Freemasons, red shoes, UAP and political craziness

Romeo aka Antoine Georges complains on video and (right) in his full lodge regalia.


Clive Palmer
Craig Kelly accused by Romeo Georges of “betrayal”.

IT was inevitable that the push by Craig Kelly and the United Australia Party to break the two-party monopoly at the next Australian Federal Election would soon come under attack by those who claim loudly to be “Aussie patriots”.

One such loud voice was Romeo George of Sydney, who apparently buddied up with Craig Kelly “to start a new political party”. Not only that, Romeo aka Antoine George, a deputy grand-master freemason, wanted Kelly to take him on as a paid campaigner.

And when Romeo later discovered that Kelly had teamed up with Clive Palmer, Romeo got offended and went on Instagram and complained non-stop about how he had been betrayed because Kelly and Palmer never stumped up with the money he needed ($250,000 has been suggested) in order to become their big-shot political partner. He had been pushing this for some six weeks in repeated calls to Kelly.

“We sat around my own dining table to discuss how to start a new political party,” Romeo whined on the Instagram video that has now been removed.

Kelly and Palmer obviously realised that this guy was not going to be an asset. So now we see Romeo banging his own political drum on Sydney community radio station 2RSR, and now touting Ricardo Bosi as “his man”. Bosi knows better than to get tangled up with high-level masons, regardless of how patriotic they claim to be. Romeo now has his own fundraiser going, and a month or so ago was sitting at around $24,000.

Romeo has now “worked out” that Clive Palmer is running UAP in order to “sell UAP votes to the Coalition” and “get more mining land”. He also thinks Clive maliciously launched a lawsuit against the people of Western Australia. Hello? Has this man done any serious research? And then there’s Palmer’s preference deal with Campbell Newman and the Liberal Democrats, that Romeo sees as another big sellout because in his opinion they should have teamed up with One Nation.

But that could be a messy, complicated process and One Nation leader Mark Latham – a veteran political operative like Palmer – would not want to get bogged down in it. Liberal Democrats, a small outfit being used as a platform by LNP defector Campbell Newman, was an easier alliance.

For those who don’t know, the Liberal Democrats have very little in common with present-day Liberals or the old leftie Democrats. The Liberal Democrats are libertarians, a notable example being ex-Senator David Leyonhelm who has been an outstanding defender of firearm owners. Libertarians are probably the most anti-nanny state party anywhere. Palmer United are unashamedly pro-freedom, a point repeatedly made by Palmer at the freedom rallies across Australia.

If Palmer was in this political battle to line his own pockets with mining profits, he wouldn’t want to be bothered running for a Senate seat. Neither would he be upsetting the big business and the political establishment in states like Western Australia.

Romeo Georges was not the only person making crazy conspiratorial accusations against Kelly and Palmer. Kelly was spotted at a rally in Melbourne sitting down with his hands in a “secret freemason V sign” and Palmer appeared at another rally in Brisbane wearing red shoes! That’s right, red shoes. You know, the Red Shoes Cult …. spare us folks!

Strangely, some people at one of the People’s Revolution rallies in Brisbane, started heckling Palmer about his shoes. The hecklers were rebuked by an embarrassed Tristan Trickie, TPM organiser, who pointed out the stupidity of it.

But if you’re looking for masons under mattresses take a look at deputy grand-master Romeo. Are we suggesting some dark conspiracy here? No, but you have to ask the question: who are Romeo’s friends in the high places at the Lodge? ScoMo? Dan Andrews? Is “grand master” Romeo playing some clever political chess games? Probably not. It seems more like a bad case of sour grapes.

The suggestion by conspiracy theorists was that Palmer and Kelly are “controlled opposition”. Really? If you’re looking for controlled opposition, look no further than the LNP in Queensland or Labor in Canberra and any mainstream party in opposition in the other states. Palmer is a maverick with lots of moolah, but he’s at least splashing it around and fighting for his country first and foremost.

Palmer is also surprisingly frank and open about his wealth and told the freedom rally in Brisbane that most people including himself don’t need a lot of money. That’s a true statement, even coming from the mouth of a billionaire. Palmer doesn’t deny he has it, but he uses it for purposes bigger than himself. Being wealthy doesn’t automatically make one a villain, it’s how that wealth is used that tells the story.

Will UAP be the perfect party for Australia? Absolutely not. They will make their bungles like any other party. They will probably work with One Nation if they can gain a good number of Senate and House of Representative seats. If One Nation, UAP and maybe one or two others can stymie the duopoly then there’s real hope for Australia.

Craig Kelly has laid down the strategy very clearly and very simply: Use the federal preference voting system to number the alternatives like UAP, One Nation etc 1,2,3, with the major parties and the Greens last. Also avoid voting “above the line” in the Senate because the preference system has been very cleverly rigged to work for the Greens.

Ricardo Bosi and his supporters, meanwhile, will be watching and monitoring the coming federal election very closely. Bosi is under no illusion about the political stakes involved but has a brilliant strategy for the Australian people – whether he gets elected or not.

But patriotic Aussies should calm down, stop the whingeing and moaning and shooting themselves in the foot because this or that party of candidate doesn’t measure up to their ideals. Vote and make your vote count.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. ” I don’t know why I’m still subscribed to Cairns news ? ”

    Admit it, you have a fetish for more truth and information than you can get from MSM.


  2. The Communist Tribune takes subscribers.Ed


  3. Yes Red shoes which symbolises paedophilia/ Satan.. Paul Keating has worn them as he is a paedophile..Kelly doing the Freemason symbol because majority of politicians are Freemason as one should know! Libs labour Bosi they are all bad ..we the people need to rule ourselves ! I don’t know why I’m still subscribed to Cairns news ? ________________________________


  4. Sent you reply to the contributor. Ed


  5. What makes you think romeo georges is Antonio georges I think you had better check again , stories like this make cairns news look like a tabloids fake story outlet not to mention the chance of being sued , romeo georges wife’s name is joumana and he has 2 kids Antonio georges wife’s name is margaritas and has 3 kids just because they look a tiny bit the same and one name is the same it doesn’t make them the same person romeo georges would not be connected to the masons at all


  6. Lukashenko: ‘International Scammers’ end the Pandemic

    January 21, 2022 — Belarusian President Lukashenko has made a public statement on Covid-19 that would be unthinkable in the West: “One should not worry” about Covid-19 and the “organizers of the pandemic” [among them New Zealand’s Ms. Ardern; Australian Prime Minister Mr. Scott Morrison and several of Australian’s Provincial Governors; Canada’s Mr. Justin Trudeau; France’s Mr. Emmanuel Macron, Costa Rica’s President Carlos Alvarado Quesada; Madame Angela Merkel—and many more—[Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Chelsea Clinton, Nicolas Sarkozy, Tony Blair, Jens Spahn, Philipp Rösler, Sebastian Kurz, Viktor Orbán, Jean-Claude Juncker, Annalena Baerbock, Gavin Newsom, Peter Buttigieg; people from Asia, Africa and South America number among Schwab’s alumni] should finally end the pandemic.

    It is well known that President Lukashenko is one of the few heads of state who has not introduced any corona restrictions in his country. Lukashenko himself has contracted Covid-19 twice, but continues to demonstratively visit the corona wards in Belarusian hospitals without a mask and gloves. At the beginning of the pandemic, he indignantly rejected a payment of $900 million offered by the IMF in return for a lockdown in his country. Full story:


  7. Before a country starts a war it first withdraws its embassy –

    Families of US Embassy personnel in Ukraine ordered to begin evacuating as soon as Monday: officials

    Next week, the State Department is also expected to encourage Americans to begin leaving Ukraine by commercial flights


  8. @ Neville Thompson

    Mystery Babylon: The Illuminati, Masonic, and Catholic Connection—-illuminati—masonic—catholic.php

    19justinbrown88 — The TRUTH About the Illuminati, The Masons, and Mystery Babylon


  9. Neville Thompson

    Seeing the Catholics have had so much sway over society how then did the Mason’s exert their influence ?
    No need to print the following :
    I used to post under my first name but because of unfolding events my full name will carry more weight as it has in the past in the US bible belt .


  10. truthtellertonni

    My opinion is; the whole lot must go.
    Everyone who has ever been a member of parliament are rotten.
    All have hidden the past, what that rock spider Whitlam did buy removing the Crown Seal.
    And NOT ONE OF THEM, past and present, have ever told the truth.
    No more secret societies, no more rock spiders, no more government.
    F..k the lot off. Useless eaters, the lot of them.
    Let the sovereign people govern their own country & start building gallows for the traitors. Hang em till dead.
    Flaming maggots.


  11. Nev where have you been.
    Go back to the Country Party from about the day it was formed in1917. Several name changes ensued but it was firmly in place in the 1950’s and has been ever since. It was the worst kept secret in Queensland that to get nomination as a candidate for the NP you have to be a Mason. In Joh Bjelke Petersen’s ruling NP for 20 years, every member was a mason except Jo, who happened to be the odd man out as a Christian. No Lodge-no nomination. You must not be a Qldr. Ed


  12. Antione appears to be wearing more decorations and awards than the queen was wearing at her coronation.

    Has Antione sworn to be loyal to and defend a not so secret society?.

    Not knocking him if he has, he has a right to carry on with legit social activities.


  13. Hi Tony, I have had a couple of replies from Malcom Roberts from One Nation and I am not affiliated with One Nation

    We need to fight this battle ourselves and stop looking for people to save us.

    If this article is true, its not going to go down well with a few people

    Put your trust in yourself and God or any spiritual feeling you follow

    I have never been overly religious in controlling religions but this is a religious war whether we like it or not

    Its all in the bible

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  14. Neville Thompson

    Since when do Freemasons become involved in politics ?


  15. Is there any evidence that Romeo is actually Antoine?


  16. Kaiwanshou

    Well said, totally agree.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Anyone who can help rid us of the Labour/Greens-LNP duopoly and its trajectory is worth a vote. Next time you have to vote, vote carefully!

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  18. It makes a change to read commonsense commentary.

    Voters need to get this message… nobody’s perfect. It follows that no political party is perfect either. Right now, any coalition of parties that oppose the Greens/ALP/LNP NWO trajectory, may end the tyranny we have been thrust under.

    We can debate our differences later. Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer have been straight shooters and I would trust them ahead of One Nation or Australia One (which appears to have a Fundamentalist Christian Base). But nobody has mentioned the most promising new party of them all: the Liberty Party. In my 56 years of political experience, this is the only party that actually listens to its members and also objectively researches before formulating policies. A breath of fresh air.

    This is probably no time for being negative but, in my opinion, Campbell Newman is pure self-serving opportunist whose only friends are those who feather his nest. And One Nation has never responded to a party member since its inception in 1996. It even refuses to acknowledge membership resignations, claiming members who have long since left in disgust. But at least it opposes the NWO and so should attract our vote.

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  19. The fable of Benedict’s red shoes

    “………..Popes in previous centuries wore red shoes, hence Benedict’s harking back to an age of papal prestige. He would know that in Byzantium only three people were allowed to wear red shoes: the Emperor, the Empress, and the Pope. They are symbols of imperial power, in keeping with the opulent dress sense exhibited by monarchs. Even on a normal day, Queen Elizabeth II is still the best-dressed person in the room. Power treads the boards.

    Benedict is a wily fox, which is why we can be sure his red shoes were there to invite symbolic interpretations. Only thing is, red shoes have a life of their own. They take the wearer where he would not go. He has always wanted total control, but it’s the red shoes that control him.

    The only way this giddy madness can stop is by taking them off, which Benedict did on 11 February when he announced his resignation. The cardinals stared at one another in disbelief. They were living in a fable………..”


  20. Trickie, is an expert with cylinder head design, and flow.
    At last, somebody with a bit of cred. You’d believe him over any pollie or journo any day of the week.

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  21. I don’t care how honest a potential politician makes him/herself out to be. Anyone who desires to make their own laws to govern peoples lives is a psychopath.

    “Those people who will not be governed by God will be ruled by tyrants.” ― William Penn

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  22. If we are going to abide by the constitution then political parties have no place in government . But then if we abide by the Australia Act then it is invalid because there was no referendum to abandon the constitution, in fact the last referendum held was specifically about the constitution. Go look it up on the AEC website.
    Go check out Craig Kelly’s parliamentary voting record and Clive Palmer’s too.
    Why did Malcolm Turnbull cross the floor to make up the numbers required to bring into legislation the Bill to allow Foreign Forces to be brought in, with impunity?
    Just because the constitution was bypassed by all the parties doesn’t mean it is obsolete. Any Bill passed by Federal Parliament without being put to referendum has no force, even if the High Court adjudicates otherwise.
    If Bosi runs for Federal Parliament then he will have either cut his ties with Australia One Party or change their function.
    Then there has to be a wet ink signature from each voter in every electorate to authorise their elected member to represent them in Parliament. A mark on ballot paper is not consent to contract, it is only an indication of the possibility of their consent to contract.
    Imagine, for example, if you made a mark such as an X when signing any commercial contract or other contract.
    Then our actual Parliament House would have to be restored after the recent false flag fire.
    We, the people, are the ultimate and highest, with force, authority!

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  23. The Commonwealth of Australia, IS the people. A small amount of research will reveal that the criminal cartel in Canberra has officially disassociated itself from the Commonwealth of Australia, “… in a geographical sense…” means to hell with the people.
    The 1901 does not provide for party politics, All representatives in the Colony of Australia Commonwealth Parliament, MUST be independent representatives of their respective electorates (and it is an offense to attempt to influence one [so what about party whips])..
    So don’t vote for ANYTHING associated with the criminal cartel, nor participate in THEIR unlawful election.

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