as the low class subjects. Both fulfill their functions in fictional economies that have replaced LIFE with “$cientific fabrication”. The rewards for the eye on top of the pyramid are massive!

    If Nikola Tesla (or many other gifted scientists) would have lived in a world like ours today he/they would have gone missing with all “inventions” of free energy just to not disturb the spin of the coin.

    Science serving man is highly classified. By those WHO know whats best for us and for them.


  6. Yeah right…


  7. streetrkf0b663c190

    Turn off the gruberments & the useless greens power, they think its easy to go to renewables which is a complete farce, that will get them moving. Its all a big scam, part of their orders from Klaus & the NWO.

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  8. The island of Taiwan dominates production of the chips that power almost all advanced civilian and military technologies. That leaves the U.S. and Chinese economies extremely reliant on plants that would be in the line of fire in an attack on Taiwan. It’s a vulnerability stoking alarm in Washington.

    Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd (TSMC)
    In dominating the fabrication of the most advanced semiconductors, the giant Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd (TSMC) has captured a technology that’s crucial to the cutting-edge digital devices and weapons of today and tomorrow. 27 Dec 2021

    A global semiconductor shortage has prompted plans to build six new chip plants in Taiwan, outpacing the four in China’s pipeline and the three planned U.S. factories. Taiwan is expected to host 44% of global foundry capacity in 2025, rising to a 58% share for advanced chips. 25 Apr 2022

    (links in google)


  9. This off the topic but I saw a very interesting video just now on I apoligize that I cannot make a link to it. The video is titled EMBALMER CLOTS FIRST ANALYSIS EXPLAINS SUDDEN DEATH. by THE DR. JANE RUBY SHOW. She says a certain Mike Adams tested them in his lab and it shows that they have nano technology in them. The clots I might add are from vaccinated people. Everyone please see it.


  10. Just a minor correction Alan, 230 tons is more like it, but this is a small part of the story, a typical open cut will have about 4 to 1 strip ratio (ore to waste) so you can multiply ore by 5 to arrive at dirt moved, then there is hauling, stockpile management, crushing, grinding, extraction and rehabilitation then refining before manufacturing into battery components, only to plug it into the only reliable power source–electricity generated by coal, any alien looking down on us would rightly deduce the inhabitants of planet earth have gone stark raving mad.


  11. While this looks superficially crazy, whoever put this together knows nothing about wheel loaders. Wheel loaders are used to load trucks for further transport mined materials to processing facilities and this model will pick up about 40 tonnes per load I.e 88000 pounds. A large wheel loader like this can easily pick up a load and transfer it to a truck in say 1 minute. Let’s assume that it can run on a cycle time of 2 minutes on average, then it can handle 1200 tonnes per hour or 2,600,000 lbs of material or enough for 5 Tesla batteries. This is only a small part of the energy needed to make the battery and it is still significant. However the exaggeration implied in the photo does not help the case against the craziness of electric vehicles.

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  12. Absolutely ridiculous… Everything relies on fossil fuels – manufacturing and maintenance… eg chip manufacture etc which runs cars, computers, and almost everything else… There is a global chip shortage already due the sanctions on Russia…

    They obviously have no idea – the world will go backwards.

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  13. Alan Sweeney. When I went to school 500,000 lbs wasn’t 230,000 tons.


  14. You’re not supposed to ask questions like that. Sanity and logic are no longer permissible.

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  15. Rosemary Tempany

    Leafy green ‘ burbs with full social ammenity within walking distance , especially the soy lattè cafes, from a 1st world living space ! Where else would it it make sense.

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  16. The loader might use 1800 litres in a 12 hour shift maybe and 500,000 pounds of dirt is 230,000 tonnes I think maybe in a week.


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