Queensland Labor Corp demands state employees sign away their right to life for mRNA jab, or no job

Exclusive by Jim O’Toole

The Queensland Labor corporation has demanded state public servants sign away their Human Rights to life for the mandatory jab or get sacked for refusing.

The Queensland Labor Party has demanded public servants relinquish their right to life to keep their jobs which many thousands say is a ‘bridge too far.’

In one of the most outlandish documents ever seen by Cairnsnews, employees have been given the choice to sign up or ship out: Extract from the draft document:

‘This document sets out the consideration of the impact (limitations) on human rights of a decision to
require vaccination and to implement other controls to manage / mitigate the risk of COVID-19.
For the reasons that follow, it is considered the such a decision (as reflected in the department’s (draft)
COVID-19 Vaccination Policy and Procedure and Vaccination requirements for a is compatible with
human rights.’

‘Human rights that are affected
☒ Right to equality and non-
discrimination (section 15)

☒ Right to life (section 16)

☒ Protection from torture and cruel,
inhuman or degrading treatment
(section 17)

Section 16
A vaccination mandate, theoretically, may impact on a person’s right to life due to the potential for
adverse side effect from vaccination, however the risk of such a severe reaction is extremely low.
Section 17
A vaccination mandate and the potential consequences that flow may be considered to impact on the
right to full, free and informed consent for medical treatment if perceived that such a mandate effectively
limits choice because of a potential for termination of employment.’#

There it is readers. Now we know why there has been such an exodus of public servants in Queensland. No employee or any sane person would agree to handing away their lives to a communist state or any other entity. This is why 29,504 teachers have gone, 2000 or more police have been sacked and up to 900 ambulance staff have left the left wallowing in the biggest mess that this state has seen since federation.

We have been told out of 147 full time police officers in Mackay, only 37 remain.

Food supplies have been decimated because of a lack of staff, deservedly at Woolworths and Coles, and their shelves cannot be filled. The sheeples have not helped themselves with one Far Northern IGA store reporting two pallets of toilet paper disappearing in 3 hours.

The subliminal messages from television and its subsequent stupor has conditioned at least one half of the population to buy toilet paper. What will these feeble minded dupes do when the next subliminal order will be to get your young children jabbed with a deadly toxin or they won’t be allowed to attend school?

It has already started, albeit not in earnest yet but the TV virus will keep infecting the minds of stupid and irresponsible parents who have not done one bit of investigation into the probable terminal effects of the experimental mRNA spike proteins on kids.

And they should know they won’t get this information from the grubberment or the medical mafia that is the Australian Medical Association.

We really do have a plandemic of the vaccinated.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. James Docherty: lol Can I safely conclude that Covid is the No 1 killer of Australians AFTER the other 37 killers for which we don’t have injections?


  2. Can people say No and continue to turn up for work? Can they keep a journal each day? Something has got to give in this game.



  3. A mandated “vaccination” that immunises you from nothing, for a virus that according to the ABS is 38th in leading cause of death behind such things as accidental falls (11th), suicide (15th) and (wait for it) the flu (17th)..! Just let that sink in.


  4. Brilliant! Shame about the shower facilities… I’m guessing gas will flow from the fixtures instead of water?


  5. lol If it IS an IQ test we’re going to be pretty fkd in Australia. Know any nice places to hightail it to when you’re sticking out like a sore thumb, the Dobermanns in black leather coats come to your door and everyone pretends they don’t know you and looks the other way?

    Shades of 1930s German Kristallnacht parties on the horizon as mass hysteria and obedience fester into ever more sinister diktats, manipulation and excesses by the Herr Kommandants and their apparatchiks. BTW, resist any offers to visit any holiday camps. The shower facilities won’t be up to scratch.

    Yes, you’re right, I’m exaggerating, lol, it can’t happen in Australia, only in Austria.


  6. Beginning to wonder daviddd2 if the whole thing IS an IQ test? Sorting the wheat from the chaff’ ya know? So when all these sheeple have eventually vaxxed themselves into extinction….Hey! we will all be the new Super Humans. Think I’m losing my grip.


  7. Very interesting and informative, thanks ron.


  8. Fully agree with your sentiments. The Human Rights Commission however is a paper tiger; an oxymoron; and basically exists in name only. Just like we’re now seeing with many other institutions designed to supposedly protect us ie…the Judicial System. They are all the government’s ‘bitches’.


  9. Ah Ha yet again some forthright intelligence. Ed


  10. Nicely framed and correct. Who would want to visit Australia.Ed

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  11. Totally Jo. You and hps16 are smashing it out of the park.


  12. Wow. That is absolutely superb hps16…with a lovely side-dish of sarcasm too.


  13. This all ends when we say NO! or better still…FECK OFF!

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  14. WTF? What does it take for the fools to figure out the bio-engineering injections are a major FAIL when it comes to transmission?

    Israel is on its FIFTH jab in 12 months and their cases keep growing the more injected they are. Same is happening in Australia and EVERY other highly injected country.!. Hello!

    Some people out there need some IQ injections instead. Not to mention a little bit of old fashioned guts to say enough is enough

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  15. Further regarding the workplace and skills shortages gaping hole…now Scummo has given Tourism Australia $3mill of OUR taxpayer’s money, to rebate Visa’s for foreign students and backpackers; to entice them to come here and fill the void. Seriously?! He really can’t read a room can he? Australia is pretty much OFF foreigner’s bucket list of destinations indefinitely. Maybe even forever. They’ve seen in living colour, how our government treats not only it’s own citizens, but also people from foreign countries. What an epic fail that’s gonna be. Like putting a band aid on a shark bite. But yeah, true to form, whenever there’s a problem (usually created by him and his clown troupe), he just throws money at it in the hope that it will disappear. Give us strength.

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  16. Risk of an adverse side effect is “extremely low”? Only if you’re getting a saline shot like the elites get.


  17. So this is the real reason school holidays were extended 2 weeks!


  18. In the new year, the CoVID Regime has been cranking up the fear porn with ‘deadliest days’, ‘covid surges’ and thousands and thousands of ‘cases’ [ all healthy asymptomatic people who have to be labelled ]. The Comrade CHOs all need botox in order to maintain a straight face. Stuff like this will never pass muster and parents will not go and get their kids into a medical experiment unless the CoVID PC goes off the dial and they scare the complete wits out of the covid believers.

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  19. I, along with hundreds of thousand other Australians,( which include many from other countries where their life may have been shit who chose to make this beautiful country their home, expecting to express their uniqueness without discrimination, to be able to trust the police to uphold the law and protect the rights of all of us, to have politicians voted by us to to work for us not themselves,) thank all those teachers, police nurses and others who have made a very difficult decision to walk away from their livelihoods to protest these unthinkable, abhorrent mandates so called laws, being FORCED on everyday hard working Aussies. You will not be forgotten. Thankyou so much. We appreciate your dedication to your beliefs.


  20. I don’t know if it is the same in your part of the country, but most positions appear to be being filled with new foreigners. If this process is anything like the US the replacement employees do not need to be vax’d.


  21. If there is any good coming out of this, it’s that they are draining the shallow end of the gene-pool.


  22. > International Criminal Court – Governed by an international treaty called the Rome Statute, the ICC is the world’s first permanent international criminal court. Could not find the info from their site.

    > The International Court of Justice, – which has its seat in the Hague, is the principal judicial organ of the United Nations

    Both of the above likely just there for the NWO.

    The below listed international courts are for the people – common law.

    > Common Law Court Greta Britain and International.

    > International Common Law Court of Justice – appears to be the one mentioned in the above article. That court recently found major plandemic players guilty and sentenced them..

    Trouble is, the common law is no longer of any real value in Australia.

    It is still in the 1901 constitution, but, they have gotten rid of, re – written and ignored the constitution and relevant legislation.

    So, will a police officer who works for an illegal corporation arrest any of those found guilty and sentenced by the common law courts?

    Common law courts work where the common law is still in force and the people are aware of and follow it.

    Take back our original 1901 constitution and common law is the highest of the laws.
    Then those sentenced by common law courts can be arrested by real police. We only have illegal corporation (federal and state ) police. Common law sheriffs can use constables and the people.

    Community assemblies use common law courts. Some assemblies have been started in Australia and other countries, all we need is enough of them to have an impact on the illegal corporations.

    See: Commonlaw . earth

    Common Law Court Greta Britain and International.


  23. Hi Fiona. Dunno about this. Not unless the magnificent, awe-inspiring Reiner Fuellmich has finally and miraculously pulled off the Nuremberg Code Lawsuit. ??? Even God has been praying for that.


  24. Thank you Jim. Outlandish is an understatement. Their reasoning behind this being equally as ludicrous as deporting Novak in order to prevent an uprising by the MFP – sheeple vaccinated. This will only result in yet another wave of mass resignations as we’ve already seen with teachers, doctors, nurses etc etc etc. Staff shortages and the disrupted supply chain are attributable to the harm caused by enforcement of vaccinations.
    We are also I believe, about to start hearing about what doctors and dentists are calling ‘Mask Mouth’. To summarize; it has been discovered that mask usage (especially over prolonged periods), produces a bacterial fungus in the mouth, through condensation, which can also migrate into the sinuses. This also affects the gums and teeth. Staff shortages couldn’t possibly have anything to do with this as well right?!

    How many self inflicted bullet holes in their bureaucratic feet does it take before they either wake up and/or cease and desist?


  25. if i was a chief executive required to issue a direction requiring vaccination against COVID-19 in line with these instructions I would be really worried about my personal liability for damage that any employee suffered . I would also recognise it as an attempt by the system to hng me out to dry by shifting liability in damages to me. I would as a CE be left with no option but to resign. It is patently obvious to a blind freddie that many statements in the document are absurd and clearly not correctly stating the current evidence to the contrary and a personal injury lawyer will have no difficulty pulling this apart in court. I would love to see the qld government try and enforce this if they were up against someone of the quality of Rainer Fuelmich. I forsee large payouts by the dickheads in government to employees blackmailed into signing up to anything like this obvious dribble. Again I ask why is the Human Rights Commission missing in action?


  26. The only upside to this is that it means even fewer will vote for these criminals at the next election. Get them out and keep them out. Hit them with criminal charges. Premeditated murder for suppressing available and effective treatments. Assault for injecting a toxic and unproven substance into unsuspecting people. Treason for plotting to reduce the country and the population to a complete collapse. There is sufficient evidence to file criminal charges against all of them.

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  27. Data extracted from the VAERS database has been collated and uploaded to the Internet so that any person with web access (mobile or PC) can check the dangers of a particular Vaccine Batch (Lot Number) prior to getting the jab.
    So by entering the simple website address:
    a choice can be made, say Pfizer Outside USA, and a person can readily see how many Adverse Events and Deaths have been reported against that Batch (Lot Number).

    Going to this website will enable the choice of say Pfizer Outside USA (or Moderna Outside USA, or J&J), the screen will refresh and provide an entry box to insert the Batch Number (referred to as Lot Number in USA).
    You can easily look at this to get the idea as it show hundreds of existing and prior batches.

    Obviously if a high number of Adverse Events or Deaths showed up for the Batch proposed for injection by the Nurse or Doctor then it would be unwise to proceed, and another batch should be sought….

    This could be useful for Union Members or all workers to be made aware of this and it could then be taken into account when in a situation of being coerced to get the jab.


  28. Public servants is one of those words which have been completely reversed. To “serve the public” is NOT enforcing jabs, or to trade human rights for political police state detention centers, nor endorse political correct tyrannies of all kinds onto the “low life” PUBLIC that is not capable of thinking for themselves.


  29. Please see if you can find this on Telegram – I can’t send it to you.
    Vital information here to notify our police of their obligations to the

    [Forwarded from ARISE AUSTRALIA (Leith)]
    [ Video ]


  30. Now paper plates are the latest “must have” along with toilet paper. Interestingly, whole grain bread, normally in demand, can be found at night on shelves. No shortage of fresh fruit and veg.


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