Myrtleford case sends warning shot across tyrant Andrews’ bow

Victorian political tyrant Andrews is under growing pressure.


VICTORIAN magistrate Dunn’s striking down of a misprision of treason and fraud at common law charges against Victoria’s dictator Dan Andrews at Myrtelford last Friday has set up Andrews and the state government for further court action over illegal changes to Acts of Parliament.

The magistrate was surrounded by police when he made his decision, raising suggestions that police were expecting or seeking to provoke some sort of violent confrontation.

Police also arrested a man at the venue, an act conveniently caught by the 7News clowns who turned up at Myrtelford, no doubt tipped off by the state government who wanted to disrupt and distract from the actual case. The man, Desi Freeman, was later released.

Misprision of treason is the offence of failing to report or concealing treason, which in the case of Victoria refers to the state’s removal of Queen Elizabeth II from the Oath of Allegiance and the removal of the Crown from a Western Australia act that incorporates the Commonwealth and substitutes the governor of the state for the Queen.

Chiropractor Anthony Herman awaits the start of his case with a bottle of kombucha.

The private prosecution by chiropractor Anthony Herman against Dan Andrews was mysteriously struck down by the magistrate in the midst of a chaos related to the court’s WebEx online electronic filing, which is accessible to the wider community. Some 250 people traveled to the north-east Victoria town to hear the case.

The media claimed the action, listed as No.1 on the court list, was struck down because the charges had not been served. But the informant Herman (coached by Brian Shaw) was waiting and ready to proceed with the charges in a building near the court linked to the court room. Herman was unaware that the case had been struck out when the system appeared to break down.

Former ASIC senior lawyer Graeme Little, who provided live streaming of the day, said the outcome would merely spur the participants on to further action, possibly seeking a rehearing. A defendant in a traffic matter at the court was using the same background papers as Herman. His case was adjourned to April 2022. Little said another case using the background papers had “caused a kerfuffle” in the County Court of Victoria.

The chaotic online activity was jumped upon and mocked by AAP court reporter Karen Sweeney, who posted dozens of the comments that appeared on the WebX system on Twitter, one after the other, but with no reference to the actual charges. Some of the comments appeared to be coming from people who simply wanted to disrupt the hearing.

“A few people have asked why it was struck out. The order issued by the magistrate says ‘charge issued not served’. Charges have to be served on a person before a court proceeding can actually begin – if you don’t, there’s nothing to actually begin,” the reporter concluded, as if the whole thing was a joke. No Ms Sweeney, misprision of treason is a serious issue and just because the average reporter is ignorant of such law doesn’t justify unethical, biased coverage. The Age newspaper referred to the case as a circus.

Although Brian Shaw the co-informant’s previous efforts to charge politicians with misprision of treason failed to gain traction back in the Rudd-Gillard era, the political atmosphere at this time is radically different with tens of thousands of Aussies out on the streets every week and government sliding even further into an illegal morass.

Bernie Finn MP, one of those “dangerous” Liberal Party rebels, made the following comment about the case: “Despot Dan is due to appear in the Myrtelford Magistrate’s Court next Friday morning in what should be a most interesting and important case. Let’s not forget the world famous gangster Al Capone ended up going to prison for tax evasion.”

Finn’s comment came despite him being among Victoria’s 137 politicians all facing a common purpose indictment in the same charges as Andrews. That matter will be dealt with by a Grand Jury accessible to the public on a website run by the Peacemakers.

Today, private prosecutions are mostly used by municipal councils, building authorities and animal welfare groups, but are also employed by members of the public who believe the authorities have dismissed their claims for justice.

The newspaper said the case against Andrews faced significant challenges, with the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions likely to take control of the matter before it gets off the ground. The CDPP supposedly has the power to overtake and discontinue private prosecutions should it find it has no reasonable prospect of a conviction being secured on the available evidence or was ‘not in the public interest’.

In July, a private prosecution against the Chief Magistrate of Victoria Lisa Hannan was dealt with in Victoria under similar laws, showing those in the media mocking the case that the private prosecution process is very real.

About Editor, cairnsnews

One of the few patriots left who understands the system and how it has been totally subverted under every citizen's nose. If we can help to turn it around we will, otherwise our children will have nothing. Our investigations show there is no 'government' of the people for the people of Australia. The removal of the Crown from Australian Parliaments, followed by the incorporation of Parliaments aided by the Australia Act 1987 has left us with corporate government with policies not laws, that apply only to members of political parties and the public service. There is no law, other than the Common Law. This fact will be borne out in the near future as numerous legal challenges in place now, come to a head soon.

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  1. We need to speak the real truth and pple must see the obvious, in bold letters let it be known not just nice obedience and hope.
    Free choice to do the right thing!


  2. i was there and all i can say is the police and magistrate dispicably from dezi’s arrest to misinformation by police about court proceedings to unlawful hearing by magistrate DUNN totally corrupt and dispicable.


  3. We need to take the grubs to the peoples courts – common law courts, not the 100% corrupted private corporation courts.

    There will be NO long term good come from the money making corporation courts that are run by parasites, who answer to many masters, but do not answer to or serve the Australian people.

    Common law courts have been started in the UK and Australia, they just need to be expanded into more communities.
    If there were common law courts all over Australia it would be a different story. The courts are part of peoples communities, the more communities and the more common law courts that we have the more (real) chance there is to take back Australia and stop the plandemic.

    All that is needed is for the majority of the Sheeple to do a small amount of research about the other side of the story, the MSM bull…. story.
    Will they wake up in time to save themselves?
    Surely they could put in a bit of effort to help save the kids,


  4. The unlawful arrest of Desi Freeman was staged. He was at a local park the day before Dan Andrews’ courtcase. A cop car came past and he was never grabbed then. Why? Because they knew the perfect day was the next day and they wanted their MSM to be there.

    This is the video of Peter Dunn’s arrest on November 6, 2020. This means he was not allowed to hear that case or any case because of his lawful arrest.


  5. Desi Freeman
    Had previously arrested Magistrate Dunn and he actually has no right to be sitting or hearing any case based on that fact or more so because the Barr is a corrupt corporation…

    There was nothing right or just about the MYRTLEFORD case
    They rigged the whole proceeding
    Dunn waited hours after the court had closed to be escorted by security to his car … obviously he was concerned he may be confronted by we the people who are well aware of his injustice and his treason/ misprision of treason, like the rest of his fellows members….

    SHAME !!!!

    SHAME. On you all – what will you tell your grandchildren of the shame that has become you !!!!


  6. hi – mr editor – I thought this case would have been heard in the CLC Court…. Common Law Court – that has just been set up….. There a Jury could have been struck, and the Case could have started !!!! Is it in Sydney ?? so is unable to get there due to border stops ?? …. WHERE else can this Case go to o get it under way ??? I don’t fully understand now, what is the next action !!!!

    And how did the reading go in Parliament from Pauline ?????? I haven’t heard one word about that either ?????????



  7. We are not losing. We might think we are losing because the corporate agents pretending to be an Australian government are bending all efforts to make us think we are losing.

    So don’t think that. Think about bringing their genocide of Australians to a halt. These pretenders are mandating that children be injected with a prion disease to destroy their immune system. Beside this , there is no room for losing. No vaxx. No QR code. No mask. Refuse to comply. Refuse to collaborate. Refuse to support the nwo CoVID Regime in any way shape or form. Grind their gears. Talk back to the covid monitors, PCs, collaborators, covid coppers. Got my first fine yesterday for failure to be ‘covid safe’ in a public space without my two green ticks. This from a covidiot who is just doing his job and OK with destroying children. Is this wanker serious? Two green ticks is all it takes to help them with their genocide of Australians. I will be fucking dead before I permit two green ticks..You wankers want to see ‘covid safe’? I’ll show you covid safe. Got out my lunch pack and stuck that sob in my chicken sandwich. Squirt of bar-be-cue sauce. Yum Yum.


  8. Anthem to Resist the Covid Fraud.
    I wrote the lyrics last year when I was stuck in one of the Melbourne lockdowns.

    I was present at the protest in the park next to the Myrtleford Courthouse. The only bad behaviour I saw came from the police. Everyone else was peaceful and respectful. The community of people around here (Myrtleford) who are resisting the jab is a fantastic community. I feel blessed to be part of it.


  9. That corrupt magistrate Peter Dunn was the one I arrested a year ago.
    So on friday the corporate terrorists violently assaulted me and my wife and showed the world what gutless cowards and traitors they are.
    Here’s Dunns arrest…


  10. Let’s remember God’s wrath is upon sin and Jesus Christ died, once and for all, as the final sacrifice, that takes away the sin of the whole world – that includes for my sins and yours, and for everyone else’s. Our freedom from the wrath and punishment of God for sin is received by putting faith in Jesus and having repentance towards God. God, the King of kings and the Lord of lords, is just and he is fair. Jesus came into the world because of God’s love.
    There is no fear in love. If we love God there is no fear. That’s faith in action.
    “Lord I believe; help thou mine unbelief.” (Mark 9:24)
    May hearts and minds turn to Christ in repentance and faith.
    Happy Christmas to all.

    Another lovely story – that will make us ponder…


  11. shannonbrooke676

    So far we’re LOSING.


  12. That Dan expression is iconic and classic Covid. He is practically brand associated corona baloney rules. The more more moronic. The more coronic. Just think Dan. That expression should be flashed onto the phones of all those ‘Super Spreaders’ out there in Danville who failed to achieve the double green tick. Up here in the Big Q I would like to be able to just scan the Dan on the QR check in.


  13. THE AGE is Victoria’s Government daily spin doctor holding a black belt in bullshit. It is so biased Henselite use it as a pattern for their lawn bowls manufacture …ED2


  14. An amazing miscarriage of justice, but not without our Vic Premier feeling more people-pressure, as thousands of Victorians continue to oppose the ruling parties’ covid vax mandates on Dec 18th.

    The freedom marches continue…


  15. Headline “bough” should be “bow”.

    EDITOR: SHIT …..pedantic pete …. get a life how about devoting time to removing the duopoly no wonder this country is in a mess


  16. So ??The Age newspaper referred to the case as a circus. ?? Hmm not having an Idiot Box, how do the GayBC referred it to ??


  17. It is becoming abundantly clear that legality and the courts are NEVER going to be a remedy for this debacle.
    The people of the commonwealth, who’s very existence, the AUSTRALIAN GOVERNMENT has refused to acknowledge (they govern in a geographical sense, their words), have the power of force, we must use it.


  18. Which God is that – all religion is based on fear, so without the fear, there would be no religion and you are a fine example of that and what I mean.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. May God’s fury reign on Dictator Dan and all his accomplices, my fury is not strong enough as I do not know how many Victorians have committed suicide, lost their livelihoods, jobs, self respect, human dignity while they have been humiliated by this Monster Dan, only God knows the full extent of the devastation Dan &his accomplices have caused, so Gods fury would be the greatest and no one should be spared, His full wroth.
    I find it difficult to know how Victorians have ever supported Dan Andrew’s, who at every turn demonstrated how much he hates people and then primarily by locking them down, the longest lockdown of any group/ state inTHE WORLD. How has he remained in power for 10 or so years??
    The self worth of Victorians to have accepted this cruelty, covert brutality and mental abject humiliation MUST be turned firstly into anger & then constructive self expansion into realising ALL PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER not the politicians who serve us.
    Victorians, stand in your self worth and love of humanity, turn TVs off , join & find your collective voice & VOTE ALL MAIN POLITICAL PARTIES OUT at the Federal Election early 2022.
    Hold Dan’s feet to the fire and all the Politicians who support his Dictatorship including those independent women( I am a female & I am ashamed they number among my gender, shame on them. ]
    Stand in your power and Unionists form a New Union that supports your FREEDOM TO CHOOSE. Please take your money out of the Big Unions who supported the Government against you. With no funds the current Unions will not survive.
    This is the only life we all have and our health and well being is at risk with the Killer Spike protein shots our Governments are forcing.
    This advice I give to every Aussie—- every Aussie Premier of Territory head is power hungry, somehow is being remunerated by Big Pharm. Most Aussie politicians have sold us out for many decades and we must stop it.
    Big rallies are important, forming grass roots supports groups, home schooling has to be an important option because if you allow your child/children 2 be vaxed then you will reap your own crime by raising a disable child & supporting it through your life -the last statistic I read was 87% of children jabbed will have mild to sever Medical issues all their lives- so justice comes for some very quickly… then will you just be a FOREVER VICTIM family with someone disable in your lives living off Disability Pensions while Big Pharm is making $$$trillions out of as many who watch MSM & believe their Orchestrated well written Global Scripts which have “Safe & Effective” in every other sentence, when that is not the case.

    If I have reached anyone to make necessary changes in their lives then, you will save yourself, our country one or 5 people at a time.
    I met a stranger in a lift today, she was in her 70s & she told me she has not had any injections ever but she had to take the C 19 Jabs or she would not be able to eat as the Government would stop unjabbed from accessing food. Lift opened she left, my thoughts were, she is so frightened she could not even think she has other options like, Grow ones own food, batter food with others etc.
    People GET OUT OF FEAR which MSM is paid to maintain audience FEAR level. People are powerful .. stand in your power with your HIGHER POWER & stand in your love of Humanity.


  20. Well done – very good news.

    I am a card carrying member of the common law court – international.
    Tried to join in Australia, no replies so went international.

    Common Law Courts, the type that the people run is of real value.

    Communities run by the people, for the people, that include common law courts run by the people are of real value and it is legal to do so under the constitution

    Already in Victoria they have started to serve notice on government buildings to get the private corporate governments and other private corporations who are in buildings that belong to the people of Australia or a State / Territory of Australia – to get out of the building post haste.
    This should be done for any building or facility where any illegal corporations such as governments, police, courts, public servants, ADF,, and other parasites are found. They can then be placed in other workplaces such as in prisons and quarantine camps.

    I suggest that the minority of those parasites mentioned above, who are proven to be honest and of value to the people, be allowed to continue with serving the people.


  21. Excellent, factual write up on happenings well non happening over Premier Dan Andrews case of mistreason of treason. I had friends who attended and watched AISC Peter Little’s video outside the court. The evidence of the video shows the people outside the court were not aggressive. The only error in your report was re Peter Little’s first name. Keep up your excellent non biased reporting


  22. He who pays the Piper, calls the tune


  23. According to research by NZ Kate Floss (yt Kate Greenchair) the appropriate action for all peoples of Commonwealth is the 1688 English Rights Law.


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