Didn’t take the ALP long to begin its moves for a republic


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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. DJohnston: ” “Queen ‘irritated’ by world leaders talking not doing on climate crisis”.

    Pffft! The good lady should consider decreasing her irritation and increase her level of happiness by being the first to own nothing. Next please!

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  2. Here’s one for monarchists. Let’s play spot the glaringly blatant hypocrisy and double standards – no doubt paid for by the taxpaying Brits – whilst She urges world leaders to “show statesmanship” and for “everyone to play a part in combating the climate crisis”.

    Headline: “Queen ‘irritated’ by world leaders talking not doing on climate crisis”.
    Followed by: The frivolous useage of SEVENTY jets for a celebration.
    Guess the “climate crisis” had a day off.



  3. Hi Fed Up! Totally correct on all counts. The vid is priceless. Imagine their exchange (through clenched teeth):
    “Where are you Liz?” (thinks) God I didn’t stand on her did I?! “Oh, there you are. Ready? Come on then”.
    “Wait Donald! Slow down!”
    “I’m practically standing still… come on”. (thinks) Has she been on the gin already?
    “Wait! You’re still much too fast”.
    “Ya want me to carry you?!”
    “Watch for the caribou? Where? I can’t see any caribou”.
    (mutters)”Deaf as well as decrepit…… 0k we’re nearly there.” (thinks) Why am I even DOING this?!
    “I still haven’t seen the caribou Donald”.


  4. https://rumble.com/v1741h5-always-one-step-ahead-america-first.html

    I was alway interested in queen Lizzy particularly for her horses and all its pageantry and was never interested in Australia becoming a republic.

    When the world finds out the truth about the queen, I feel we will all want to become a republic.

    Donald Trump walked in front of the queen for a reason, it was not an arrogant move on his behalf.

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  5. Hi Fed Up! re: “It’s ridiculous that we are slaves to these cretins”. Precisely.
    Throughout history, they have always been nothing more than repugnant, murderous, treacherous, amoral, totally inbred degenerates and parasites.


  6. It’s ridiculous that we are slaves to these cretins. Why should they live the high life while we work our arses off.

    We are slaves to the system and it needs to change.

    Getting rid of the royals would be a good start, then sort these treasonous leaches called politicians

    I wonder if Liz stands up to do a wiz like the dudes in this video

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  7. So much for the Governor General swearing in the parliamentarians on the basis of their declaration of loyalty to the Queen. LMAO And if the ordinary republic pusher MPs aren’t enough as examples of treachery and fraudulent declarations, the Governor General and the Labour leader as PM establish a Ministry for the Republic as well?

    One has to wonder how such instances can be reconciled with any reasonable notion of integrity and legality. Proof positive that our political system is a massive con!

    “The Constitution provides that every Member of the House of Representatives, before taking his or her seat, must make and subscribe an oath or affirmation of allegiance before the Governor-General or some person authorised by the Governor-General.[58] The oath or affirmation takes the following form:


    I, A.B., do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law. SO HELP ME GOD!


    I, A.B., do solemnly and sincerely affirm and declare that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her heirs and successors according to law.”


  8. Thanks Vic for the paper it is very revealing but too long to publish. Thanks Ed


  9. Australia has been in a political party dictatorship for decades where voting doesn’t count. Ed


  10. Daviddd2, the “GG is not the representative of the monarch (heir and successor of Queen Victoria), he’s an unlawfully appointee of THE AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT,there hasn’t been a legitimate GG since 2nd Feb 1960, so of course he’ll do anything he’s told to do.

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  11. Trevor W Sullivan

    The Labor Party is the GGCPA (Grubby Globalist Communist Party of Australia); the LNP is merely the ESSMSGGCPA (Ever So Slightly More Subtle Grubby Globalist Communist Party of Australia).
    Neither have any conscience or even self-respect; both are demon-possessed, showing all the symptoms of a generation of “a reprobate mind”, as per Romans Chapter 1, which describes this generation precisely (FOR THOSE WHO ARE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO SAY THE BIBLE IS NOT RELEVANT, PLEASE READ ROMANS 1 IN THE KING JAMES BIBLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE FOR YOU!).
    The Queen is not worthy of her office because of her persistent negligence, but the Lord Jesus Christ, Whom she officially represents, and Whom the whole of The Westminster System (including our Commonwealth Constitution) is built on.
    We are already a generation which despises its “father and mother” and therefore, in breach of the Fifth Commandment (Exodus 20:12), and thereby disqualifying ourselves for its promise, “that thy days may be long upon the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee.”
    Openly opposing the Crown at this point would be the last nail in our national coffin.
    Sincerely in Christ’s service,


  12. He, he, he…. A Minister of the Crown whose sole job is to eliminate the Crown! And the Governor Generally happily swears him in on behalf of the Crown!

    Hello, Australia! Anybody home?

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  13. He has to completely destroy our rightful Commonwealth Constitution 1900 before hand.
    Otherwise he is wasting his time.
    What will he do first, give us his Dictatorship, then destroy our Constitution,
    Or perhaps the other way around. ..?


  14. Hi tonyryan43, Nice one. Love it whenever you get that itchy trigger finger thing happening!


  15. Robyn Stephens

    I was watching something on youtube about the future of Britain’s royals.
    Prince Charles has not got a very good approval rating in the UK
    Most likely change his name to King George VIII when crowned.
    The last King Charles from 1 to 3, there is a pretender 3.have all been kicked out of office. Charles 1 had his head cut off for illegal taxes.George has a better history.

    Prince Charles of Wales has lost the plot.
    He will not just hand it over to William, Charles has waited so long.

    However, these days not many have revolted against their Government, I am talking about a major world power, not some little island in the pacific.

    The brutal Roman Empire lasted a 1000 something years before its demise.
    I got a feeling we are at the beginning of someone else 1000 year empire before people wake up.

    Britains revolted ages ago and chopped off the head of their King for illegal taxes for fucks sake. Boris Johnson got lucky for holding parties during lockdown and still has his head and power.
    What became The USA went to war over the tea taxes.
    Australia almost had a civil war over mining taxes
    What happed to ‘We have had enough’..
    Now we have something in the water, food that makes us sheep.

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  16. Don’t know why they call them ‘the honourable’…. There’s nothing honourable about any of them.

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  17. Which particular Queen is Albanese going to cull from the Royal Flock? Bob Hawke’s mythical Queen of Australia, or the 1954 version, Queen of the Commonwealth, Betty Windsor, sister of Maggie Windsor of the German Royal House?

    Don’t get me wrong/ I’m as sold on monarchy as zionists are to Nazis… or perhaps that’s a bad example. Anyway, my point is, there is something that dramatically diminishes the entire concept of respect when a feckless fencesitter who has never done a day’s honest work in his life, can pose as a Worker and sack the rep of several hundred years of dynasty.

    It’s just plain wrong.

    Can’t we just shoot both of them?

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  18. Brian Johnston

    Albanese the Jacobin. Communists dont hold referendums.



    Thanks Daviddd2

    After my first comment I found the GG’s link where he has sworn in the ministers and this one from Shorten four years ago.



  20. Oooooh can I watch?!!


  21. CATACLYSMIC DUCK: “How can Albo perform any new government business when 0 of 151 House of Representatives seats have been legally declared by the AEC”

    The GG appoints the Executive Council members and governs Australia, with their advice, if he so chooses.

    The Executive Council members don’t have to be elected members of Parliament. So says the Constitution, I believe.


  22. Vicious rumor has it that someone is planning to slip some spike proteins in her adrenochrome while she’s distracted with Lilibet.

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    How can Albo perform any new government business when 0 of 151 House of Representatives seats have been legally declared by the AEC.

    The first will be Eden – Monaro, not Albo’s at 1000hr tomorrow.

    Must be on his wishlist for after the new government is sworn in at Government House, Canberra.


  24. Hi Janicew37, I think you are totally right about that. And the less ‘natural’ the better I say!


  25. Hi daviddd2, Lol or saddle sores!?


  26. lol I’ll wait for the NWO government, no point in changing horses too often only to end up with a dead mule every time.

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  27. I must admit I have always been for the monarchy but over the past couple of years there has been much disillusionment when it involves the queen, so therefore I agree with what you are saying… one thing I beg to differ on and I hope it comes out really soon and I know there are a lot of people that will poopoo this, but I think the queen and some of her treasonous family are going to pay the ultimate price and I don’t think it will be natural.

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  28. Vic Sturgeon

    Albanese does not have the constitutional power to appoint anyone to replace Our Monarch, by doing so he has marked himself as a traitor.
    remember this folks if you vote for a republic in a referendum you will become slaves to politicians totally.wake Up.
    and please read this, this shows how dishonest they really are.

    For those who think the South Australian Government are squeaky clean please read this post though-rally.
    These are constitutional facts and also admissions that the South Australian Government in 2016 did wilfully commit Capitol Treason on our Monarch, our Judiciary system as laid out in Chapter 111 of the supreme law book of Australia Known as The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900(UK) and the Commonwealth Constitution 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted.
    so now let me begin Starting a bit before Federation..

    Queen Victoria signed off on our Constitution on the 9th of July 1900 after it was put together by many Australians after long deliberation as to what it should include.

    This then at that time Became The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK). this means it is an imperial act of the British Parliament.
    and because it is imperial, this Act cannot be changed or Altered by anyone in Australia without approval from the current reigning monarch which now is Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

    Now, Queen Victoria held the Constitution Back from being proclaimed and Gazetted until the first of January 1901 and at that time it became The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted.

    the reason she held it back was because the penal colony of Western Australia was undecided as to whether they should become a State under this Constitution or not.
    Queen Victoria gave them from the 9th of July until the fist of January 1901 to make up their minds. which WA eventually did sign up.

    But prior to signing up, all the penal Colonies of Australia Queen Victoria allowed their Constitution to be brought forward and become law in each respective newly formed State of the self Governing colony of England under the new Federal Commonwealth of Australia Constitution gazetted on January 1st 1901.
    all these State Constitutions were set under Letters patent of Her Majesty Queen Victoria.
    Now, Western Australia did not like 32 clauses of their constitution so removed them at federation without Authority of Queen Victoria who was the only one who could authorise any changes under these letters patents.

    So! here is what happened, if anyone doubts this go do your own research but don’t come here refuting this as its already been proven completely by several avid researchers in Australia.

    Because WA altered its Constitution by removing these 32 Clauses of their Constitution, they not only committed treason, they negated themselves under Constitutional law.
    Therefore since that time all their laws from then until now are null and void and West Australians do not have to comply with any of their Statues as they are all null and void.

    To continue! gradually over time all the States set aside or altered their original Constitutions and now none of them are operating lawfully under their letters patent Constitutions. all done without lawful Authority from the current Monarch, Queen Elizabeth the second of Great Britain and Northern Ireland so help me God.

    in 2008 Her Majesty declared that she up holds all her Grandmothers letters patents.

    Get the picture?
    Now read this very carefully.

    The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 clearly states that to hold a federal election the candidates must be picked from all six States . (6 States)
    not 5 0r 4 0r 3 0r 2 0r 1 State, But six States.

    so as WA was in treason from the Start, all federal elections since Federation are all
    acts of treason and are worthless in Constitutional law.

    And because all the States negated them selves, no State legislatures are sitting constitutionally and therefore Australia has no lawful (Governance) there is no such thing in the Commonwealth of Australia Act (1900UK) and 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted, as governments, nor is there chief ministers, prime ministers, Premiers , they are all foremen of the respective Legislatures.
    Further to this, there are no such entities as political parties or two party preferred preference voting systems in this country, its all treason.

    Still more! there are no such entities as local government Councils, in Fact, the out of control parliaments tried on 4 occasions to include them in the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (UK) and 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted at referendums.
    the people of Australia said no at all of these Referendums. One of them was the 1999 republican referendum which wiped out the 1986 Australia Act treasonously set up by Bob Hawke.
    That alone should get you all to smell rats in the wood pile.

    To top all this off, all these political Parties, Police establishments, local Councils, the Judiciary, The AEC, the Governor General and the State Governors are all acting on behalf of a foreign registered Corporation calling itself the Commonwealth of Australia which is totally False. they are a registered US Corporation in Washington DC and many other US States.
    Get out your constitution, you know the one with the royal identifier on it, the lion and the unicorn. not the Kangaroo and emu seal on the ones these traitor us registered political parties use.
    read s.44 of the Constitution. it clearly forbids foreign influence in Australian legislation.
    it forbids Political parties as it says that anyone who has pecuniary interest in the public service and is a member of a group of more than 25 persons, IS NOT ELIGIBLE TO SIT FOR PARLIAMENT.
    All these covid lock downs are unconstitutional, there is no such thing as locked State Borders, there is no such thing as emergency powers both state and federal and our constitution clearly states Medical Conscription is unlawful. s.51 xx111A says so.

    some clowns come out and said but that does not apply to the States.

    fist read clause 5 of the Constitution then read s.109 of the Constitution, it clearly binds them to all the Laws of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution 1901 as proclaimed and gazetted. FACT.
    In fact, the States only exist through 106, 107, 108 and 109 of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900(UK) and 1901 as proclaimed and Gazetted.

    if you take notice of anything these politicians tell you, its the reason why Australia is in such a mess and they are steering us straight into this satanic new world order because you believe the rhetoric these traitor politicians are feeding you all with.

    There is an act from 1948 that States we are British subjects and citizens of Australia.
    These traitor politicians went back in time and changed it to Australian Citizens. bet you did not know any of this as they kept it from you.
    also in 1948, a pension fund was set up so old age people could live comfortably on a pension.
    for that, every worker in this country had to pay a tax from their pay of 7.5%.
    in due course the money accumulated to an enormous amount of money. I understand it was Menzies when he saw the amount that it contained, stole it and placed it in general revenue even after we were told that they would never touch it, borrow it or remove it. and pensioners would get the base basic wage rate per fortnight to live on in old age. do you think pensioners are getting that basic wage rate now? not likely, they are living on poverty rates.

    Guess what?
    Even though the Pension fund does not exist today. every worker is still paying that 7.5% tax as there is no evidence that shows it was rescinded.
    Scomo said there is a sunset for pensions, excuse me! its a right as we are all paying for it.
    In February 1960 the politicians stole the Governor General who prior to that could only be appointed by our current Monarch Her excellent Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and or her successors.

    Then in 1973 Whitlam
    created the Fictitious Queen of Australia and set up this US registered Corporation, he signed the Unidroit treaty of Rome,
    We have been signed up to the league of Nations by Hughes in 1919,
    and later the UN, the WHO, The Paris accord, the Japanese Kyoto agreement,
    Read again what s.44 of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900(UK) and 1901 as Proclaimed and Gazetted.
    Its all treason Folks.

    Now fellow South Australian I have evidence of Capitol treason in South Australia.
    In 2016 Vickie Chapman and the speaker of the House and all the Politicians in the SA Parliament did conspire to remove the Crown from the SA Judiciary Act and by doing so removed the head of power which is Queen Elizabeth the second of Great Britain and Northern Ireland who represents the Crown of England and the English Common law that our Constitution presents.

    They even knew they were committing treason, but they passed this abomination into SA Statutes and therefore negated themselves completely as there is no lawful head of State in SA and they have now done this in all States.
    So the person who says this page was put together by insane persons . I say to you, go do your research before you Condemn the Author of this page, which is myself.
    all the above is re-searchable you just have to go look.

    But I will put up here the treason by the SA Parliament in 2016.
    Written By Vickie Chapman herself. she was the SA bogus attorney General.

    South Australian Political Treason of the Highest Magnitude to overthrow the Crown, The Constitution and to enslave the sovereign people of South Australia. All other State are doing this too. THIS IS ADMITTING TO CAPITOL TREASON THE PENALTY IS DEATH BY HANGING. Added by my self Victor of the family Sturgeon a living breathing man under God and the Crown.

    Second Reading
    Adjourned debate on second reading.
    (Continued from 22 June 2016.)
    Ms CHAPMAN ( Bragg—Deputy Leader of the Opposition) (11:17): I rise to speak on this bill, and I am almost too frightened to even record the descriptor of this bill for fear that I might be aiding and abetting the offence of treason.
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: I was just going to say, it is punishable by hanging still.
    Ms CHAPMAN: There are some rather unsavoury penalties for treason, and I am going to refer to those in a moment, but they do include expulsion, transportation, and death, of course, by execution. May I just first indicate that, whilst we have been a little sceptical from our side of the house as to the necessity for this bill, we will accept the passage of the bill in an abundance of caution that it is necessary to extinguish historical common law.
    Essentially, this bill will add a clause to our Constitution Act of 1934 and purports to dispose of any possibility, remote as that may seem, that a litigant may challenge the continuation of court matters in the event of the death of our sovereign—who, I remind the house, is The Queen of Australia under our Australia Act, as well as The Queen of England. It is the dissolution of parliament and the currency of court proceedings and the capacity for them to continue and conclude without interruption.
    The origins of this, the Attorney suggests, are from the inquiry by the Legislative Council in Western Australia that reported in August 2015, the Standing Committee on Legislation in its Report No. 28. That report again confirms that, in a circumstance where the inquiry considered a number of matters and also the question of the transfer of sovereignty to another king or queen and how that may affect legislation, that had its origins in the United Kingdom, which had force in Western Australia.
    What the Attorney-General did not tell us in his presentation to the parliament is that that recommendation came as a result of the Law Reform Commission of Western Australia 1994 report, that is 21 years before, entitled Project No. 75 on United Kingdom Statutes in Force in Western Australia. The identification of imperial acts that were relevant to this issue were considered, and this proposal emanated from that. In fact, in the standing committee’s consideration of this matter, back in 2015, the Hon. Michael Mischin MLC, Attorney-General for Western Australia, gave evidence. He questioned whether legislation was required to deal with the circumstances, and he noted a number of complexities in relation to the imperial acts that were effective but about which there had been some mixed view as to whether they had been extinguished by subsequent legislation.
    Again, on inquiry as to whether they acted on their own recommendation, it now appears clear that they have not and will not, and it may be considered after the next state election in Western Australia, which, as I am sure everyone knows, is in early 2017. So, from 1994 to 2017, they have not seen fit to rush this legislation, this protective envelope. However, they apparently had a meeting last year to suggest that they would consider advancing it, again to close the envelope of any possibility, remote as that may be.
    It seems that New Zealand, as the government is aware, also had its origins from Britain legally and was run from Sydney for many years. It is now a country in its own right. It has its own parliaments and statutes. They did pass legislation. They have a slightly different system, but they have passed it. The commonwealth has not seen fit to need it. Their constitution covers it. I have to say that it has been a long time since I have read the 1856 state constitution, which is our first South Australian constitution, but on my rereading, it appears to extinguish the alleged ill that we are apparently redressing today.
    It seems as though other jurisdictions are advancing at a glacial pace the urgency of this. There are two events that give me some comfort (as I am sure it would give the house if we did not pass this). One is the death of Queen Victoria and her son’s ascension to the throne. After the establishment of the South Australian colony all those events occurred. It did not appear to interrupt our legislative assembly or a court litigation at the time. Then of course we had the death of The King in 1954 and the elevation of Her Majesty Princess Elizabeth to become Queen Elizabeth II.
    The Hon. J.R. Rau: And a couple before that as well.
    Ms CHAPMAN: There were a couple before that, true, but I am talking now in more recent time. I am happy to go through the others if you would like me to, but I think I am making the point here that, if we fast-forward from 1954, when Princess Elizabeth was recalled from Africa to take the throne, she has served us so well, and she is now in her 90th year. She has continued to serve for more than six decades. She has that responsibility.
    Whilst I was not alive at that time—I do not even think the Attorney was alive, possibly a few people in this house were alive at that stage—on reading accounts of the time, it appears that there was no major crisis in the state of South Australia. There were no challenges to the Supreme Court, people rushing down with petitions to have their litigation struck down as a result of the change of sovereign, or any rioting protests out the front of Parliament House to try to challenge the validity of legislation that was continuing to be passed in this forum.
    I think South Australia took a bit of time off to welcome The Queen that year, have the Coronation Ball and all sorts of other happy events, but there was no challenge to these institutions which had some common law precedent. I am not personally persuaded that it is something that we need. It seems that Western Australia has not advanced past a glacial pace of consideration, nevertheless, in the abundance of caution, we will support it.
    Let me return, however, to the criminal offence of treason. It is set out in our Criminal Law Consolidation Act as being confined to petty treason but, interestingly, just in case the Director of Public Prosecutions is listening in and wanting to charge anybody with treasonable behaviour, I just remind the Attorney that appendix 1 to our Criminal Law Consolidation Act 1935 makes provision, and I quote:
    When a Man doth compass or imagine the Death of our Lord the King, or of our Lady his Queen, or of their eldest Son and Heir…
    etc., and it includes mistresses and various others which we have referred to before in this house. It goes on to say:
    …that ought to be judged Treason which extends to our Lord the King, and his Royal Majesty…
    and further provision. Just in case the Attorney is worried, he can look at the provisions of the 1795 Treason Act, which came after the 1351 Treason Act, which is an appendage to our legislation even today, to find out what fate of penalties might attract him if the DPP decides to prosecute for his treasonable thoughts of the demise of Her Majesty by introducing this legislation.
    I would not actually want him to be dragged away and shackled and charged or convicted for that. I could think of a number of other things that he should be punished for, but introducing this legislation is not one of them. I would even offer to go down as a character witness to say that he was just blindly ignorant when he came to the importance of issuing these proceedings; nevertheless, the bill will pass with our blessing.
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Before I call the Attorney, I want to draw to the attention of the house that King George VI actually died in February 1952—
    Ms Chapman: Sorry.
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: Yes, we need to correct Hansard for you. The Queen ascended on 6 February 1952 but was crowned in June 1953. None of us could remember that, of course.
    Ms Chapman: We weren’t alive.
    The DEPUTY SPEAKER: That’s right—only by a few months in some cases.]

    Are you South Australians getting angry yet?
    Why do you think the cost of living is going through the roof?

    These Politicians couldn’t care less about you all, they are not in the Parliaments to work for you like they are supposed to,
    They work for the US Bankers, the IMF, the WHO, the UN and the WEF (World economic Forum)
    All Mentioned want to depopulate the Planet by 95% this includes Bill Gates, The Clinton’s, the Obama’s and the Rothschild’s, and especially Clause Swaab the head of the WEF.
    And they started doing it with the CV 19 and the CV 19 J#b.
    If you Australians don’t step up soon there wont be many of us left.

    Victor Sturgeon a living breathing man


  29. Personally, (and no doubt this will upset some people, although this platform is intended to promote mature debate), this possibility is long overdue and inevitable and will be cause for much dancing in the streets if it comes to fruition.

    Laughable and predictable that a previous Thatcher aide would lament: “It sends completely the wrong message”.
    Ummmm No. I think it sends an explicitly appropriate and timely message.

    Remember all those people that were wailing over the past 2+ years: “Why doesn’t the Queen do something?”; “Why doesn’t the Queen save us?” or her henchman the GG?
    Well they saw what she did.
    What has she ever done for her downtrodden ‘subjects’ either in the UK or on this side of the globe?
    And honestly, why should she? when she is an integral part if the head of this globalist beast which has been slowly devouring us. Along with her beloved Rothschilds et al.

    The Queen (like governments), is ‘supposed’ to serve the people and serve in the best interests of the people. NOT the other way around.
    So if something doesn’t serve you then you need to dispose of it.

    (As an aside, many are unaware that the Queen is the only person of power on the planet, who can never be arrested/charged/put on trial/convicted of murder. Histrionic or otherwise).

    Sure we can have another ridiculous referendum wasting more of our taxpayer $’s but why?
    It may be presumptuous, but I’m fairly certain which way that would work out. Especially with the votes if the above-mentioned, previously deluded but now awake “Why doesn’t the Queen save us?” people.
    So “Let’s go Brandon!”.


  30. Haven’t they been pushing this for years now! Every man and his dog is in a hurry to be australias first president. What difference would it make if they put it to the people as they other items on the agenda in the past….. they don’t listen to us and they rig everything they get their hands on.


  31. BarbieJean G.

    We now know the whole Trump thing is no different to the DS thing and we have all been duped. We have to learn that the only way forward to freedom is to join the indigenous owners and form our own governments and councils without any politicians or corporate input. LOVE is the way forward. Love of each other, love of the land and the animals and respect for each. Forget the royal BS and republic agenda and nesara gesara. Kim Goegen is the only trustee of the gold etc and SHE is in charge. Barbara J Gibbs, Dip.Diet& Nut:BA/BSc:Grad.Cert.OSH;TEFL Cert Ganoderma Distributor http://www.online-ganoderma.com/gibbsbj http://online-ganoderma.com/gibbsbj e’mail: positive7yes@gmail.com


  32. So the Governor General, as the representative of the Queen, swears in an Assistant Minister for the Republic whose job is to faithfully serve the government and the Queen by being the political executioner of the Queen?

    Talk about a banana republic! lol No wonder we Australians have become the laughing stock of the world!



    The stench of treasonous old politicians settles on Australia, 22 years on.



  34. How disappointingly treacherous that Each Way did not consider an Australian Republic to be of sufficient import and urgency to make it an election platform issue.

    Even more disappointing, and even treasonous, is that he hasn’t made use of the overwhelming mandate Labour received in the election to create a proper ministry and appoint a Minister for the Republic rather than just a low level assistant minister.

    Seems to me Each Way has ALREADY lost his sense of national urgency and priority. Yes, it didn’t take long at all.


  35. Labor can’t do this without a Referendum according to the Constitution…remember we had others in the past concerning a Republic?Albo needs to be reminded of that.
    This is the start of our total loss of freedom and sovereignty.I hope the idiots who voted for him are happy!


  36. Maybe they think that if they can get away with a bogus election they can also get away with a bogus republic?
    I got a great debate in the local free rag a few years ago which fielded a lot of really intelligent responses.
    That debate went for some six weeks-I was very pleased.
    Chief amongst the issues was where was the proposed new Constitution, and were the instigators of this new republic just looking for a Yes vote and about to just run off and do anything they want.
    I think my suspicions in that record would be correct.


  37. streetrkf0b663c190

    Funny that he forget to mention this in his bid for the top job. We need a referendum on this, so we get a say. He works for us remember.


  38. Did I miss the public debate by the Australian public authorising our Government to proceed with changes to our constitution? I’m guessing we will have a referendum to decide the date the new republic will commence. I can’t wait to hear about our reinvigorated sovereignty, rock solid liberty and a new bullet proof cast iron grip on reigning in the Government of the day. Will the AEC be fixed by the time we vote? We are voting, right!


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