Ray Hadley a ‘rabid anti-vaxx hate peddler’ listened to by sheeples

Letter to the Editor

Another tragic death of a innocent child from the population culling program of Scomo and Albo on behalf of the psychopaths who run the globalist masonic/ Jesuit “new world order”. 

I doubt the figure quoted is 6 little children. At least 2 were killed five months ago in Hazzard’s criminal forced injection of school kids in Sydney. One ward in Perth Royal hospital is entirely filled with sick and dying young people with myocarditis after the kill shot. Nearly 40. Adelaide is just as bad. Doctors are threatened against talking about it by their psychopath Premiers.

I have sympathy for the poor little boy,  very little for his parents. No  doubt they have ignored the huge street protests of over 1.5 million people across Australia in  the last six months as just a few irresponsible Anti Vaxxers. 

No doubt  like so many sheep in our doomed country they followed faithfully the mainstream media lies about this deadly scamdemic and the need to be made “Safe”. With a “safe, effective vaccine”. Baa.

The same corrupt lot who have just got a $100million reasons to lie. The tax free dollars oils the lying mouths of such sociopaths as radio 2GB Hadley. A rabid “anti vaxers” hate peddler. 

The term Anti-Vax was created as a policy to silence real scientists and reputable Doctors who began airing concerns about what big pharma’s vaccine cash cow was doing to kids a decade ago. Anyone who uses the term is a payed agent of big pharma. A whore. A mouth for rent!

Just like the CIA invented “conspiracy theory ” as a loaded epithet  to negate real evidence that the Rockefeller/ Jesuit/ paedophile network better known as the CIA were involved in murdering, compromising or simply taking over the Government of many once Independent Nations.  

I bet these parents had happily dismissed the alarms concerning these lethal gene altering toxins, by Anti- vaxers as just rubbish. The father said he “trusted the Government,  that they were “necessary and safe”. Baa.

Firstly these injections aren’t vaccines.  They are experimental gene therapies also containing some very toxic substances. Years ago they were tested on animals with a 100% death result. Now they are safe??

Why did you not listen to those of us who have been warning about Agenda 21 for the last 3 decades. Did you just dismiss this as another “conspiracy theory “? 

You are in good company.  A million idiots also ignored all this. Now many will pay with with their lives in the next few years. Baa.

How can you trust a Government that has signed a binding International agreement to kill off 11 out of twelve of us by 2030 to “keep you safe”? Baa. Baa.

Why didn’t you hear alarm bells, when we were told that this deadly virus could kill off half the population. Where were the mounds of dead lying in the streets?

What did you think, when you were told by the media lackeys that just one shot would stop you catching or spreading the sniffles? 

Then it was 2. Now you became one of the dreaded “Un-vaxxed” if you haven’t had three.

Now the good news we are told,  is that we can get a “booster” every 3 months, or until you are dead, whichever comes first. Didn’t alarm bells ring?

These criminals invented the story of  “variants” to continue the lie to explain why the last 1,2,3,4,or 20 shots didn’t help. Do you understand that OMICRON Is a anagram of moronic.  The virus was never the focus. It was the vehicle to get sheep to submit to blackmail and the kill shots. Baa.Baa.

What did you think when the corrupt AMA and TGA banned the very effective treatments of Ivermectin and HCQ and threatened doctors who had been successful prescribing them. So they could push their lying narrative of “safe vaccinations ” as the “best way forward”. Didn’t alarm bells ring? Baa Baa

 So don’t try and shift blame to the criminals in Government, which is nothing more than a private company and the TGA . Your stupidity and need for a keeper so you can avoid the personal responsibility of a citizen, killed your son. Just like millions across the world. Baa.

Nothing can bring him back. This is a terrible loss and one which is going to escalate massively in the next couple of years as the consequences of playing God with our DNA begins to unravel. 

No doubt you and your wife rushed in to get the kill shot. You don’t have many years left if the advice of hundreds of good scientists is reliable.

Devote your time to stopping this genocide, try to save more little children from a similar fate. Don’t let the loss of your son be for nothing.  Fight to bringing the perpetrators to Justice. Lists are being prepared of those who organized or aided and abetted this crime.

Help with that work or something else useful. Don’t console idiots. Fight to bring justice and to protect the innocent little ones.

from James Lewis 


About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. D Johnston The morons believe bullshit too much, methinks? LOL


  2. davidd2…Took me about 5 minutes to control my laughter enough to enable typing. Priceless! Boosted the serantonin levels…Thanks.


  3. D Johnston: 🙂 No, no, no…. In all probability Hamlet is a foreign intellectual leap and concept for it. It is much more likely to be familiar with “Methinks… The Lady is a Tramp”. There is no cure for a poorly executed lobotomy, unfortunately.


  4. Oh hello again Eskimo Man, so lovely to hear from you once again. Hamlet: “The lady doth protest too much, methinks”. Lol


  5. D Johnston, so you prefer to believe in lies about the Jesuits, only complete utter idiots believe that the Jesuits are behind the New World Order. Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Bill Gates, Dr Fauci, etc, all Jews you idiots. The Rothschild’s have over 50% of the worlds wealth, they are worth more than the the USA itself, over 500 Trillion dollars worth. Wake up to yourself, you are actually working for the enemy by not addressing the true perpetrators.


  6. You are not that smart are you ron?


  7. D Johnston


    I believe that there is a very big difference between someone throwing an insult or abuse at those who are harming and killing us, and two people making comments about an article, where personal abuse is put in writing against a named individual.


  8. Thanks for supporting our entirely honorary team and contributors. Ed


  9. Nicely stated ron…I stand with you on the higher ground. This is an amazing platform that Cairns News and all the team should be immensely proud of producing. I for one am very appreciative to be able to connect with so many like minded, intelligent, inspiring people, especially during these arduous times. Personally, without this forum I would probably be on full tilt by now! I too am a free thinker and always open to considering a viewpoint and/or belief system that may be in stark contrast to my own. That is how we grow as beings. Disagreement is fine, but as mature adults of intellect, we don’t need to resort to base personal insults. Leave that behaviour to the enemy, because that’s all they’re capable of and which will eventually lead to their defeat.


  10. Eskimo Man

    I am not a follower of any religion, I have an open mind, am a free thinker, am not afraid of looking at the other side of the story, I am open to change of beliefs, ideas and opinions.

    I do not believe that you are game enough to wander away from your protected / limited world views and beliefs..You do not appear to make a comment without some sort of abuse to others,

    In future, I have no intention of making any comments about your comments or articles.

    Have a very nice day!


  11. I have done plenty of research on the Masonic protestant claims against the Jesuits, they have NEVER had hitmen, or been hitmen, it is just stupid protestant garbage. It was the Jesuits that were very strong in the Counter Reformation, so the Masonic Jews, and their protestant followers hated them. Also, Adam Weishaupt was the founder of the Illuminati, but protestants claim he was a Jesuit, when in fact he was never a Jesuit, he just worked at a Jesuit College and hated the Catholic clergy. So grow a brain before printing garbage, I get info on the pretend Controlavirus Plandemic and the Gene serum shots from Cairns News, so please don’t screw that up by destroying your credibility.


  12. Eskio man

    I do agree with much of what you say, except for James Lewis being an idiot.
    I believe that James is very likely a switched on common sense thinker.

    I am sure that if you go back in history (not the main stream rubbish) you will find that the Jesuits are indeed part of what is happening to us and Australia today, and has involved Jesuits and Jesuit trained students, who ended up in politics, police, courts, schools, etc.

    No, I will not do all the research for you, you would likely not believe my results.

    If you do your own unbiased and open minded research, including using alternate media, I am sure you will trip over information the shows there are many players involved in getting us to the mess we are in today. – including the Jesuits.

    You should be able find out the real history of the masons – it certainly involves the Jesuits.


  13. Thank you Editor, that is an excellent point and daresay totally credible. One thing I do know for sure… Jewfish have absolutely no involvement whatsoever!


  14. Whoa don’t hold back Eskimo Man! A touch brutal lol but I think you are correct. Was also wondering what possible association or relevance Jesuits had to all this.


  15. MoronSon ordered plenty for Hadley, I think we have millions in stock now, payed by you and me…


  16. The Jesuit Army…. a secular army established in the 15th century shortly after the takeover of the Papal throne and of its wealth and power by the wealthy Sephardic family of merchants by the name of Borja.

    The founder of the Jesuit Army was a secular, military man also of Sephardic origin by the name of Loyola. That Army was subsequently “disbanded” and reconstituted in a different form with a more ecclesiastical facade.

    Shortly after the 15th century takeover we encounter the spread of kabbalist doctrines of the helio-centric system, the equivalents of the Big Bang and Chaos theories, the Reformation and the multiple schisms which beset Christianity and the downward spiraling of the “spiritual” power of the “catholic” church, accompanied by the rise of “occult” secret societies exercising power behind the scenes.

    A coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is clear, the front men come and go at the behest of those who have the power to install them, directly or indirectly.


  17. We looked everywhere for any info about that at the time but couldnt find any. Ed


  18. Hey you should do some research on the Jesuits. They are the hitmen for the Catholic church and have been for centuries. Ed


  19. epithet
    an adjective added to a person’s name or a phrase used instead of it, usually to criticize or praise them:
    The singer’s 104-kilo frame earned him the epithet of “Man Mountain” in the press.


  20. To James Lewis, they are Masonic Jews not Masonic Jesuits running the NWO you idiot, and it is the Rockefeller/ Jew/ paedophile network, not Jesuits. Do you understand that Jesuits are Priests? So what you are claiming is that a network of Masonic Priests who have no power at all are in control of all this evil. Yet the Rockefeller’s, Rothschild’s, Warburg’s, Gates’, Bilderberg Group, and the B’nai B’rith are all Jews, and the main stream media, financial banking system, Hollywood, military industrial complex, all wars, and all Western governments are controlled by Jews. Yet you wanna blame Jesuits, don’t be so stupid it was these Masonic Jews that were behind the protestant revolution and every other antichrist revolution.


  21. I feel for the children – whose voices will not be heard – and can’t say NO! For their parents – NO sympathy. Musn’t forget all those teens who were killed after being led into the Sydney stadium. Two ICU doctors spoke of the DOZENS of teens who were on deaths’ door in the one childrens hospital.


  22. Truly, I can’t wait to the white hats give Hadley his boosters, he might change once it hits home.


  23. Why would anyone want their genes “therapeutised”? Especially if there’s nothing wrong with them?

    Gene MANIPULATION is far more on the mark. There’s no “therapy” involved for those who have healthy genes, and that’s most of us.

    Personally, I prefer bio-engineering genetic EXPERIMENTATION.


  24. Hi Karen the few esteemed epidemiologists we quote say it is gene manipulation. That is good enough for us. Ed

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  25. Thanks Peter we hope the ignoramus Hadley is reading. Ed

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  26. A Classic example why you shouldn’t “god worship” a narcisstic nobody

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  27. Some light relief. Also a depiction on how to deal with nasty sheeple. I will refer to the protagonist in my tale as ‘OO’ (Obnoxious Ovine).
    Having recently been subjected to extreme medical discrimination/negligence at a medical centre in Cairns, I am fortunate to have found another centre/GP. They are cheerful, caring, inclusive and non discriminatory. (I am medically exempt from ‘maskation’). New word?.
    On Monday, I was awaiting my appointment, alongside 6-7 other patients. They appeared totally comfortable and accepting of me (sans mask),; a few of us even chatting.
    A middle aged lady (who turned out to be ‘OO’) entered from the street. On seeing me there with my whole face! she shot me a dagger look, to which I responded with an overly sweet smile. (They hate that). She then proceeded to check in at reception. When asked if she was vaccinated, ‘OO’ in a suddenly raised voice as if addressing the room declared in a smug and self-righteous tone “I am actually triple vaxxed”. Good for her, that’s her choice. The rest of us were all looking at her by now and having never had much of a filter at the best of times I muttered “That’ll look incongruous on a headstone.” The nice lady next to me started trying valiantly to suppress a giggle. ‘OO’ eventually stomped off (bypassing a number of vacant chairs) into an adjacent waiting room.
    It probably wasn’t very charitable of me, but I have had a gutful of this passive aggressive and often hostile, sanctimonious behaviour. In reality, ‘OO’ being chokers full of bloody spike proteins and whatever else, including her bilous liver, was the true threat and risk to others.
    “Love/treat thy neighbour……” got thrown out the NWO window.

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  28. James Lewis

    In concern of your article, I recently made the following comment

    “100% correct, spot-on. Very good honest, real, factual article.”

    I had another read of the article and would like to add to my original comment.

    Add: Brilliant.

    All sheeple parents should have to read your article. It may create a spark in a few brain cells that then reactivates a long dead area of the brain, the part that uses common sense.

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  29. Once upon a time Hadley was often quite active in helping people. A rabid hater of firearms and those who own them, he has added to that list people who dare disagree with him.
    The Virus(and loads of payola to that indoctrination machine to 2GB et al) have lubricated that indoctrination machine.
    Hadley spews endless biased information and blatant lies.
    In short – he and those like him (and there are many to varying degrees, are WHORES.
    Anybody who listens to the endless spewed alarm deserves what they get.

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  30. Fiona Barnett radio Interview TNTRADIO.LIVE by Jason Q Citizen (World Series Underground TV) 18th January – Time posted 23:10 – goes for 1hr 43+mins

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  31. Please stop using ‘Gene Therapy.’. Such is a fabrication meant to deceive… THEY ARE NOT A THERAPY… They are medical experiments… They Are Not A Therapy… They Are Not Vaccines…
    They Are Not A Therapy… They Are Not Vaccines…
    Use those deceitful fabrications and you’ll be fooling yourself…

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  32. Hadley is not alone. 2GB is unlistenable at this point in time. Tune into an SBS ethnic Mongolian or Swahili program, it’s bound to make more sense.

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  33. Talking about CIA & corrupt media puppets & government officials…Remember Fiona Barnett? I remember her from the Royal Commission/ key witness & her radio show ‘Pedos (or pedophiles?) Down Under’. I’m told the ‘evil bast#ards’ shut her down, they’ve never silenced her, though she’s a target. There’s a link for free download of her latest edition of her book ‘Eyes Wide Open’ Updated edition re: Lockdown 2020. Her book speaks the truth. If the majority knew the truth about undercover operatives controlled by the sickest people known to man, I think some may top themselves as it’d do their heads in, they just wouldn’t cope with the reality of how bad this is. She also did a couple hours radio interview on ‘TNT Radio’ talks about ‘the lockdown’ on there as well.
    (Don’t know how to attach link on a comment page so for search page)

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  34. Desperate Refugee

    Let’s get it straight about Ray Hadley. He is not a sociopath – he’s a full blown Psychopath. He’s been the subject of restraining orders for violence towards his former wife. He spews force a never ending drivel of hatred and spite against all those his addled brain doesn’t or can’t accept. This malevolent creature should be kicked off the airways forthwith for his constant hate drivel. Other’s have been cancelled for a lot less.

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  36. James Lewis

    100% correct, spot-on. Very good honest, real, factual article.

    Yes the parents were complicit, all of the parents forcing their kids to be injected with an experiment, that is well known to harm and kill, are not only stupid but also complicit.

    It is about time that we say out loud what the plandemic is, it is harm, it is genocide, it is murder.

    I do not in any way condone what the parents are doing to their kids.

    I will not fight for the right of the parents to sacrifice their kids to the NWO.

    I will not support or assist parents who offer up their kids to a corrupted health system, that pushes the experiment into the kids.

    We are going into the third year of this thinning of the population, if the parents do not know by now that this is the biggest con in history – they do not want to know.

    There should be no surprise if their kids are harmed or killed by the experiment.

    Parents, you are a very big part of why your kids are harmed or killed,

    Parents, no sympathy for you – huge amounts of sympathy for the poor kids who had no choice.

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  37. In response to James, I wonder what batch the said presenter was given. Hopefully not the one that is showing links to Mad Cow disease in humans in Canada since their rollout.
    How bad could his rants get?

    But you also forgot to mention the ‘tin foil hat’ nutters, also a name coined by those very same ‘agents’.

    Their goal has been to deter and heavily censor people from talking about the deleterious health effects of electromagnetic frequencies at soon to be felt obscene levels under the guise of the Internet of things (IoT)

    The aluminium tinfoil hat implied that the aluminium was reflecting EMF off their brain, or lack thereof.

    The thing is, well studied Scientists (who have experience with microwave), Doctors (who understand calcium channels) and Researchers (including those who work in the field) are happy to have the debate.
    Bring it on.
    The facts will continue to speak for themselves.

    It’s quite possible the only way we win this war is with truth.

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  38. This repulsively ignorant big pharma and big media and government agenda mouthpiece is by doing this inciting hate and division and that’s a crime isn’t it? He is also seriously complicit in the destruction of our Civil rights and medical rights and human rights and freedoms and the destruction of democracy.
    He better shut that gaping hole under his nose or he could be on the list of perpetrators at the international criminal court led by Reiner fuellmich

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  39. An idiot who spruiks vaccine mandates on 2GB. Ed

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  40. who or what is a Ray Hadley?


  41. https://youtube.com/watch?v=blLTd0Smlqk&feature=share This is a scary FriendlyJordies video – it’s now illegal to criticise government. Definitely worth watching.


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  42. It’s now time for the 10% of ethical people to show the importance of the truth to the 90% of misinformed people who foolishly followed Unjust, Inhumane, Ludicrous orders from Unelected, Elected and down rite sneaky low life Egotistical Bastards who successfully manipulated Tyrannical Power Hungry Defence Forces, Police, Law Enforcement, Medical Personnel, Mainstream Media in conjunction with Virtue Signalling, Cancel Culture Companies, Corporations, Government, Big Tech & Big pharma with the intention to obtain control using fear and corruption powered by financial benefits.

    Problem is the 90% of exploited people will never admit they are Foolish or Narcissistic

    Sign the petition and let’s get the Bastards out of our life



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  43. Hadley’s ego has evolved much more efficiently than his brain.

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  44. I happily wear the badge ‘anti vaxer’ in the context of the current kill shots and very much preferred to the ‘Pro Harma’ badge.

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  45. What’s this got to do with Ray Hadley?


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