PNG cocaine bust: Italian police say Mafia so entrenched in Australian politics and business it is impossible to stamp out

PNG cocaine bust: Australia is a “state of Italy”

Italian police have now classed the mafia in Australia as so entrenched, they believe it would be impossible to stamp out completely with Australian police only able to make busts where they can.

First published February, 2016

by Charles Miranda

ITALIAN police have carried out a series of raids to smash a Mafia-led operation to smuggle cocaine to Australia that police say godfathers have now divided into six zones for trafficking drugs, extortion and money laundering.

And such is the entrenchment of Mafia links to Australia now, authorities say the country is virtually a state of Italy and it would be impossible to ever wipe out.

Authorities have uncovered a treasure trove of intelligence related to the fearsome Calabrian-based ’ Ndrangheta mafia group and their operations in Australia including members’ infiltration of key areas to assist in their trade, including transport and politics.

The police operation last week with raids on more than a dozen homes in Calabria has seen 14 members of clans linked to ’Ndrangheta arrested and charged with “criminal association linked to international drugs tracking”, namely to Australia and Canada.

One of eight refused bail is a police officer tasked with protection of a port but instead was allegedly providing guidance on evading controls and security for drug shipments.

Leading Melbourne mafia figure Rocco Arico was jailed in 2017 for drugs, extortion and weapons offences

The case was the culmination of five years of work by the Central Operational Service of the Italian National Police, a specialist Italian police squad from Calabria and the district’s Anti-Mafia Prosecutor’s Office.

Despite the success of arrests and uncovering intelligence on international operations through extensive listening devices, taps and surveillance, it may not assist the overall ’Ndrangheta crime fight in      Australia.

Italian police have now classed the mafia in Australia as so entrenched, they believe it would be impossible to stamp out completely with Australian police only able to make busts where they can.

“Australia is not a target nation any more, it’s now like a state of Italy from a criminal perspective,” a senior Italian officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, told News Corp Australia.

“They are entrenched in their activities and have been for a long time. They have not got an expansion strategy with your country any more, it’s not expansion, it’s consolidation. Australia, Canada, Belgium, United States, Germany are all countries where these crimes are being consolidated.”

’Ndrangheta work as “strictly a family-based enterprise, affiliation having to be through blood relation”.

According to evidence gathered by authorities, the group had designated six “locales” in Australia for Calabrian-linked mafia, not necessarily by state but by powerbase for extended family support and drug importation markets as well as large-scale construction contracts, paying of backhanders and racketeering. Each locale has its own mob boss that reports directly to Italy

Former WA mayor faces accusations he led mafia cell

Court documents from ongoing proceedings in Italy also show Italian prosecutors allege Tony Vallelonga, who is the former mayor of Stirling in Perth, is the local leader of a mafia cell in Perth.

Court files allege that Mr Vallelonga is responsible for “making the most important decisions, imparting orders or imposing sanctions on other subordinate associates”.

The files allege Mr Vallelonga was concerned about a rival who wanted to start his own cell on Mr Vallelonga’s turf with the approval of Calabrian bosses.


Photo: Detective-Superintendent Matt Warren said the mafia was robust and difficult to defeat. (ABC)

Mr Vallelonga was allegedly recorded in an Italian laundromat recounting a conversation with his competitor where he allegedly said: “As long as I’m alive, you don’t get a locale [local mafia cell] … and that’s that!”

To which his rival responded: “You can’t be the man any more … enough!”

It comes after the prosecutors sought to question Mr Vallelonga over his dealings in Calabria with a notorious mafia boss.

Mr Valleonga has always denied the allegations and in a statement sent to the ABC, Mr Vallelonga’s lawyer said any allegation the former mayor had ever been involved in criminal activity was “completely without any foundation”.

Outside of the political arena, Italian police have identified another Australian allegedly working in Calabria who is part of the influential Alvaro family.

Some members of the family were recently subjects of an international anti-mafia operation when authorities seized tonnes of cocaine and made dozens of arrests.

Confidential Italian and Australian police files state that the Alvaro clan has arms in Australia.

They are allegedly headed by Adelaide construction figure Paul Alvaro, 64, and a New South Wales man.

The pair are among figures around the country, including in Griffith, New South Wales.

A police assessment said the individuals operate as “an executive board of directors” for the Calabrian Mafia.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767




  2. Fed Up

    This is about the actions of the politicians.

    The real crimes are a couple of levels higher.

    The faceless me who run the political parties are the ones who NEVER back the wrong horses.

    How do you think we had an Environment Minister who gave us Carbon Farming & ACCU Trading when we are almost certainly heading into a Solar Minimum?

    How do you think we had the Covid Boondoggle, where the Feds let the States drive the employers to use economic stand over tactics to get as many as possible Jabbed with an experimental gene altering “Vaccine” ?

    How do you think the previous government ended up with a cabinet containing 4 former merchant bankers & 4 former “auditors” of merchant banks in place to pass the Bail-In Legislation & attempt the $10 K [thin end of the wedge for CBDC] Cash Ban?

    Why did the former government SMASH the former head of Australia Post who was considering resurrecting’s a Peoples Bank without the games of derivatives & predatory lending tactics in the communities losing banks?

    Here is a POSSIBLE clue:-

    Go up above the entities here & then go sideways…….& back in history to 1983.


  3. If you cab find Sid Organe’s Whodunit document I have it) he gives a schematic of who actually dun everything, starting with the Jesuits.
    The Mafia is just part of the gig and yes, aapkoning, you will see lots of Jews leading the charge: Mayer Lansky, et al.



    It’s a big club and is this just half of it!?


  5. Remember Al Grassby ?? Often known as the father of Australian “multiculturalism”. He gained notoriety by acting as an agent of influence for the Calabrian criminal network that murdered anti-drugs campaigner Donald Mackay ……


  6. Yes, we pay tithes to the mafiosi so that they might protect us and save us from financial damnation and convid like pestilences. lol

    The best thing is that we get the feel good illusion to choose which mafiosi get to screw us for how much, every 3 years.


  7. Indeed aapkoning, corrupt governments have simply had thousands of years to consolidate and expand their business model, which is now accepted as the only way to live.

    Their armies are their hitmen, the navies are their privateers, the accountants are their money launderers, and the lawyers are their crime absolving priests.

    Just as mafioso thugs smash in people’s shop windows, etc, followed by the appearance of the caring Boss, who then promises to defend the shopkeepers from the thugs – if they pay ‘protection money.’
    Then likewise, governments do the same on a larger scale.

    And if they forget, or refuse to pay, the Boss will send his thugs (police) round to forcibly collect (steal) the money, or destroy one’s property – to make one see sense.

    This primitive mob mentality offers a clue to the origins of taxation: ie., the intimidation/protection/extortion racket.

    They create the problem, they offer the solution, – for a regular sum of money of course!.


  8. aapkoning: South Italy was stacked with Phoenician ports since long before the Romans and the Italians. 🙂

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  9. H, my complements, Indeed…


  10. To: Peter Schuback & daviddd2 – H. Congratulation to both.
    Italian Mafia = NO. Very well explained Peter!
    H, Quote: “lol The old Italian mafia herring!”
    Mafia these days means 100% Jews…
    The mask lovers and the vaxxed/boosted will not believe this. “Surely Yes, you must remember, Klaus Schwab?” Do you still have a bit of memory left?
    We* (*The Jews) have infiltrated all governments and we* are very proud of the young W E F leaders*.” The clean and smart ones that think for themselves will know already, look at the W E F & W H O, and all the usual perpetrators in the finance and Pharmaceuticals. Yes, they are Jews*.
    In the past most of the Italian Mafia, yes guess the same tribe*.
    H, You nailed it very well, thank you! Quote: “The biggest mafia syndicates are the governments.”
    If only a higher % of the mask lovers and the vaxxed/boosted would wake up, soon the whole lot would collapse. The only rotten consultation is that again this problem is especially in the west in every country.

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  11. Sorry too quick, I know this one too, the stand-over tactics…

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  12. No this one too, the stand-over tactics…

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  13. H. :”Governments are simply the biggest mobs in town.”

    The best big money can buy. :- )

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  14. The biggest mafia syndicates are the governments.

    Their methods of enforced tax collection (extortion) backed up by threats to confiscate (steal) one’s property, or destroy one’s liberty (imprisonment), etc, are just highly developed and barely disguised mafia principles, which the victims have grown accustomed to, and accept as normal and non-criminal.

    There comes a point, when the crime business has become so large, that the muscle power has to be replaced by criminal brain power, that’s when they send their people to university [as Peter pointed out], where they become lawyers, etc.

    Governments are simply the biggest mobs in town.

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  15. lol The old Italian mafia herring! Anybody who is half awake should have figured out by now that the “Sicilian” and “Calabrian” mafias are no more Italian than Las Vegas, New York and Miami.

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  16. Well said Peter. Editor


  17. Six Zones Hmmmm Five states and the Australian capital territories , In the sixties the Mafia in Australia said they were going to go legit , They started to buy into major businesses ( car dealers , Pubs , even farms and stations and this included a couple of small to medium meat works . ) BACK IN THE DAY THE NSW POLICE WERE SO CORRUPT THAT IF YOU DIDN’T PAY THEM THEY WOULD FIT YOU UP ,A Branch of hte mafia in thier own right ( CRIMINAL GANG ) My personal experience with them was that if I pulled up in one of my tow trucks and picked up a smashed car and didn’t pay them they would write up defect stickers on my trucks , I also had the displeasure of being held out the window of the Little Regent street police station window and threatened to be dropped because they knew I had 8 mm footage of the police robbing a Wynn’s store in Maroubra Junction . They were also running under aged girls in brothels and had uni students making acid tabs on blotting paper for them . The Question has to be asked who are the Australian mafia , and are some of those people currently and in the past in our countries seats of power and in our state and federal police forces . The old style Mafia is long gone and now the old mob boys have sent their children to university to become respectable criminals , As the saying went back in the sixties , Their are no criminals just alternative business people and if it was not for the straight people using their services their would be no Mafia .

    Peter Schuback

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