Banks, courts and sheriffs completely lawless

by Jean Wells

What the hell is happening in Two Wells, the Wild West of South Australia?

Pretty much everyone half-awake in Australia now knows there is endemic corruption in our courts of law. Anyone who’s been run through courts by banks, been bankrupted illegally or even done over in many family law or corporate matters, know exactly how it works. Power has corrupted absolutely, and it’s filtered through like the little Biblical leaven (yeast) which leavens the whole loaf. Those not corrupt look the other way. Corruption by Omission, not necessarily Commission, is rotten yeast which has poisoned our system through and through.

Crooked sheriffs do as they like with impunity

In a nutshell, this is a story of the courts disregarding the law, and a massive crime being committed against a small business under an unlawful court order by the Sheriff, police and a thieving farmer who thinks he can buy the law to get anything he wants for nothing.

There is a lot to this story, but I am going to attempt to simplify it for brevity (impossible!), but ensure the facts are correct. It consists of much more governmental thuggery which will come out later, but this is about the basics being ignored by police, courts and sheriffs, and how it ended up that the court appointed masked bandits arrived to steal and plunder much more than even the unlawful court order allowed.


In fact, the Sheriff said he could “take what he liked”, when asked if he was allowed to steal $35k worth of tyres belonging to a third party. In all, under the watchful eye of the Sheriff and police, the farmer stole more than $90,000 worth of goods NOT listed on the court order. At the time of writing, it seems that the police may not accept the report of theft UNTIL they clear it with the courts, but that may change when it goes up the chain over the next few days. One would hope!

This is worse, MUCH worse than the wicked wild west. We are supposed to be civilised. We are NOT./more

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. I agree they let it happen. All they have to do is stop it, they won’t too scared. Hold their feet to the fire pull their oaths, vote them out. The people hold the votes, they are the government, get them out you put them in there!!


  2. You can all thank John Howard for ensuring Martin Bryant was framed and thrown in jail without any coronial inquest.


  3. Dear Ms Jean Wells

    Of Cairns post

    In relation to the below email I am also an ANZ BANK Sheriff police VICTIM since 2013 where the BANK staff were directly involved in in fraud on our farm of 180 acres 5km from Melbourne airport which we have owned since February 2007

    We have been attacked by the unlawful and false Sheriff warrant of possession of our property sine 2015 My family and I have been violently and constantly attacked by Victoria police sine 2015 where the Victorian Government Solicitor has advised Vic police in December 2016 and February 2017 they have NO POWER OR AUTHORITY IN MERE CIVIL Matters Regarding our farm 325 WILWOOD ROAD BULLA 3428

    In September 2018 an old farmer man of 73 years turned up to our farm while we were in full possession with our horses cowes goods and machinery valued at $350,000 with the full support of Victoria police

    He entered our farm by cutting our front gate lock and boundary fences and stated he was the new owner of our farm as he purchased it from ANZ BANK there was NO Auction or proper sale

    We have 3 months of video and photographs of the Victoria police collusion and corruption in damaging and unlawfully removing our animals from our farm

    In December 2020 myself my wife and my sister were made Vexatious litigants for 10 years by the corruption of the Supreme court of Victoria in an attempt to protect Victoria police and their team from further litigation in relation to our farm

    Just to be clear our farm was in my wife personal name in 2013 when the ANZ BANK staff committed the fraud on our farm by using our super fund company on the contract of sale where this company ceased to be the title owner since June 2010

    My wife or I were not a party to the ANZ contract of sale of 2013 or signature

    The signature on the contract of sale is false

    My wife did not sign the transfer of Land in 2013

    ANZ BANK had no authority to sell our farm in September 2018 to the so called 73 year old farmer who I say is just an agent for Victoria police with his 73 year old girl friend

    The Oldman farmer took possession of my equipment from our property valued at $350,000 since September 2018 Then made an application to VCAT June 2020 for an order to sell my equipment

    His VCAT application was Dismissed 30 September 2021 where VCAT made orders I were the legal owner of the equipment Including he return the equipment to me at his cost

    I received my equipment back 16 December 2021

    In December 2021 the old man and his company served my wife and I with a Bankruptcy Notice claiming $23,000 in court costs So clearly the group of criminals are concerned I will expose them with my new damage and loss claim of $1.4 million filed and approved in VCAT just waiting for a court date

    There is so much more with false perjuy police statements and charges and PSIO orders still on foot restraining us from 200 meters from our farm including posting or social media relating to the property and the old man

    On 20 February 2019 Victoria police CIRT- CRITICAL INCIDENT RESPONSE TEAM 6 MEMBERS with MACHINE GUNS with the K9 DOG SQUAD and 20 police members unlawfully entered our farm to evict us , they called for the Police air wing helicopter and were told they had NO fuel to attend ? this is all in police statements

    This event with Machine guns on our farm was filmed by channel 7 news Cameron Baud 6pm 20 February 2019 i can provide you with a clip


    Paul Annesley PH 0407 287 499 EMAIL

    Sent from Mail for Windows



  4. In 2017, I won a landmark case against the Sheriff’s Office Victoria to overturn the auction of my property, At the first hearing, the solicitor acting for the Sheriff’s Office said to the Judge, “if she wins this case, every property that has been dealt with by the Sheriff’s Office since 2004 will have to be reassessed”.
    I did win the case and it may be useful for anyone else who’s going through this kind of trauma and abuse.
    HOWEVER, they came after me big time. They refused to give me the cost order monies, colluded with other government agencies to deny me my property title and information I needed to be able to secure finance to deal with a bill that I was ordered to pay, they denied me other forms of legitimate payment, wouldn’t speak to a negotiator who was paid by me to deal with the issue and then I was bankrupted, only to discover that the solicitor acting for the other party was also the solicitor acting for the trustee and that my property was transferred to another person ONE DAY prior to bankruptcy with the trustee’s knowledge and a transfer of land was issued by the sheriff’s office.
    I’m still dealing with the legal process but they are trying yet again to take my home next week.


  5. Thanks John will pass it on.ED


  6. C’mon, time to wake up. They own the police, the sheriff, the courts, the politicians, the government departments, the banks – all are now private corporations.
    Recently they tried to sell Australia Post to a private corporation.

    They have control of all land and if they choose to, take your property.

    Those corporations have changed federal and state legislation / laws to suit the purposes of their private corporations.

    You will have nothing and be happy.

    Welcome to the NWO.

    Reality can be a bit of a shock, most people ignore it – don”t want to be shocked.

    I am not sorry for giving a negative sounding comment.

    We let it happen.


    Yeh right!


  8. Dear Jean, My 1998 book , “Banks and Judges” ISBN 1 74018 020 8,and the recently published, “Jackals of Slavery and how to defeat them” ISBN 978-06451562-6-3 Law, deal with exactly what you tell of. Keep on exposing the evil that has taken over our beautiful country. I would like to help you any way I can.


  9. as a victim of the Bank/ sheriff/police re property theft i truly relate to this article


  10. Unfortunately Masonry , Freemasonry is the foundation of social order in Australia. It operates through all institutions of social influence. The best of our traditions and principles of law and government which carry through into our society predate Masonry and have been appropriated by it. Indeed conflict of law is continually set up by the Masonic orders working through the entire system according to Agenda [which goal always was communism in service of the Synagogue] .


  11. Hi Jean. Sounds very much like wild west like ride. Seems there is a group of thugs operating at several levels and operating with impunity. Please keep us updated.


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