Are you an obedient thinker or out-of-the box operator?

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Are you awake?

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One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. The truth WILL set us free from continuing to live in ignorance; and truth shows us the way forward. The perpetrators of taking over the world operate by monopolies of power.
    Watch fact-giving documentary “MONOPOLY: Who Owns the World?” and see how the world has come to this terrible state; the truth is devastating and evil; but there is hope if everyone can SEE the true situation we are in currently.

    We are all capable of doing something, until the day of the coming again of the Lord Jesus (Rev 1:7)


  2. Bingo. Those professing peace at all costs will be condemned no less than the vaccinated.
    You chose to be jabbed in the end and no matter the excuse, you will have to live with that. Just as we the pureblooded have to live with persecution and threats.
    This is the time of prayer for peace but prepared for battle or supporting the battle however you can.
    This evil will will be defeated, that we have been promised.
    June to September is going to be an eye-opener for all and what follows will be biblical.
    I say bring it on!


  3. Why would anyone queue up like that with their children just to take a shower. So that they can pretend their lives will turn normal again?

    Click go the shears go click, click, click…


  4. the mind boggles to note the sheeple marching like lemming to their demise.Including my own family. in the belief that normality will return.


  5. Yeah we have been listening to the Charlie and Simon show for ages, their dialogue doesn’t alter very much. Ed


  6. I am most definitely a very proud ‘ out-of-the-box’ operator! We started doing research on Bill Gates several years ago, before Covid.When Covid came along, we immediately connected him to the vaccines being promoted for our ‘welfare’.
    After reading of his deadly vaccine history in 3rd world countries, and his wish to depopulate the world….everything falls into place.
    He and the Great Reset/ U.N./ World Economic Forum are using the virus and the vaccine to cull us, using communist tactics straight from Mao’s, Stalin’s little red books, all making heaps of money while they do it.
    “We will own nothing and be happy!”
    Anyone who can’t see this is a f*$l…no other words for them.


  7. Mike Adams in his video above describes the chaos that we have had to put up with in simplistic terms but he fails to acknowledge the real core of evil that has unfolded for all of us.

    This is showing the hallmarks of a battle against principalities and powers, not just flesh and blood.
    A Lucifarian agenda to be gods.
    To destroy what was never theirs to take.
    To set up their kingdom on earth.

    They manipulate, programme, play games and hide true history.
    Many in the public arena are used by Controllers themselves until their job is done.
    Then they are cast aside.
    Every Politician who thinks the Globalists have a seat at the table for them are fooling themselves.
    They too will go down with the ship.

    While “out of box” thinkers may have dabbled in places they would rather not go, “obedient thinkers” remain simplistic.
    That in itself is a safe place to stay.
    At war, there are those that lead, and there are those that follow.

    Obedient thinkers don’t expect to see gematria code in every spoken word.
    They don’t see the subliminal messaging on their evening news or recognise predictive programming fed to them day in day out.

    One thing is for sure:
    Lucifarian globalists who hide in the shadows don’t believe they are saving civilisation.
    That is not their intention.
    Rather, they want to destroy everything that is good.
    Everything that is God given.
    Whether that is our own body, our children’s futures. Our water, our food, the air we breathe.

    Somehow intrinsically they know they are dead already.
    Doomed for their own hell.
    Striving to live forever to avoid the inevitable.

    May God intervene in our lifetimes, however short they may now be.

    God will not be mocked.
    Vengeance is mine says the Lord.

    Reference via duckduckgo… (Joachim Bartoll official)
    Then search at the bottom of the page: A look into the secret societies and the vision for our world

    Out of box thinkers only.


  8. Are you an obedient thinker or out-of-the box operator?
    Don’t know ? I’m afflicted with the O.D.D.* Syndrome ??

    * O.D.D. Oppositional Defiance Disorder ..


  9. I can’t wait to be saved by the King Mashiach מָשִׁיחַ who will usher in the Armageddon Reset and the Messianic Age of a global 1984 New World Order and peace, sans the useless eaters and the bedwetters who are desperate to own something just to be unhappy.

    The loss of any possessions, freedoms and our humanity is a small price to pay for the world to come, age to come, heaven on Earth, and the ecstasy of life in the global Kingdom of Mashiach where we will own nothing and be happy..

    That’s assuming everything goes according to the established protocols and I don’t cark it from something even more fortuitous.


  10. There are at least a few historical instances when this thinking pattern has turned and bitten the perpetrators on the bum, not the least of which was the French revolution, not always do the down trodden remain obedient.
    Another consideration is, what more useless an eater is somebody who has never done a days work in their lives except to push paper from one side of a desk to the other, but expects others to provide food for them to uselessly eat.
    I agree, get rid of useless eaters, BUT START AT THE TOP.


  11. Could be some truth in the video,
    I will keep thinking outside the box and see how thing go.


  12. Great theory & if every bit true sounds like your better off dead even as an unvaxinated critical creative thinker, why would you want stay and serve these satanic globalists & what is this cataclysmic event they expect? Could it be the looking glass that does not work in their favour anymore hence showing the globalists no matter what they do to stop man’s conscious awakening, they can’t stop it as it goes against nature, hence the quick jab rollout which will no doubt take lives & to some point even the jabbed are awaking & are refusing/avoiding the poisonous booster shots. The globalists biggest fear is being exposed to the public for what they truly are “parasites” not one creative bone in their body & they have the hide to call we the people useless eaters.No wonder the globalists hate the drug Ivermectin as it kills off parasites just like them.


  13. I would agree 100%. Will be a rough ride. Pitty many of the normies will not see this


  14. History is written by the victors!
    The video is a composite to reinforce the narator’s agenda. Just random video bites.
    Personally I have stopped listening to Mike Adam’s “Situation Updates” because they are mostly about his own personal ideas which take up to 90% of the update. 10% is the actual update.
    He also used in the video the young woman, twice! Yes, she has a mask but isn’t the young woman in your face so very mainstream.
    He and Stew Peters repeatedly tells/told the world that we Australians don’t have guns because we gave them up. Never a mention of the 2 “Buy Backs” of guns that were mostly junk! No mention that many Australians have the latest pistols and rifles as well as any weapons one can get in the USA. It’s just that Aussies don’t go around showing them off, unlike himself and many Americans.
    Mike Adams is a multi-millionaire built upon Natural Therapies Products and his products are quite expensive but are of the highest quality too, but then he’s got the biggest market for that on his doorstep. He’s a very good businessman and ardent prepper, ex military, but I know preppers here who only tell a few of the closest selected friends whereas he likes to boast about his prepping and goes into extensive details about it.
    I recommend Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward who have huge followings around the world and they give excellent intel with very little padding. They are both English, and Simon Parkes even has groups that meet every week or two, he has groups all over Australia, even on the Sunshine Coast. Every two weeks he hosts Zoom Meetings here in Aussie where people can ask questions; interactive, and gives out intel in an inclusive manner you won’t find on most American platforms and there’s no charge, unlike others. Charlie Ward has fee paying insider group but he does share free very informative intel too.


  15. If I’m not mistaken, this piece by Mike Adams was aired several months back. It’s an interesting thesis that explains a great deal of what we’re witnessing and hasn’t dated at all as this psyop has progressed. Whether it proves to be accurate or not remains to be seen. Strangely, it gives me hope despite the fact that if it’s true, so many loved ones will have failed the test.


  16. Thank you so much Ed for including the link. Makes it so much easier to save and share. Me?? I would have been killed back in those days, been raised to always challenge that with which I don’t agree.


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