Australian voters read and react to blatant electoral fraud

by Alison Ryan

Australian voters, are we awake to the fraud in the Australian Federal election?

LNP/ALP/GREENS all must be removed and placed last on your ballot paper

The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act provides for the Issue of Writs for the elections in the House of Representatives and the Senate. See from the Act –

In PART II – THE SENATE – Issue of writs

Section 12. The Governor of any State may cause writs to be issued for elections of senators for the State.

In PART III – THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES – Writs for general election

Section 43. The Governor-General in Council may cause writs to be issued for general elections of members of the House of Representatives.

Australian voters, please examine the real situation by looking at this website  2022 federal election writs – Australian Electoral Commission ( and see if writs for the SENATE have been issued or not issued. Why have Senate writs only appeared for the Territories?

Three years ago, at the beginning of the 2019 Parliament (Liberal National Party), in the SENATE, the “2019 THE PARLIAMENT OF THE COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA JOURNALS OF THE SENATE No. 1 TUESDAY, 2 JULY 2019”, on page 5 of the 62 pages, under Election of Senators, records –

“The Clerk tabled the certificates of election of senators”.


Link: Senate JN (

There is a problem here. Why did the Governors of any State not cause writs to be issued for elections of senators for the State?

Especially when under CHAPTER I. THE PARLIAMENT. PART I.—GENERAL – Summoning Parliament – Section 5 reads in part:

“After any general election the Parliament shall be summoned to meet not later than thirty days after the day appointed for the return of the writs”.

Therefore, our Parliament has a problem. According to CHAPTER I. THE PARLIAMENT. PART I.—GENERAL A.

“The legislative power of the Commonwealth shall be vested in a Federal Parliament, which shall consist of the Queen, a Senate, and a House of Representatives, and which is herein-after called “The Parliament,” or “The Parliament of the Commonwealth.”

Now. when there is something to dispute in the elections the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act – Section 47 states:

Disputed elections

“Until the Parliament otherwise provides, any question respecting the qualification of a senator or of a member of the House of Representatives, or respecting a vacancy in either House of the Parliament, and any question of a disputed election to either House, shall be determined by the House in which the question arises.”

It’s time to ask more questions and get answers. This deception makes it all the more important to vote into Parliament those candidates who are honest, and patriotic, and will legislate for a totally free Australia.

An Act to constitute the Commonwealth Constitution of Australia

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. crisscross767

    Jeremiah 17:5

    5 Thus says the Lord:

    “Cursed is the man who trusts in man
    And makes flesh his strength,
    Whose heart departs from the Lord.


  2. Hi denitomkinson, Here’s a thought, though probably a little macabre…how about using blood.
    *They’ve* already got enough of it on their hands already.
    Try erasing that!


  3. denitomkinson

    You all know that it doesn’t matter if you use a pen or pencil don’t you?
    There are pen erasers out there too, ivé used one in the past and it’s just as good as a pencil eraser!!

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  4. Yes editor, I am wising up.
    The AEC very conveniently doing what the public asks??!!


  5. The unions and GetUp will have a field day with the phone. Ed


  6. “YES, you can vote in PEN”, that is correct, BUT when denying a pencil offered by AEC personnel yesterday at the “early voting center” a cranky/menopaused mask wearing woman in her 50ties replied: “This is crazy, why do people believe such a crap that the authority would manipulate an election by rubbing out and changing a vote!”

    So vote and let your voice drown among the ones that just know that the Government always be on Australia’s side.


  7. Received the following information this morning …

    I, Rhiannon Bosi, have contacted the Penrith AEC office regarding some issues that have been raised with us and misinformation that has been spreading via social media personalities.

    We are sharing this with ALL so that EVERYONE from Independents to party representatives, are informed of THE TRUTH:

    (Please spread this far and wide, and please contact the AEC Federal Offices’ in your area to confirm the following)…

    1. YES, you can vote in PEN.

    Legislation dictates that the AEC MUST provide a pencil ONLY.
    If you wish to vote using a pen, BRING YOUR OWN.
    The above has been reinforced with AEC staff after complaints regarding instructions contrary to this have been provided by purple vested AEC staff to the public.
    If any AEC vest wearing person tells you otherwise (purple) you can approach the Officer in Charge (person wearing a yellow vest) and report this false advise directly to them.
    Please take the name of the OIC and the above can be reported to the candidate you support in writing.
    Please be polite to all staff, and direct all complaints to the OIC’s and AEC directly.

    2. Re ‘Voter Save’ Scrutineering as per page 38 of the Scrutineering Handbook 2022, dated 23 Dec 2021:

    YES, these votes are valid and will be counted.
    YES, your vote will exhaust after your vote has been counted.

    On the night of the election, Senate ballots will not be counted, but will be allocated in piles as valid / invalid.

    3. The night of May 21st, election night:

    – House of Reps #1’s will be counted in full on Saturday night.
    – Pre-poll votes sorting (valid/invalid) start on Saturday night from 4pm; Sorting & Counting begin at 6pm
    – Scrutineering preferences (#2 etc) are conducted after this, as required. Advice may change, but at this time, this may start on Monday May 23rd.

    4. Senate Scrutineering:

    Senate ballots will initially be checked the day after (Sunday and days thereafter as required) but will be electronically scanned.
    They will be transferred to a central point of scrutiny in each State.
    Please check with the AEC for further details.

    Authorised by Riccardo Bosi, Independent candidate for Greenway, 122 Perfection Ave, Stanhope Gardens NSW’


  8. The Electrol office where you vote are sing Pencils! thats right Pencils! They hand you a Pencil.. they can use a rubber to rub out the Numbers! so use a Pen!

    defitnatly suspicious! i mean they have now the power manipulate the votes!
    i voted early! and the lady handed me a pencil as i did not think about bringing a pen, only as i walked out of there.. i thought about, its always the way for me ,responses allways come to late!


  9. Dear Editor, Why would this entity calling itself The Electoral Commission obey the Constitution? The supposed Parliament does not operate under the Crown or the Constitution of 1901.

    Why would you expect any compliance when the Western Australian electoral Commission shares office space with Dominion voting machines parent company Scytl, owned through Swiss front companies by the Vatican and the CCP.
    Their aim isn’t to oversee fair honest elections but to defraud the people of any chance to remove the criminals from power. It exists to continue the illusion of democracy.

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  10. “The Governor of any State may cause writs to be issued for elections of senators for the State.”

    I’m told the clause empowers the state Guvs to issue writs at their discretion, it does not oblige them or mandate writs.

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  11. one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland … That means UNDER THE CROWN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM

    The GG is appointed by the CROWN and is supposed to GOVERN with the advice of an EXECUTIVE Council appointed by the GOVERNOR!

    Where is there any mention of a Cabinet, a PM, or any notion that THE CROWN OF THE UNITED KINGDOM and the GG are supposed to be a rubber stamp for what the Cabinet or the PM decide to push through?

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  12. To Seb I agree. What’s more isn’t the tyrant Mark McGowan’s rule to get into WA you need to triple vaxxed. How was she there?


  13. Hi Editor, Yeah. She’s done a Scummo…AWOL at a critical time. Maybe couldn’t get a flight to Hawaii huh?!


  14. She should know by now the test is useless. Ed


  15. Jeanette Rudman

    How can the people start PIR , Public Instigated Referendum for the WHO/UN Health/ Pandemic treaty ? The decision should be made by the people not Government as if effects our sovereignty Democracy, freedom & rights !


  16. RE:

    Section 12
    Issue of writs

    The Governor of any State may cause writs to be issued for elections of senators for the State. IN CASE OF (my caps) dissolution of the Senate the writs shall be issued within ten days from the proclamation of such dissolution.

    Still it appears there should be writs …

    We can see that the proclamation proroguing the parliament and dissolving the House of Representatives does not have the Great Seal of the Commonwealth.
    Instead we can see on the proclamation the unconstitutional Great Seal of Australia.

    View here:
    “The Parliament has been prorogued and dissolved but what does this mean – Parliament of Australia (”

    From the website of the Great Australia Party you can read Rod Culleton’s NOTICE OF PROHIBITION & DISCLOSURE written to the Governor-General David Hurley, dated 22 Dec 2021.

    In the letter it reads:

    In order for such elections to be lawful and proper, writs are to be passed under the Great Seal of the Commonwealth for the endorsement and protection of the Crown in accordance
    with the foundation law and Her Majesty’s coronation of 1953.


  17. Does anyone else think it’s odd that Pauline Hansen would go out of her way to test herself for ‘covid’ days before an election knowing that if she tested positive, she would not be able to attend?

    Why would she do that?
    If she was sick with a cold or flu why not just stay home like the good old days and recover in time for the election?
    A cold or flu is all the RAT or PCR test is capable of showing….it doesn’t indicate ‘covid’ anyway.

    Something doesn’t sit right about what she has done.


  18. Lindesy have you got a link to the video you refer to? Ed



    Latest from We the people News…it’s better than watching A current affair! An alternative news source.


  20. Copied from Whiplash 347 on telegram

    Forwarded from
    In 1975 Gough Whitlam signed the LIMA Agreement. He sold Australia to the United Nations – but wait Australia & Pfizer are listed on the NYSE.
    Donald J Trump’s Executive Order 13818 has seized the NYSE.
    Therefore by default he is the owner of Australia. Chapter 11 – City Of London, Vatican & Washington DC are bankrupted (Filed & Actioned)
    The Act Of England 1871 has been reversed. The Secondary Judiciary Act 1869 is no longer. This also overturns the Balfour Declaration of 1917.
    Now we wait Justice Thomas to open a can of WHOOP ASS [1776] Style.
    The Whole World goes to 1776 in law.
    The Whole World goes to A LEVEL PLAYING FIELD – Think Revaluation of All Currencies.
    The Whole World goes to 1950’s Prices. 1955 the Chosen Year. Post [CRASH]

    The 3 Most Important Executive Orders of our lifetimes.
    13818, 13848, 13959.
    Think Crimes Against Humanity, Foreign Election Interference Globally, Think Chinese Military Companies, Think EVERGRANDE.
    Ladies & Gentlemen


  21. Hi Blisskitt, Totally agree with your last paragraph.
    Hell these people ‘couldn’t find their own ass with both hands, even if you duct-taped them to it’.
    Besides, reckon they’ve caused enough damage already.


  22. Section 12 only applies when the whole Senate is dissolved at once. That last happened in 2016. Half Senate elections (per 2019 and 2022) are not dissolutions – except in the Territories. That’s why no writs for the six states.

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  23. Hi CATACLYSMIC DUCK, Oh yeah they’ve been reeeal busy.
    Jumpin Jack Flash Ardern has been doing much of the same for ages.
    Now people are going “Huh?? When did that happen??! Nec minute…


  24. To add further to this debacle this afternoon, ABC news. Why can’t they do a phone in vote (as dodgy as I am sure they will be)?

    Even though I have little sympathy for those that continue to COVID test, upload their results and isolate, they should be able to vote.

    Then again perhaps that will be less votes for those deemed to have kept us all soooooo safe from the bloody flu.

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  25. Gordon… that is the question (S44(i)) so many of us asked in 2007, to which we got no answers. What became clear a few years ago is that it no longer matters how many parts of the constitution are violated, or how many Commonwealth Acts are ignored or breached; it only matters who has the power to enforce their will.

    The government claims this power right now, but only because the people refuse to enforce their will with their own power (as Arthur Chresby would have put it). And, by the way, when reading the Constitution, remember that the word “Commonwealth” means “the people of Australia”.

    Wake up people. Reclaim your country and your government or perish.


  26. lindesymonds

    “An Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia” 1900 briefly flashed on the screen before this video and it contains the following information that is with held from Australian children by the g’ment skool but pertinent to this election:

    “Whereas the people of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Queensland and Tasmania humbly relying upon the blessing of Almighty God, have agreed to unite in one indissoluble Federal Commonwealth under the Crown of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and under the Constitution hereby established.

    Australia was federated under the Crown of the UK according the Act. And on July 9, 1900 Queen Victoria signed and sealed the Proclamation of the Commonwealth of Australia along with Her Parliament’s “Act to constitute the Commonwealth of Australia”. However.

    “As soon as Australia became independent the 1900 Act ceased to have any effect as an exercise of sovereign power of the United Kingdom”

    The Commonwealth of Australia was Proclaimed January 1, 1901 in Sydney’s Centennial Park.

    These corporate politutes and pretenders must go. The whole ratbag lot of them with their directives, mandates, infringements and what-not must be stood down.

    When the Commonwealth of Australia was proclaimed, the Commonwealth of Australia was constituted under its 1901 Constitution, not the Crown of the United Kingdom. the Queen’s representative Lord John Hopetoun handed over her possessions and territories of Australia to the People of Australia thereby relinquishing the jurisdiction of the Crown over Australia.

    Our Constitution 1901 recognizes the supreme authority of our Commonwealth as invested in the people. And the people must Sack Them All.



    Interesting how “the Parliament of Australia” enacted the latest amendment to the Commonwealth Electoral Act 1918, not “The Parliament,” or “The Parliament of the Commonwealth.”

    Electoral Legislation Amendment (Foreign Influences and Offences) Act 2022
    No. 6, 2022

    An Act to amend the law relating to elections and referendums in respect of electoral communication and expenditure of foreign campaigners, and offences, and for related purposes
    [Assented to 17 February 2022]
    The Parliament of Australia enacts:
    1 Short title
    This Act is the Electoral Legislation Amendment (Foreign Influences and Offences) Act 2022.
    2 Commencement
    (1) Each provision of this Act specified in column 1 of the table commences, or is taken to have commenced, in accordance with column 2 of the table. Any other statement in column 2 has effect according to its terms.

    Commencement information
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Provisions Commencement Date/Details
    1. The whole of this Act The day after this Act receives the Royal Assent. 18 February 2022
    Note: This table relates only to the provisions of this Act as originally enacted. It will not be amended to deal with any later amendments of this Act.
    (2) Any information in column 3 of the table is not part of this Act. Information may be inserted in this column, or information in it may be edited, in any published version of this Act.

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  28. Gordon Ledwidge

    I wish to raise some further issues and the relate to section 44 (1) of The Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act (Cth)1900.
    44. Disqualification.
    Any person who—
    (i.) Is under any acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience, or adherence to a foreign power, or is a subject or a citizen or entitled to the rights or privileges of a subject or a citizen of a foreign power: or
    If you were to conduct an ABN search, you will find a lot of Government departments, a lot of the Courts, Police forces etc all have an ABN. Does that not show that they now have an allegiance to a foreign power as in the USA. Also, with the announcement from both the Prime Minister and the Opposition Leader, after the election we will be subjected to the rule of a foreign power?????????, namely The World Economic Forum under the U.N. and they will govern us???????? A clear breach of section 44(1) of the Constitution and invalidates most sitting members of both houses of Parliament.
    There is major treachery happening to “WE” the people of the Commonwealth of Australia.
    We demand the restoration of our constitution as it was stolen from us without any referendums by deceitful actions by very deceitful so called politicians.
    Have a read of the “Australia Act (Cth) 1986” and asked yourself, why did these deceitful pollies do this???????


  29. Hi Dick, That is the six million dollar question.


  30. Hi Editor How can you get an election when the Governor-General sits in Treason. Dick

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