First CEO of Moderna was Anthony Fauci….?

Letter to the Editor

As the alleged history goes, there was a Company heavily involved in WW2 called IG Farben. This is believed to be a Company associated with George Soros who possibly even ran it.
George as a child was taken in by a Nazi family during the war despite being of Jewish descent.
After the war, George went to America.
It is claimed he eventually broke up with IG Farben and formed Moderna.

One of the main financial brokers of Moderna is believed to be Bill Gates.
The first CEO of Moderna is believed to have been a young Cornell Graduate by the name of …..Anthony Fauci.

For those who are holding out for the Novomax NVX-C0V2373 this is what can be found on the public record so far:

Novomax is a Biotechnology Company sponsored by the Bill Gates Foundation.
They have been given millions of dollars from CEPI for large scale manufacturing of vaccines.
This will be their first vaccine (if successful)
The President and CEO is Stanley Erck.
Novomax is a Company listed on the share market.

Novomax will be based on a genetically modified baculovirus.
Baculoviruses are viruses that infect insects.
The most common hosts are immature moths and butterflies, but also mosquitos.

These baculoviruses are not usually able to replicate in humans.

It is claimed Sf9 moth cells with be infected with a computer generated SARS Cov2 to produce a coronavirus spike protein, then harvested as a whole deactivated virus for injection.

The spike proteins harvested will be assembled onto a synthetic lipid nanoparticle displaying up to 14 spike proteins.

Novamax will be a recombinant protein injection from mixed sources.
A genetically modified nanoparticle technology.

The adjuvant that will be used for Novamax is code named QS-21 or “Matrix M”
An adjuvant is what is needed to get the immune system to respond.

The adjuvant in Pfizer has been Polyethelene glycol (PEG) and in AstraZeneca it was Polysorbate 80. The adjuvants used in some childhood vaccines have been primarily aluminium.
Pre 1990’s the adjuvant used in childhood vaccines was primarily mercury.

Novomax will have a saponin based adjuvant from the bark of the Chilean soap bark tree called quillaja saponaria.
Quillaja saponaria is an emulsifying foaming product.
This product is believed to have been used in lens cleaners, fire fighting foam and cosmetics.

Saponins are used to bind substances that would not normally mix, like water and oil.

Quillaja saponaria can allegedly cause liver damage if receiving high amounts of tannins.
It can reportedly cause breakdown of blood cells, respiratory failure, and convulsions.
It was claimed to have been used in Veterinary practice in the 1950’s but was considered “too toxic” for humans at the time because it caused the red blood cells to burst.

Phase 1 clinical trials for Novomax in healthy individuals already commenced in Australia way back in mid 2020.
The trials were mainly to see how people responded to the Matrix M saponin.
Phase 3 clinical trials are occurring overseas.

As always, do your own research as more information comes to light.




About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. Reblogged this on Trumper Cottage and commented:
    We have to give some serious thoughts to this information.


  2. At the alleged current that eventually will turn into present history, there is/was a Institute heavily involved in “Global Change” that supports political leaders and governments to build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in a globalised world.

    This institute (of many) is: “The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change supports political leaders and governments to build open, inclusive and prosperous societies in a globalised world.”

    The Tony Blair Institute ADVISES that:

    “The Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI), which is still evaluating the data, should rapidly authorise the vaccination of 5- to 11-year-olds in a bid to reduce transmission and ensure schools are not disrupted at the start of 2022.”

    “Campaigns to target the unvaccinated: 6.2 million people in the UK remain completely unvaccinated. The next phase of our response to the virus must include not only delivering boosters, but also increasing overall uptake of the vaccine. This will require careful identification of those unwilling to be vaccinated and bespoke plans to persuade them to get the jab. In particular, this campaign should focus on the over-50s who are yet to be vaccinated. Over-50s who are unvaccinated currently comprise around 20 per cent of all Covid hospital admissions, with the unvaccinated overall making up 43 per cent.”

    Let’s look at Tony Blair’s history before “he” started to think of a better world. Tony Blair, a hero or villain? That answer will be up to each and every one to decide based on ones own learning’s and life experiences but all answers to these question will become officially erased once “official history” is sanctioned by the same global government that is seeking “prosperous societies in a globalised world”.

    All those who will think to vary from the official version of Tony Blair’s character/vision, “will require careful identification” of those individuals unwilling to believe the official political correct version of Tony Blair & GLOBAL truth, and will need persuasion of any means to correct public official CORRECTNESS.

    Opinions on history published purely for entertainment purposes ED2, are opinions. Same as Truth will vary always depending on the angle of perception. As of Australia’s perception (as taught officially in Australian & world schools) Churchill – the hero = 1; Hitler – the villain/ looser = 0/nil/nada

    Scary to think that all global “official political correct think tanks” are run by similar characters. Australia’s OWN, The Lowy institute, “conducts original, policy-relevant research about international political, strategic and economic issues from an AUSTRALIAN perspective.”

    What do have Blair and Lowy in common apart from 9/11 $$$$$ that both of them are united so closely in the same task – TO BUILD A BETTER WORLD (for them)?

    Both will be heroes in the official and to be printed future.

    Heroes of a new world that will have no critics at all.

    What a paradise it must be!


  3. @ shannonbrooke
    Mengele was jewish like most of the nazi top echelon…


  4. Well said Ron – “Yous av done us powd”


  5. Now that you are in Messiah mode “Paying Attention” all of us are awaiting your Canonisation .. ED2


  6. Opening par accuses Soros of possibly running I.G.Farben as a child?
    Dear Editor, are you paying attention before posting articles?
    I recommend reading The Alchemy of Air ( for IGFarben)
    The Fourth Reich by Jim Marrs
    Moderna (Mode rna) is a nine year old company that had produced nothing, until Covid arrived.
    As always do your own research, beware “Straw Man” arguments


  7. Roger

    Spelling mistakes: I don’t think that this site is a University course where all articles and comments are corrected and marked.
    We are quite common Australians, we do not care at all if a few spelling mistakes appear in an article.

    If the information is so easy to check, can you kindly give it out to a common Aussie such as myself.

    I see you are likely MSM- New York Times and Reuters, really! And fact checker sites are of no value anymore, since they aligned with MSM and the NWO.

    You may not find too much MSM here, I for one would never quote them, they are too often false news and they most certainly are traitors.

    My above comments are just my opinions. I hope I have not made any spelling mistakes, if I have please just put it down to me being a very common Aussie.

    I bet that many of our original ANZACS were not perfect at spelling – they did alright, they made Australia proud of their courage and bravery when they fought for our (fast disappearing) freedoms.


  8. shannonbrooke676

    IG Farben was a jewish based company. And if anyone is interested Germany had no role whatsoever in medical experiments of an inhumane nature. Dr Mengle saved lives, contrary to the lies the jews keep spouting forth. As for Soros if one bothers to do some real HARD research, his name never -ever comes up. I suggest strongly people see the Greatest Story Never Told,
    People need to really get a grip on themselves when it comes to Adolf Hitler and Germany, and realise that the so-called allies made the biggest mistake siding against Germany who was fighting against communism. Because Australia got it so wrong back in WW2 it’s why we have the current problems today. HITLER DID NOTHING WRONG!.

    EDITOR: This is being published purely for entertainment purposes only and has nothing to do with the reality of historic factual events ..ED2


  9. Hello Editor,
    I would like to give a response to Roger which I think is only fair.
    It is not unusual, and even encouraged to misspell words in our writings as we bypass censorship.
    Most people get the idea.
    I don’t think Roger should get too stressed about that.

    I also would like to give a response to Roger in relation to the question mark raised about Fauci.
    Roger might get to the bottom of it better if he makes reference to jeremy r hammond .com.
    Jeremy is an investigational fact checking Journalist if he wants a higher level of scrutiny.

    Fauci has been involved with Moderna. His NIAID (National Institute of Health) has funded vaccine trials for them and Fauci has co-reviewed their vaccine platforms.
    CEO or not, Fauci dances with the big boys over at Moderna.

    As I clearly said in my comments, do your own research.
    Good luck with finding important truths these days.

    My comments were written for those who think there is a silver bullet around the corner.
    There isn’t.
    Same crap. New name.


  10. However you hack it, just another criminal company manufacturing poisons.
    Roger, clearly you are a demented ex school teacher. Comprehend this, the SOLE reason for language is to convey into my head the ideas in your head, if it achieves that, NO MATTER HOW IT’S SPELT (not spelled), it has met it’s primary function. I’m surprised that you did not also assign it an E or F marking grade. GET A LIFE!


  11. Okay, but where does Anthony Fauci come into this story?


  12. OK, you’re scaring the children. My takeaway is:
    1. Do not put anything in your body the government wants you to take.
    2. Get and train on a federal wrench. My personal choice for adjusting pesky feds is a Thompson Model of 1927A1 cal .45 ACP.
    3. Stay out of hospitals or anywhere you may be unconscious around the automatons who are Covidians, especially the Faucist sect. Nurse friends are telling me patients are being “vaxxed” without their knowledge or consent.
    4. Read the Bible.


  13. Is this post a test for your readers?

    There so much wrong spelling and false information that is easily checked to prove false. I find all the content here entertaining, but this is low effort.

    Novavax, not Novomax/Novamax.

    Fauci was not CEO of Moderna.


  14. The 1790 First Act / 2A Americans will have that Blood Moon Gnome Fauci charged with at least 8 global felony counts – creation of a military grade bioweapon.


  15. Novavax sponsored by worldwide terrorist Gates. No thanks.


  16. As a layman it sounds poisonous already and not made for human consumption either way.Do these wankers truly believe we are all guinea pigs apart from useless human eaters.


  17. Are the 1% telling us they have already developed Humanoids with brains grown in a bowl. From RT on Telegram : Scientists force human brain cells into Matrix-like simulation

    Human brain cells cultured in a petri dish and assisted by microelectrodes picked up the art of playing the ‘Pong’ video game significantly faster than AI did.

    Researchers at Australia’s Cortical Labs harnessed hundreds of thousands of human brain cells grown on top of arrays of microelectrodes, teaching the biotechnological hybrid they dubbed ‘DishBrain’ to play a single-player version of old-school ‘Pong’. They then compared the speed with which the mini-brain picked up the skill with that of artificial intelligence (AI). The human brain cells beat their rival hands down, getting the hang of the game in just five minutes compared to the 90 minutes it took the machine to catch on.

    Subscribe to RT


  18. Is that different than novavax?


  19. meanwhile our own Professor Nikolai Petrovsky develops a ‘safe’ traditional protein based vax and cannot get any government support or $ to bring it to market because he is not in the business of showering corrupt institutions and government flunctionaires with brown paper bags full of cash. and never forget all the ‘experts’ policy maker/advisor conflicts of interest that are well hidden and never disclosed



    Please support this petition to the Government to support and promote the production of a real vaccine in Australia! NOT MUCH TIME LEFT!

    Read the script and see how we are being denied a real and far safer vaccine, while our taxes are going to overseas companies, poisoning us! Thanks very much ALP and Coalition, yes thanks for promoting and subsidising our genocide with our money!


  21. Covax19 the only option? Please sign petition to force Government to support this Australian vaccine manufacturer, producing a real vaccine:


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