Queensland Upper House abolition a chance for reform

The Parliamentary Committee system is a failure and cannot criticise the government of the day

Tomorrow marks 100 years since the formal abolition of the Legislative Council, the former Upper House, which left Queensland with the only unicameral state parliamentary system in the country.

Katter’s Australian Party Leader and Traeger MP Robbie Katter said, while the last thing people wanted was more politicians, the occasion marked an opportune time to reflect on the absolute centralisation of political power in Queensland and the possibilities of reform.

KAP Leader Robbie Katter wants reform of the Queensland Unicameral Parliament, the only parliament in Australia without an Upper House

”We first must ask – is there a problem to be solved in Queensland politics? Obviously I believe there is,” he said.

“There is a global trend away from the two-party system in modern democracies, but here we are behind the times and still wedded to a political landscape that doesn’t serve people adequately.

“Perhaps a more effective way of dealing with the problems inherent to our two-party, unicameral system is a more balanced spread of power across minor parties.

“As the real advocates for regional Queensland, the KAP is able to speak with authority on the failings of the current system as we are acutely aware of the deficiencies in funding and political focus that result from the status quo.

“These issues are exactly what had led to us calling for a separate state in the past.

“I am still not sold on the answer to these issues being the reinstatement of the Upper House and the extra politicians that come with it, but the KAP would certainly be open to discussions around reforming the system to ensure integrity of the government and to prevent the democratic process from being manipulated and exploited.”

Mr Katter said the Queensland public was not being adequately served by current political structures.

“The Committee system, which Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk recently said was a pillar of Queensland’s systemic anti-corruption measures, has a tendency to operate as a political apparatus and is, by design, incapable of effectively critiquing the Government of the day,” he said.  

“While the committees do undertake very valuable work, anyone who tries to suggest they are apolitical and therefore capable of truly holding the Government of the day to account is kidding themselves.”

Queensland’s Parliamentary Committees, which in place of an elected Upper House examine legislation and conduct public inquiries as per the Parliament of Queensland Act 2001, are ultimately controlled by the Government (in this case, the Palaszczuk Labor Government).

The Chair, who adjudicates all meetings, is a Government MP who is appointed by the Leader of the House.

The committees are then made up of at least 50 per cent Government MPs, as well as Opposition and crossbenchers depending on the political composition of the Legislative Assembly at the time.[1]

Public briefings and hearings are made public and are televised, but internal decision-making is kept secret.

MPs are then considered to be in contempt of parliament if they divulge anything discussed in private.[2]

[1] https://documents.parliament.qld.gov.au/explore/education/factsheets/Factsheet_3.9_Parliamentary Committees.pdf

2 https://www.couriermail.com.au/news/queensland/qld-politics/queensland-parliament-committees-meeting-in-secret-the-vast-majority-of-the-time-insiders/news-story/e380557c4f8b2d03177daed7943d3f38

Editor: Cairns News over a decade has noticed a trend by readers to abolish state governments and replaced them with a federal system utilising regional local government councils to formulate policies for their regions. One size does not fit all. The Commonwealth should be returned with the restoration of Constitutional government.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Mike Holt interviewed by Sarah Westall
    Mike addreses Common Law Assemblies and Common Law Courts
    “FED UP! Most Extreme Australian Premier Beaten, Common Law Assemblies Forming Worldwide”

    link won’t post for me, so please google title of video

    A video from 2021


  2. Mike Holt and Common Law Assemblies and Courts forming
    Video from 2021


  3. Making Political History education program REPLAYS

    Monica Smit



  4. “Up until 1975, political candidates, sitting or aspiring, were forced to visit constituents door to door and request their personal guidance as to the candidate’s thus-adopted policies. In this manner, candidates reflected the will of the people. This is not actual democracy but is a workable emulation; albeit risky” is direct interface with the electors. “Safe seats” would vanish.
    Furthermore, there is no contract with each elector that bares a wet ink signature, therefore no contract! Having to do that would lift their game.
    As we know, despite the The Australia Act imposition is a thing completely of their making, what’s it got to do with us? We voted against any changes so the Police and Military are in Treason for violating their oaths. The GG is an imposter and even though appointed by the Corp he’s vanished so he knows he’s a marked man.
    It’s gotta get a lot worse before the people take to the streets in vast numbers and it’s heading that way with cost of living inflation which, in reality, will be a good thing. That’s the only way to stir the sleeping giant into action!
    Treason is mounting day by day but whose going to hold them to account? Very hard times will bring the the people’s courts into action.
    There needs to be, I’m afraid to say, a lot more pain down to very basic survival for change to come about.
    I spoke to a friend in China yesterday and that pain is being forced on them right now. Total lock-downs, food and energy rationing, curfews, no exemptions!


  5. You right Alison, — Of course, This is treason, there is no other word for it.


  6. Tony this is applicable to the whole country. But sadly the majority of the Citizen do not see / comprehend this.


  7. Yes, we are now Slaves… As predicted and foretold by the Jewish scriptures. Any SAS Anzac’s and or other military patriots, available to safe the country from its government? “You can forget the Police.”


  8. I just Did this, however I did not recall my password correctly and had to reset it. Unfortunately I am using my ipad. When I leave a site to go to email to recover my password, i cannot get back to where I was in oder to enter it. This was to me svery important contribution concerning the death of my son and the subsequent covering up by injudicial use of the attorney general’s powers. We truly need the tripartite separation ofpowers.


  9. Queensland premier is a jew, NSW premier was a jew replaced by a son of a United states banker, Peter gutwein is a jew,treasurer is a jew! Seriously eriously people wake the fxuk up!!!!! Klaus schwab is jewish! Oh wait here comes the holohoax victim card once again!!!

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  10. 3 Apr 2022
    BREAKING: The full email package between Scott Morrison and Klaus Schwab confirming that he is acting as a proxy to the World Economic Forum’s great reset. This is treason, there is no other word for it. The Australian people did not sacrifice their husbands and children in two wars to give the country over to global fascism by stealth.


    DOC 3. 22 OCT 2018
    From SCOTT MORRISON to Professor Klaus Schwab,
    We share with the World Economic Forum a commitment to innovation, strong economic growth, and a future of work for our people. Thank you also for your invitation to me to attend the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in 2019. Unfortunately I will be not able to participate. I understand that a number of Australian Government Ministers have been invited to this event and I am confident that Australia and the Australian Government will be well represented …

    DOC 4. 20 May 2019
    Professor Klaus Schwab – to Scott Morrison, Dear Prime Minister, … As the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation, the World Economic Forum looks forward closely with your government to achieve positive change in Australia …

    DOC 7 & DOC 9. 30 Aug 2019
    Professor Klaus Schwab – to Scott Morrison, Dear Prime Minister, …The Forum will work closely with your office over the coming months to build a special agenda that meets your strategic interests and evolving priorities …

    DOC 8. 20 Oct 2019
    From SCOTT MORRISON to Professor Klaus Schwab, … I understand that a number of Australian Government Ministers have been invited … and I am confident that Australia will be well represented …

    DOC 15. 1 Apr 2021
    From SCOTT MORRISON to Professor Klaus Schwab, … Australia looks forward to further engagement with the World Economic Forum …

    DOC 18. 14 Jan 2022
    From SCOTT MORRISON to Professor Klaus Schwab, … I am pleased to accept your invitation to deliver a live State of the World address … the WEF’s discussions between political, business, and cultural leaders are beneficial in shaping positive change across global and regional economic agendas, and supporting an inclusive post-pandemic recovery … Australia … sees close alignment between the WEF and Australia’s trade and investment policy priorities …


  11. As far as the idea of committees go in any organisation from the local Tennis Club all the way to Federal government leads me to this statement.
    ‘Form a committee to build a horse and they come up with an Elephant’

    Anyone who has been in the Military for sometime will know every well what a ‘Committie Ship/Fighter jet ect’ is.


  12. The last thing we need is more gummint. The whole lot has to be dismantled. Trump repealed 22 laws for every new one. The US boomed. It would be nice to see ex-pollies having to walk among us and receive some feedback. All levels of gummint to be reduced.


  13. Click to download the 31 pages of documents acquired under Freedom of Information and implicating @ScottMorrisonMP and the @ausgov in conspiracy with Klaus Schwab to destroy our freedoms and liberties and the national sovereignty of Australia.

    7:59 pm · 3 Apr 2022


  14. From Monica Smit & Liz Blake –
    Founder, Reignite Democracy Australia
    Program Design & Development, Lateral Insights


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    We have a real chance to vote the major parties out, replace them with politicians who have Australia’s interest at heart – unlike the unelected global bureaucrats who are increasingly influencing our politics and whose sole interests are the rape and pillaging of our nation.

    TOGETHER WE CAN make the difference that Australians are suffering for.

    If you’re ready for real change from this federal election… If you want a clear pathway to having a future to look forward to… If you’ve said, “I never want to repeat the last two years again!” …. Join us for


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    you’ll know HOW to make your vote work to get freedom-loving politicians elected;

    AND how to help others to do the same

    MORE PLEASE SEE: https://makingpoliticalhistory.com/

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  15. All parties to this analysis are misreading the problem.

    Get back to basics.

    Queensland Democracy is that state in which The People, all residing in Queensland, determine policy; at a local, regional, and state level.

    All states in Australia are currently run by unaccountable gangs of criminals whose only authority is of foreign origin… the global oligarchs.

    How did this transfer of power come about?

    Up until 1975, political candidates, sitting or aspiring, were forced to visit constituents door to door and request their personal guidance as to the candidate’s thus-adopted policies. In this manner, candidates reflected the will of the people. This is not actual democracy but is a workable emulation; albeit risky.

    Anyway, with the rise of Rupert Murdoch, enabled by direct patronage from David Rockefeller, and ably assisted by Bob Hawke, Paul Keating and John Howard through their identical transfers of power to the media monopoly, replaced the constituents as controllers of policy.

    This was achieved by funding political party election campaigns that supported intensified media monopoly and, eventually, Murdoch decided which candidate would win and which would lose. Eventually, he won control of 70% of print media, all of TV, and all of SBS and ABC. No politician could resist his power, at least until the maverick Hanson challenged his dictums. She was crushed by bi-party gangsterism and her own megalomania.

    My point here is that as long as Murdoch and News Corp survive in Australia, any reform is impossible. This is why Rudd launched his 600,000 signature petition to the government which, dumbarse that he is, was ignored by Scomo.

    Queenslanders. Until you erase Murdoch you cannot win politically. You can, of course, poke him out with pitchforks and apply burning torches to his media.


  16. No doubt the system has been corrupt for a long time & no doubt they did a great job at hoodwinking all Australians including the politicians today who don’t realize they represent the biggest fraud in our history.

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  17. The whole system is corrupt, politicians are selected and placed! We are run by the Jewish elites! Klaus Schwab is a jew, jews world order under disguise of NATO, UN and WEF, jews own the media, jews vaccinations! It may come as a surprise to all you virtuous do goody two shoes aussies but its fact

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