Letter to the Editor

Another tragic death of a innocent child from the population culling program of Scomo and Albo on behalf of the psychopaths who run the globalist masonic/ Jesuit “new world order”. 

I doubt the figure quoted is 6 little children. At least 2 were killed five months ago in Hazzard’s criminal forced injection of school kids in Sydney. One ward in Perth Royal hospital is entirely filled with sick and dying young people with myocarditis after the kill shot. Nearly 40. Adelaide is just as bad. Doctors are threatened against talking about it by their psychopath Premiers.

I have sympathy for the poor little boy,  very little for his parents. No  doubt they have ignored the huge street protests of over 1.5 million people across Australia in  the last six months as just a few irresponsible Anti Vaxxers. 

No doubt  like so many sheep in our doomed country they followed faithfully the mainstream media lies about this deadly scamdemic and the need to be made “Safe”. With a “safe, effective vaccine”. Baa.

The same corrupt lot who have just got a $100million reasons to lie. The tax free dollars oils the lying mouths of such sociopaths as radio 2GB Hadley. A rabid “anti vaxers” hate peddler. 

The term Anti-Vax was created as a policy to silence real scientists and reputable Doctors who began airing concerns about what big pharma’s vaccine cash cow was doing to kids a decade ago. Anyone who uses the term is a payed agent of big pharma. A whore. A mouth for rent!

Just like the CIA invented “conspiracy theory ” as a loaded epithet  to negate real evidence that the Rockefeller/ Jesuit/ paedophile network better known as the CIA were involved in murdering, compromising or simply taking over the Government of many once Independent Nations.  

I bet these parents had happily dismissed the alarms concerning these lethal gene altering toxins, by Anti- vaxers as just rubbish. The father said he “trusted the Government,  that they were “necessary and safe”. Baa.

Firstly these injections aren’t vaccines.  They are experimental gene therapies also containing some very toxic substances. Years ago they were tested on animals with a 100% death result. Now they are safe??

Why did you not listen to those of us who have been warning about Agenda 21 for the last 3 decades. Did you just dismiss this as another “conspiracy theory “? 

You are in good company.  A million idiots also ignored all this. Now many will pay with with their lives in the next few years. Baa.

How can you trust a Government that has signed a binding International agreement to kill off 11 out of twelve of us by 2030 to “keep you safe”? Baa. Baa.

Why didn’t you hear alarm bells, when we were told that this deadly virus could kill off half the population. Where were the mounds of dead lying in the streets?

What did you think, when you were told by the media lackeys that just one shot would stop you catching or spreading the sniffles? 

Then it was 2. Now you became one of the dreaded “Un-vaxxed” if you haven’t had three.

Now the good news we are told,  is that we can get a “booster” every 3 months, or until you are dead, whichever comes first. Didn’t alarm bells ring?

These criminals invented the story of  “variants” to continue the lie to explain why the last 1,2,3,4,or 20 shots didn’t help. Do you understand that OMICRON Is a anagram of moronic.  The virus was never the focus. It was the vehicle to get sheep to submit to blackmail and the kill shots. Baa.Baa.

What did you think when the corrupt AMA and TGA banned the very effective treatments of Ivermectin and HCQ and threatened doctors who had been successful prescribing them. So they could push their lying narrative of “safe vaccinations ” as the “best way forward”. Didn’t alarm bells ring? Baa Baa

 So don’t try and shift blame to the criminals in Government, which is nothing more than a private company and the TGA . Your stupidity and need for a keeper so you can avoid the personal responsibility of a citizen, killed your son. Just like millions across the world. Baa.

Nothing can bring him back. This is a terrible loss and one which is going to escalate massively in the next couple of years as the consequences of playing God with our DNA begins to unravel. 

No doubt you and your wife rushed in to get the kill shot. You don’t have many years left if the advice of hundreds of good scientists is reliable.

Devote your time to stopping this genocide, try to save more little children from a similar fate. Don’t let the loss of your son be for nothing.  Fight to bringing the perpetrators to Justice. Lists are being prepared of those who organized or aided and abetted this crime.

Help with that work or something else useful. Don’t console idiots. Fight to bring justice and to protect the innocent little ones.

from James Lewis