The Globalist takeover of Australia

by James Lewis*

Since as far back as the 1920’s there began a concerted effort to undermine our Constitution and destroy the rights and freedoms, it gave us.

Prime Minister M.S Bruce, 1923 – 1929, a Nationalist Party member was a good freemason and destroyed our original Commonwealth Bank as a provider of cheap, plentiful finance, to assist Australian industry, agriculture and mining to develop our young Nation. 

Stanley Bruce PM 1923 – 29

He began the handover of our assets to big foreign finance. This is a policy near and dear to the political parties today. That is where the big bribes come from. The golden handshake. Corporate fascism. 

Pig Iron Bob Menzies, a senior mason and Anglophile absolutely sold us out with his International Tax Agreements (Double Tax) Act 1953. Not to mention his establishment of The “Reserve” bank and appointment of Nugget Coombs a fully fledged Communist Party member and paedophile as its Governor. 

His Act gave Coombs total power to override the Treasurer in matters of National finance.

Coombs did and crippled the country.

Australia was at a standstill, with the Rothschilds and their puppet Menzies, starving the country of funds and using their controlled media and masonic and socialist puppets in Parliament, preventing any return to proper Banking and our Treasury from creating (not borrowing from banks or taxing the people) funds for infrastructure and development of industry and housing.

Along came Liberal PM Harold Holt. He was sold the idea in 1966 that we could go to the USA and shift to a dollar currency linked to the American Federal reserve bank, which is also unlawful under the American Constitution,  and which is just another Rothschild/ Rockefeller clone like our “Fed”. He could borrow from them. The trade off was that we had to send our boys to Viet Nam. “All the way with LBJ.”. All we got was the CIA and Mossad moving in here permanently. 

Harold Holt PM 1966-67 allegedly drowned while skin diving near Melbourne

To adopt the dollar required that we have a referendum of all states and our Sovereign give assent. Neither happened, nor did our Parliament ever vote on it, yet we have the dollar??

In 1996 the High Court ruled that the dollar was NOT a lawful currency of the Commonwealth of Australia (Leske V Commonwealth). So any Governor or Judge being paid in the currency of a foreign Nation is working for WHO??

Then came Whitlam a paedophile and communist.  In 1973 he demanded of our Queen that she hand to him Her land titles and Her subjects so that he could make them all Australian citizens, She refused but Whitlam lied and acted as though she agreed. She couldn’t agree because in the Act of Settlement she and all her heirs and successors are bound to never abrogate or divest themselves of the responsibility to uphold all the Rights of their Subjects. She is not a figurehead as the Jesuit/masonic criminals constantly promote. She holds the land in a strict contract with whoever bought it to the total exclusion of any third party, especially the Parliament. She couldn’t give it to Whitlam or Hawke or any other crook. This ownership prevents the government from borrowing against your property title. Or bringing in any “green” laws telling the owner of the land what can be done on that land.

Elizabeth signed his Royal Styles and Titles Act of 1973 across the top of the front page, thus voiding the entire document.

 Whitlam continued his deception thus stripping us of all our common law rights under Magna Carta, Habeas Corpus, The Bill of Rights of 1688, The Right of Petition and The Act of Settlement of 1700 and The Common Law. All this our Sovereign swears to uphold in Her Coronation Oath. But since the time of Holt there ceased to be any lawful constitutional Government.  All their laws are void.

This is why the Jesuits and the Rothschilds socialists have flogged the “native” title and “first nations” scam relentlessly. Rothschild Bank is the principal mortgagee of Queensland.

Mabo 1. Stole the ownership of title from the person who had paid for it. Mabo 2 stole it back from the native claimant and gave it to the fake Parliaments so that they could borrow against it.

A little history of the English republic is relevant here. Oliver Cromwell led a parliamentary uprising against the King Charles 1. Charles was fighting constant wars and was broke. He taxed the people to fund his army. Cromwell fought the Kings forces and Charles the First was defeated and executed. Cromwell’s army  was financed by the Amsterdam Jews who were fronting for the Pope. Cromwell and his son allowed these Banksters to gain a foothold in London in the “City” And to practice usury which was prohibited by Common Law. And the Magna Carta. Cromwell proceeded to borrow against all the land titles of Britain, just like the crooks here today.

The people rose up and drove Cromwell’s son out of office and reestablished the Monarchy with William and Mary of Orange, but under strict rules. 

The King could not tax or make any Laws but Parliament was limited by having to get Royal Assent to any Law they proposed. Assent could not be granted if the proposed law breached any of the granted rights of the people. 

The King appointed Governors, Judges and magistrates and police commissioners and paid them from consolidated funds.  Not the party hacks of the Parliament.

 This system made Britain the bastion of freedom and was hated by Popes, Banksters and all corrupt power drunk politicians everywhere. 

For example if we had a Government of the Constitution in Australia, all gun laws designed to disarm and leave the people helpless would never get that assent as they are contrary to our Bill of Rights of 1689.

 Governors have given their private “assent” because they are not lawful governors with any Letters Patent, but merely private employees of the political parties. The word ‘Royal’ has since been removed from all Parliaments. No separation of powers. Premier Rob (Bubbles) Borbidge in circa 1998 had the last legitimate Governor of Queensland Peter Arnison seal his Royal appointment and become a public servant thus removing lawful governance in Queensland ever since. 

 All the rest of the little piggies in the other States followed. Hawke tried a referendum to get his socialist republic but the people threw it out. But here we are??

Hawke tried his Australia Act 1986 ( but Elizabeth refused to sign it. No referendum of the people again. His private courts and Governors acted as though he had legitimate authority because he paid them with our money. Nothing has changed.

 This again is what our Masonic controlled police and Army and courts have been protecting.  One word, treason, applies.

These people have created fake  ” Governments” and courts to subvert Her authority and steal the peoples property and freedoms.  

All the while our Army has stood by and under the control of corrupt Masonic  and often paedophile Generals and officers, aided and abetted and protected this treason. 

We see the Army being used to intimidate aboriginal people into taking the lethal injection against all Constitutional Law and against the Nuremberg code and the Helsinki agreement.  These officers and their men are now guilty of crimes against humanity and must be treated as the criminals they are. 

Liberal PM Fraser continued the treason. And because he had been caught feeding sensitive field deployment information to the Viet Cong through a spy attached to the old Communist Russian Embassy in Canberra, he rapidly got rid of any competent and patriotic military officers and began replacing them with politically “reliable” masonic and leftist officers. His treachery cost quite a few lives in Vietnam.

He was of course the father of the divisive “multi cultural ” policy foisted onto us. He should have been Court Martialed and shot.

Hawke entrenched the appointment of politically reliable command of our Army. 

The separation of the powers makes it harder for loyalty to some corrupt political agenda. We no longer have that since the end of Governor General Kerr’s term ended. 

No Letters Patent no Governor equals no Parliament and no laws.

The entity calling itself the “Australian” Government is only a private company. It has no people in the preamble of Hawkes “Constitution”  Never was a referendum of the people to permit it. 

We the people being subjects under the protection of Elizabeth the Second and being under Contract with Her as CEO of our Parliament and holder of our Land title in trust, don’t recognise any document presented as being supported by some “queen of Australia ” 

Elizabeth 11. It is a fiction. 

Elizabeth the Second is forbidden by the Act of Settlement of 1700 to ever divest herself of her powers or her responsibilities to her Subjects to any legal construct.

Her choice is simply to defend Her people by upholding their rights or resign.

These pretend Parliaments claim to be Sovereign and that our rights are only what they give us, nothing more. Their private courts and police enforce their criminal edicts. We have come a full circle back to Cromwell’s parliamentary dictatorship. The Army is complicit in their crimes!!

The Chinese mass murderer Mao Zedong made a pertinent observation, ” all political power comes from the barrel of a gun”.  Just look at the thugs pretending to be Police in Victoria, defending a purported Premier who should long ago been moved to his natural environment, jail. 

They are not independent police but private enforcers. Western Australia isn’t very far behind in its crimes against the people. Yet the Army sits on it’s butt, watching this Covid scamdemic being used to consolidate socialist/ Jesuit dictators. 

Politically reliable heads of the Army remain.

Any section of our Army that by some miracle survive have a very short time to act to restore Lawful Governance.  They would have to rapidly enlist a civilian militia to support their actions as happened in Romania in 1989. When the socialist President and many of his criminal backers “took the cure”. A mark of the high regard the people had for him was evidenced by when six volunteers were asked to do the deed in the firing squad, eighty volunteered. 

At the time of the American Revolution, after the British army under Cornwallis were defeated, disarmed and put on boats back home, the people dragged the Judges from their homes and hung them.

 Their homes were burnt down and their wives were told to get back to England any way they could, but not to stay around.

 This was because the people said that these Judges in failing to uphold the rights of the people, the very same rights that we are losing here today, were taking blood money. 

The reason their palatial homes were burnt is that blood money had built them.

No doubt much more could be added but I believe what I have said is sufficient.

James Lewis is a political scientist and historian

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Somebody should help. Ed


  2. “In 1996 the High Court ruled that the dollar was NOT a lawful currency of the Commonwealth of Australia (Leske V Commonwealth).” I had a quick scan through this case but couldn’t find the part stating the dollar was not a lawful currency. Any help?


  3. “The Nameless War to which Ramsay refers is the same war that is erupting today in Canberra.”

    Too right! And against the bought and sold front men of the same enemies who are still relentlessly pursuing global imperial mastery on the basis of self identified exceptionalism and racial and religious supremacy inspired by traditional occult belief. Enemies we are brainwashed into believing don’t exist but who keep telling us a few “unidentified” billion people need to die for the sake of the planet.

    Anybody who wishes you dead is an enemy, whether you know it or not.


  4. There is another article coming. A contract signed at the top is not a contract. Ed


  5. Thanks Ron we have to win in Canberra. Ed


  6. Thanks James, lindesymonds, Ivor, Hermann, oldavid and everyone. Great information!
    My take on the current Oz situation is at

    Peace and Blessings.


  7. The reason why I am writing on this subject here is because I feel strongly for Australia as a nation and all who want to rise and claim this identity. This is our time. And our majority demographic , the Anglo Celtic population has very little sense of its history from the old country and its legacy in Westminster going back to its foundations.

    We can help change this. In the rigs, trucks, caravans, bakkies, utes, pick-ups on the highways bound for Canberra today are people who have patronyms that are carved on cairns and battle memorials all over the UK because their ancestors would not accept exactly this shit in the War of the Succession and their descendants in Australia from the convicts and free settlers are not going to accept it today.

    The Nameless War to which Ramsay refers is the same war that is erupting today in Canberra.


  8. Yes like most of their stuff- bs


    “THEY FAKED IT” [moon landing]

    Quote: “There’s a catch 22 to this fake covid pandemic and these dangerous injections”.
    As government fraud is exposed it will do the most good to reforming the country. As the truth comes out that government deception is taking place, and if someone comes forward and confesses, it would be the most influential exposure of that fraud and impetus for change.

    At present the front liners are at Parliament House in Canberra.
    The time is now.
    The pressure is there.
    The stage is set.
    We hope for change.


  10. James… Royal Styles and Titles Act 1973 you say was signed by Elizabeth across the top of the document, making it virtually null and void as she didn’t agree with it. Everything I have read pursuant to your excellent article says the opposite… that her signing it this way was acceptable. I am now confused and wonder what to believe. Are you able to throw any further light on this please.


  11. The Pommy civil authority (Monarchy) pretty much handed the Kingdom to the money-lenders with Henry VIII which was somewhat formalised with the treacherous murder of Charles I and the subsequent 1688 “Bill of Rights” (anyone here read it?) which roughly says that no one in the realm has any rights at all except the landed gentry who enjoy the favour of the money-lenders and who endorse the man made version of Christianity called Protestantism.

    Pommyism was more formally cemented into “Crown” (not the Monarch) imperialism with the “Bank of England Charter” in about 1694.

    The 1215 “Magna Carta” was repudiated by the popey fellow of the time mainly because it removed the Monarch’s RESPONSIBILITY for the good order of his realm and dispersed that responsibility to an undefinable and unaccountable nobody. It’s been the template for “democracy” ever since. Yous never wondered why the City of London’s franchise in the District of Columbia has been pushing “democracy” all over the World?


  12. He,he,he…. “Don’t mention the war.” We need to let Armageddon creep up on us. lol


  13. And there I was being misled that he was a maricon leprechaun. Are you sure he’s irish??


  14. Well what about the Irish lecherous leprechaun running Qantas? Ed


  15. Excellent Hermann, Thanks. Ed


  16. Yes the New Model Army was financed and trained by the Portuguese Jew, Fernando Carvajel (the Soros of his day).

    Up till then, authentic Royalist Masonry was that of the Templar derived Scottish Lodge.

    Following Cromwell’s regicide, the Amsterdam Jews entered England and created their own English Lodge, to usurp the authentic Scottish Lodge.

    Established in 1717, the Grand Lodge of England, differed from the Scottish Lodge, insofar as its uniquely Jewish symbolism, that reflected its creation by the recently arrived Amsterdam Jews (formerly evicted from Spain).

    Following Phillip le Bel’s purge of the Knights Templar in 1308, a small contingent escaped to Scotland, where they re-formed Templarism under the guise of Scottish Freemasonry.

    This is backed up by hard archaeological evidence, first presented in the following book. A must read for those interested.


  17. When James Jnr. Fled to Ireland to raise an army of mercenaries to invade England & wage war against William ( King Billy) the British/Dutch/Scots preempted this by invading Ireland & achieved a lucky break by accidentally flanking the Irish contingent at “The battle of the Boyne” routing James forces.(1690)
    They subsequently dominated all Ireland, the Dutch got paid & went home but Brits & Scots took land also & declared Ireland as British.
    Although Ireland was declared a republic after 1921, it is still partitioned today with the “ North” part of the U.K.
    The “Free State” of Eire, has been under the control of the bankers the whole time, perhaps explaining why we have so many “Irish” CEO’s & celebrities these days.
    Come a long way from “No Irish need apply” for jobs or accommodation as was common in U.K. &America, but always qualified for transportation to the colonies


  18. lindesymonds,
    I have long had a copy of “the nameless war” on my computer for distribution, but it makes no difference, brain washed people (persons), don’t want to hear it. They might have to get off of their fat arses and DO something.


  19. Yair, thanks, Linds. You’re a breath of fresh air in this fetid apologia for the goons of the Synagogue.


  20. No need for depression, celebrate your enlightenment, it makes the world a brighter place.


  21. lindesymonds: “As far as I know, there is only one source that acknowledges the finance of the English Civil War 1642.”

    That seems about right. I’ve seen a few other sources and they very much tally. It was probably a first stab at eliminating a major European monarchy and transferring power from the aristocrats to the money merchants. As it turned out, many money merchants were eventually rewarded with aristocratic titles which is probably why the British Crown survived with the powers of the appointed House of Lords trumping the elected Commons.


  22. Wow Lindsey a wonderful history lesson thanks. Ed


  23. As far as I know, there is only one source that acknowledges the finance of the English Civil War 1642. When Stephen Mitford Goodson, a former director of the South African Reserve Bank researched his work: “A History of Central Banking” ( 2014 ) he was able to cite only one source for this important factoid – a factoid so important that it is regarded as a secret of the UK state and protected by law from common knowledge.

    That source is “The Nameless War” ( 1952) by Archibald Maule Ramsay, the Parliamentary Member for Midlothian

    The Dutch Calvinists having fought a war of secession against Phillip II went to the Nasi of the Great Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr for finance. And they went to the Ottoman Empire which had been at war with the European Christendom/s for centuries. The caliphate probably never made good on their loans to the Dutch, but the Nasi certainly did.

    When the Netherlands was established as a nation under the Dutch Calvinists, the Nasi established the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank to monetize the debt for their war of secession This is a modern central bank which issued the currency of the Netherlands as debt to The Owners which captured the Dutch nation state for its financial structure. These were the Nasi – the princes of the Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr. Not the pope. Not the Holy Roman Emperor. Not the Union of the Two Crowns under the Stuart monarchy.

    The Whigs of the English Parliament and the Scottish Convention of Estates (also Calvinists) clearly took note. They were of a mind to fight the Stuart monarchy for the Supremacy which the English / Scottish monarch had inherited from Henry VIII by Oath. This was the Oath of the Supremacy which (back in the day) had laid the axe to the root of Magna Carta. There is no ‘royal supremacy’ in Magna Carta, or for that matter the Declaration of Arbroath.

    The Catholic traitor, Cardinal Woolsey backed the King in demanding the Oath of the Supremacy, as did all the bishops except John Fisher who stood with the Chancellor St. Thomas More. There is a very famous painting by Vivian Forbes in the Parliamentary Art Collection on this subject.

    Fast forward to the English Civil War 1642, the Parliamentarians were determined to fight the Union of the Two Crowns for ‘the Supremacy’. And the Parliamentarians wear the chains of office to this day.

    In order to fight the standing army of England and Scotland, the Scottish Conventioners and English Parliamentarians had to go to Europe for finance. Predictably they went to the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank which is owned by the Princes of the Synagogue of Mulheim an der Ruhr. This is what Ramsay knew. He knew the ownership of the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank, thus he knew the identity of The Crown. That is why he was interned for the duration of WWII by Churchill.

    The Parliamentarians did not borrow against the estates, they put up all estates of three nations in allodial /udal title as collateral on their loans. They raised the money, created the New Model Army on the continent and shipped it back to England for the Civil War.

    When the Bare Bones Parliament restored the monarchy in 1660 , they restored Charles I who presided over the religion of state in England – namely the Church of England. His son James II was less apt to the hand of the supremacy being wielded through the Parliament. When it came time to create a bank for England like the Amsterdamsee Wisselbank and make usury the basis of the economic life , James wouldn’t do it. He wouldn’t grant a Royal Charter to the Bank of England which the Parliamentarians and Conventioners were creating in order to monetize their debt to the Nasi (The Owners). What to do? This had to be the OH Shit moment for the Whigs.

    There was nothing for it but to throw James II out and invite the Nasi front man, Prince William of Orange (who had a connection to the royal Tudor bloodline through marriage) to take over the new UK project. King William, an asset of the Nasi, of course gave Royal assent to the Bank of England on short order. The consols of that bank (original titles in land of all estates of three nations) are the basis of the central banking cartel that today owns the world.

    So they had to do the civil war all over again. This was the War of the Succession 1688 – 1646. The Highlands rose for James Stuart (the Old Pretender ) as did Ireland and the English who understood what the Bank of England was / is in its foundation. By the time Ireland was again under penal law with a tax even upon every window of every house and the Highlands were cleared by musket , fire and sword and the Commons of the English estates closed by order the Bank, we should all have a pretty good idea of what kind of people found themselves on the transports bound for the prison colonies of the Empire of the City of London and its corporation.



  24. That really leaves me speechless… and sad to the core to realise this. There really isn’t anywhere in this world where human rights are truly respected and the elected government actually does the will of the people. This world is a depressing place…


  25. Absolutely perfect Mr Lewis, thank you. And Thank you Editor. This is brass tacks. Everything that people should have knowledge of. History for Dummies without being patronising or imperious. True history. Not the skewed/false rewritten history/propaganda that so many generations have been force fed. I think it is sufficient, because hopefully it may prompt people to do their own research and to then utilise that knowledge, because that (as they say) is power.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. “Any section of our Army that by some miracle survive have a very short time to act to restore Lawful Governance.”

    Ahem… yes, the “foreign troops on Australian soil” deal might well come to the rescue and ensure the survival of the established gangsters before the people and the Army get to them.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Thanks James, Excellent piece. Maybe many more people ‘will wake up. I have tried telling people the same information for years.Mostly they accept and do not care,,or. they have ignored it altogether.However now it is so obvious it can be ignored no longer.It is much harder to fix now rather than 30/40 years,
    There many who do not get the message yet. .” There are none so blind as those who will not see..”


  28. What can be done about these perverse decisions by these controlling perverse criminals that are sooooo subliminally entrenched in this corrupt non-government. I’m expecting that these folk with lots of proof are actively pursuing a turn-around solution..!

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Definition of terrorism:

    The unlawful use of violence or threats to intimidate or coerce a civilian population or government, with the goal of furthering political, social, or ideological objectives.

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  30. Shirley Stolmack

    Very interesting article. If today’s masses knew this, then perhaps they would behave differently and more appropriately, instead of willingly muzzling and jabbing themselves.

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  31. I wonder if this can be changed by the next Masonic regent.. Charles.?


  32. Well let’s hope the corrupt public servants, politicians, Police, Judges are brought to justice here in Australia.

    Many people have been taking notes with a massive amount of proof.

    Let’s hope this proof is in a safe place as the Queensland Police have a record of raiding people’s homes and offices under a fake warant to destroy evidence that will incriminate them.

    The other issue is the corrupt judge’s, police and government are changing laws to protect themselves and say its to protect us from terrorism.

    Wake up Australia 🇦🇺

    The terrorist threat is within government and we the garden variety hard working Aussies are the target.


    Liked by 2 people

  33. Great piece
    Thanks James for informing:
    Elizabeth the Second is forbidden by the Act of Settlement of 1700 to ever divest herself of her powers or her responsibilities to her Subjects to any legal construct.
    Her choice is simply to defend Her people by upholding their rights or resign.

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  34. Learnt some new stuff – thanks..


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