by Lindesy Symonds

I don’t have a television so when I am enjoying my recreational substance I watch a bit of the WEF.

It would seem that Mr Conservative JudeoXtian Vlad has sacrificed extra children to Bauphomet to get the Soviet Union excluded from the Davos nuthouse. Why should he have to listen to the Chinese promo for their individual carbon tracker / sustainability social credit score system? Naturally these Insectoids want the international WHO certificate of vaxx ID, genetic data base and social credit score all integrated into one control grid. it will probably even ding you two weeks before your organs are due for harvest with some fan tan music.

Vlad’s UN CoVID Regime already has cut a deal with the WHO.

In the Soviet Union’s UN CoVID Regime, the Fauci double is a Yid (wouldn’t you know it) – Mr Sputnik V Clot Shot Alexander Gintsburg. He’s the big hero in the Soviet Union with a 100% approval rating because he saved the Russians under Vlad’s absolute vaxx mandate during the Corona Hoax 2020. Prior to that the Vaxx Oligarch eradicated Ebola in Ebola free Guinea . He’s on track for the Order of Lenin.

Klaus has put on his Darth Vader suit and banned these bad actors from the Davos Coffee Klatsch and yada yada ‘world government summit’. The real world rulers have cast Klaus as a Toon and scripted him accordingly. He is Mr NWO evil, globalist, satanist ‘unipolar’ power in a Yiddish schtick. His private jet has a carbon footprint the size of a Mt Etna sulphur emmission. Ditto for Vlad. Meanwhile bicycles, fresh air, bug diet and Co2 polluter warehouse is our prospect.