Killing the kids with Covid vaxx

From this data it would appear some parents have woken up – probably after they suffered debilitating effects from getting their own jabs. There is a long way to go yet. Hopefully prosecutions or worse fates for the medical mafia might start which should wake up the remainder of hovering parents.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Educate For Protection (EFP) has two legal actions based on Fraudulent Writs for both Houses of the Parliament of the Commonwealth. Ultimately, EFP is working to retrieve our constitutional rights and to reclaim our country from the NWO.

    Whereas the Australian Commonwealth Constitutional Queen Elizabeth has been removed from the 1901 Commonwealth Constitution of Australia, our courts are not under the Constitution and peoples’ rights have been removed.

    EFP is planning for ‘Grand Jury’ – this will be achieved by means of the EFP Mediator’s Report to the Supreme Court of Victoria for the granting of Grand Jury – to stop all unlawful dismissals. The more people that join the Jury and Grand Jury Groups means more pressure can be exerted for the reinstatement of our Constitutional Rights to Grand Jury – 1,000 juries are urgently needed. Anyone can join.

    The People’s Class Actions are EFP plans to take actions against peoples’ ‘Unlawful Dismissal’ and the ‘Fraudulent Federal Election’ into the court and work for an ‘Injunction’ against the Election – to fight for Australian families and fight for our Country

    EFP has a Workshop program to support people to challenge ‘Your Fines’ in court-houses.
    This program is fighting the cases in court. No lawyers are engaged. The courts are now a corporation; they have an ABN and pay taxes. They are a business to make money. EFP are a working advocate.

    EFP are engaged in a case proving the Victorian Police cannot defend the Crimes Act 1958.

    Victoria Police will be exposed in the current Victorian Magistrates Court Hearing to concealing the Criminal Charges Pending against Dan Andrews. In the First Directions Hearing the Prosecutor on record said she could not stand under the Crimes Act.1958 (Vic) section 9A, the Treason section. This case affects anyone that has paid an unlawful Covid fine under CHO mandate/directive. This matter is returning to court Tuesday 14/06/22 (today). An update will be available next week.

    More: Educate for Protection – Human Rights Advocates


  2. The biotech spike protein injections for ‘covid’ are lethal.

    We should never tire of underlining this against the UNCoVID Regime in government and their mandates upon Australian employers in public and private sectors and even volunteer organisations.

    Auto-immune skin disorders now being studied.


  3. For anyone who cares the fabulous discredited Dr Norman Swan on ABC tonight 830 re dementia treatment. Watch and be awed I say. And if any one follows the magnificent Queen’s birthday award. They are all in it together. Kerry Chant, Brendan Murphy, just to name couple.


  4. “Controversial” World Health Organization Head, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus: … “if we don’t behave”, March 1, 2022, was re-elected by WHO Member States to serve a second five-year term as Director-General, after being first elected in 2017. His re-election was confirmed during the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva. He was the sole candidate.

    Latest news from James Roguski in the USA:

    – The FDA has scheduled meetings to consider authorizing the use of Pfizer and Moderna injections in children and infants as young as 6 months. THIS MUST BE STOPPED. Watch videos.
    Link: OPPOSE THE FRAUD – James Roguski (

    – June 5, The WHO has broken its promise to hold a public comment session regarding their proposed pandemic treaty. As per the World Health Organization’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) timeline, the first draft of the proposed “pandemic treaty” is scheduled to be published on August 1, 2022. A second round of public hearings WAS scheduled for June 16-17, 2022.
    Link: YOUR OPINION IS REQUESTED – James Roguski (


  5. These influencers ALSO are going to have to pay for their crimes against innocent populations – carrying out the Treasonous Politicians/Governments, WHO, WEF, UN, Globalists et al Agendas – I want these arsewipes to be bloody well hung for their crimes against US ALL !!!!
    And people stand up and demand all your freedoms back first off DON’T GO TO THEIR FUCKING CONCERTS !!!!!!! and they lose their control over you.
    Don’t go. Don’t go. Don’t go >>>>


  6. Hi Editor, Thank you for your factual, truthful account in response to what one suspects is either a totally disingenuous or facetious query.


  7. It has already started. Ask any ambulance driver how many calls they get daily for vaxxed damaged hospital visits. Cairns Base is overflowing with vaxx injuries and deaths. Two weeks ago it broke all records with 320 patients waiting at the door. Ditto on Tablelands where the vaxx rate is about 50 per cent. The genocide started when the mRNA vaxxes were forced on dopey citizens. Editor

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  8. homageisnotafrenchword

    Hey guys, what happened to the vaccine genocide? Last i read here was that it was going to kick in in June. Exciting. Must be just around the corner. I’ve warned all my friends.


  9. Hi D Johnston
    Appreciate your comments Thankyou.
    “You are right on track! Always great and encouraging to see people who have a clear capacity for critical thinking and a desire to obtain further knowledge in searching for Truth.”
    Interestingly, at school, I was an average student, teachers didn’t like me cause I always argued and never accepted what I was just told to accept. What was a negative at school now seems a positive! lol.

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  10. And to ad further to the killer virus, this sensational headline. The quoted Dr is Rodney Pearce

    His credentials are experienced. You may note some others names like Booy. Immunisation Coalition.

    Funded by, their quote.

    “The Immunisation Coalition (IC) is able to carry out its important work thanks to the generosity of its sponsors, grant givers and in-kind supporters. The IC generates revenue through unrestricted educational grants, sponsorships, provision of educational programs to HCPs, and by working with other health education entities. The sources of revenue include healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, SMEs, and in the past, Government funded bodies such as PHNs and PHUs.

    Sponsors and grant givers have no influence on the editorial content of the Immunisation Coalition’s website, publications, or activities, with full control ensured through its Scientific Advisory Committee and Board of Directors.

    Sponsors & Supporters

    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor Apotex

    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor Bupa
    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor GSK
    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor MSD
    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor Pfizer
    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor Roche
    sanofi logo
    Immunisation Coalition Sponsor Seqirus”

    Which led me to this, 2018. This is not a drill pandemic. Apparently aired on ABC channel.


  11. Not to be rude to anyone but the messaging/narrative was that kids didn’t get COVID. (BS COVID yes). But as a mother the doctors tell you vaccines give kids immunity, even though I was told breastfeeding gives immunity (so which the hell is it most mums would say). The GP, your trusted doctor. Now from what I know most GP’s haven’t given the vaccine. Did they decline? Remember, sausage sizzle, Bunnings, drive though shot. Vaccination hubs. Many parents yes have have had their children vaccinated I have spoken about this before here. Maybe, because other vaccines were recommended by their doctor, literally straight after birth. I know many kids vaccinated, I would say if they all telling the truth it would be 70-90% in all my girls classes., Grade 4,5 and 7. The point is they wish to continue will nil indemnity, if they can get it on the immunisation register for those under 5, there is no liability, same as under emergency use. None of these pharmaceutical companies have been given full approval for these vaccines. Interesting, on full approval they are liable.


  12. I am actually shocked that this many children have had the shot – I really thought parents would think twice before injecting their children with an experimental vaccine.


  13. Hi Sunny, re: “do you think Deagal might be accurate ???”.
    To keep it short and minus any profanity…HELL NO!!!
    They are yet another nefarious globalist organisation tied up with the UN; World Bank et al under the jurisdiction of the US government… and to be totally steered clear of.


  14. periguinfalcon

    No need for it, masses are already brain dead lol

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  15. Hi daviddd2, re: “Why are all the doctors still silent? Still just carrying out orders?”
    Quite simply because they are cowards, both morally and ethically, with little EQ or life skills, driven only by greed and self-preservation at the bequest of Big Pharma. They possess little if any diagnostic abilities – yet receive a steady stream of kickbacks from shunting patients around an endless carousel of needless specialists and misprescribed drugs.
    It has always been this way – long before the scamdemic – only it’s more glaringly apparent now. And was the very reason why I went into alternative medicine…to help those who were being grossly medically neglected and used purely as cash cows in their unnecessary suffering.


  16. Why are all the doctors still silent? Still just carrying out orders?

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  17. Hi Sunny, You are right on track! Always great and encouraging to see people who have a clear capacity for critical thinking and a desire to obtain further knowledge in searching for Truth.
    It’s important to be mindful though, of not becoming too focused upon, or ‘bashed on the head’ by some ideologies (that although containing much Truth) also tend to lean towards zealotry and fanaticism not to mention bigotry. They distract us from seeing the Big Picture and as with everything in life taken on board to extremes, can be detrimental and inhibiting or even toxic. So discrimination is key. This also prevents unnecessary plunges down rabbit holes lol.


  18. And as an added bonus with the booster injections the kiddies can also get some complimentary prions… The deal of a lifetime!

    COVID Vaccines Linked to New Type of Incurable, Fatal Degenerative Brain Disorder
    Studies suggest a link between a rapidly progressing, incurable and fatal prion disease known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and COVID-19 vaccines.


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  19. I think the parents are ultimately responsible. People have gotten used to not thinking and allowing themselves to be told what to do. Their children unfortunately will pay the price for this mental laziness.
    I have no respect for most of the medical profession anymore … I just cannot understand how they can be so obtuse.
    One day they will realise the destruction they have wrought … then how will they be able to face themselves.

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  20. periguinfalcon

    The virtuous think they will save us all, pompous ignorant idiots rushing out and getting jabbed without even looking into it! No logical thinking just sheeple doing as they are told. Sit back and enjoy the show, the deaths are now sudden death syndrome! It makes you wonder at the stupidity all it all.

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  21. Hi all
    I’d really like to know opinions re the Deagal population forecasts. In light of what we’re now seeing post covid jabs … do you think Deagal might be accurate ???


  22. D.Johnston… I guess we need to line all the ducks up… Federal Minister for Health, state Chief Medical Officers, state premiers, doctors and nurses, and then parents.

    On the basis of natural morality, I am with you all the way, it’s the parent’s responsibility to protect their children. This comes first.

    But some jurisdictions are apparently mandating without parental consent. In which case, it is up to the parents to flee with their kids to somewhere less dangerous.

    Girls are the weak link. They will front up to be jabbed to please their peers.

    Finally, there is the practical consideration of no realistic legal avenue. It really comes down to teachers and doctors, who we can actually target and dissuade from jabbing. How one does that becomes a personal decision.

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  23. Just for some light relief.
    Smarter than your average human…


  24. The deliberate ‘collapsing’ of the Health Care system. And it’s also beginning in Australia…

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  25. Yeah ain’t that the truth. We need to call in some serious exterminators.

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  26. Doesn’t change even if you remove this pedophile globalist puppet, there’s plenty more lining up for their 5 mins of fame. Brown shirts litter Australia more than McDonald’s garbage.

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  27. Hi Fed Up! God what a load of word-salady shifty-eyed spin bs! and as articulate as a fence post. “My best wishes”??! Think that should’ve been “condolences”… these people aren’t celebrating anything.
    Reckon I might invest in a punching bag…Hunter S Thompson used to gleefully use an effigy of Nixon on his home rifle range.

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  28. Hi tonyryan43, Thanks for your reply. I mostly agree, especially with your closing mic drop moment: “Half the fuckers cannot even read well enough.” More or less what I just implied in my response to Jen. Lol.
    My question which you may be able to answer, relates to the signing of paperwork that needs to be completed by the parents prior to their children being administered with the poison. Sure, that more or less exonerates the person administering/wielding the syringe – but doesn’t it also ultimately make the parents culpable in the long run? I know it does morally – but what about legally? Could we maybe see further down the track, lawsuits being taken out against parents by their surviving children; for the deprivation and murder of their siblings? Stranger lawsuits have happened eh?!


  29. If you have ever wondered what a psychopath looks like, look no further than the death cult running our country state by state.

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  30. Hi periguinfalcon, Thanks for posting the NZDSOS link – have been a subscriber from the get go and have often mentioned them here also.
    Dr Samantha Bailey (NZ) has been another fearless front-runner and worth following. She is also one of the many doctors and scientists that make up Nick Hudson’s which blew the lid of the scamdemic right at the very beginning.

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  31. periguinfalcon

    Excellent article Tony, to be honest it’s a global thing, I have friends all over Europe and they aren’t any different to Australia. They have basically ignored everything I send and some have disowned me, I’ve got to the stage where i can’t be bothered to talk to people who aren’t interested. I like people who are keen to find out and take notice, I feel the more I can educate the less chance the elites have control over us. It’s a collective thing. Education is the key to our survival! I’m not sure why politicians think they will get away with all this because they have addresses, families and friends. Once the penny drops they are going to be the first taken out. I’ve always stated there are way too many brown shirts amongst us.

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  32. D Johnston

    No argument from me on that morality but, in the US, kids are being injected at schools without parental permission. If it happens there it will happen here. So I want to close the legal gate at the person with the syringe in his/her hand.

    Frankly, this is also about strategy. Your chances of charging parents while medicos are jabbing is zilch. As a former Commonwealth welfare officer, I am aware of what works and what does not.

    It is the doctors who have the most to lose and it is the doctors who can be pressured into acknowledging Pfizer evidence. You will never get a prosecution of parents on the basis of “medical research they should have read”. Half the fuckers cannot even read well enough.

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  33. periguinfalcon

    Breaking the Chains of Propaganda | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science

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  34. Yes: D Johnston this is TOTAL CHILD ABUSE! Indeed PERIOD…

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  35. Yes, tonyryan43, If I protest, I get told to piss off your grey old useless eater. No common sense with our police force, military, government stooges, and medical doctors. Bloody Deplorable to say the least. If you explain carefully HE this vaccine is dangerous, the Sheep looks at you from, what do you know? So I then think hopefully your time will come, because if you don’t want to hear you WILL FEEL the pain… Slowly I’m getting enough of teaching/explaining to people.

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  36. Hi tonyryan43, re: “injection of this toxin into children is child abuse and possibly murder.”
    Yes, by the PARENTS!!…and there’s NOTHING “possible” about it.
    I’m so utterly sick and tired of reiterating this.
    Children don’t drive themselves off to these clinics to be injected for God’s sake.
    No about of duck-shoving blame and cop-out excuses will ever negate the fact that ultimately the onus is on parents to protect their children.
    Parents who have totally abrogated their responsibilities and duty of care resulting in their innocent childrens’ deaths are guilty of not only child abuse but altruistic PEDICIDE. And in the cases of injection induced deaths of the innocent unborns, altruistic FETICIDE.

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  37. Yes, Senator Gerrard Rennick is onto it a fair bit.

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    Nothing suspicious about all these fires, keeping the sheeple distracted with media bullshit and gossip

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  39. Enough is enough.

    The time has come to form a national organisation that advises all doctors and nurses that the injection of this toxin into children is child abuse and possibly murder.

    Moreover, the deliberate injection of an experimental substance into a child violates the Nuremberg Code, the penalty for which is execution.

    The released Pfizer Documents are ipso facto evidence of fatal toxicity. Any nurse or doctor who is unaware of this is also, ipso facto, guilty of criminal negligence.

    Or are we to stand by and do nothing? That makes us equally guilty.

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  40. Disgusting! Even with the Pfizer documents disclosing the 1291 side effects.on the 1st of March (and they still Inject their Children). Heart attack Mycarditous Pericarditous death etc etc long list

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