Freedom Rally across the nation May 14 to sack them all

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  1. karen elliot

    What to expect – regardless of whichever group ‘wins’ the election:
    – all persons reliant on government payments will have to submit to being “fully vaxxed” or will lose pensions or other income payments,
    – phasing in of all relying on government payments onto “income management” (control) schemes,
    – hikes in GST, and inclusion of foods, as well as personal taxes to pay down the massive debt the government has imposed on Australians,,
    – imposition of digital ID…

    Though the time-table may appear to be dependent on a Senate favourable to the governing party, the use of “mandates” to bypass the senate WILL be used…

    Whoever wins > you lose…

    PS. i’ve just reieved another bribe from the government, $250 deposited direct into my bank account… I expect it will be clawed back post-election, and my pension to be reduced, to pay off the government created debt, because “We shouldnt leave it for future generations to pay off (like the Sydney Harbour Bridge was)”….


  2. You can have rallies until your bum falls off, they won’t take a tuppenny-damns worth of notice. the only thing that effects them is force, either from their minders or the public.
    Now it’s your choice!


  3. edward charles bukelis

    time to get AUSTRALIA back,dont go down the EU globist path


  4. Great work all!!!!


  5. crisscross767

    The Boomerang…

    “Ancient Egyptians were familiar with the boomerang about 4,000 years ago and Pharaoh Tutankhamun had an extensive collection of boomerangs! The knowledge of the boomerang was also widespread among several Indian tribes in North America, especially the Navajo as well as the aboriginal Australians. Model of ancient Egyptian boomerang”.

    How did the aeronautical knowledge get around and who taught the aboriginals how to live off the land and survive for thousands of years without money and a Central Bank charging them interest?


  6. What’s noon on a Saturday in a park going to do? Thursday is payday for most, hit the streets!


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